Venus in Gemini or Venus in Relation to Gemini

Specific Expressions of Venus in Gemini

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Specific Expressions of Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini for the Average Man

  1. Venus in Gemini—Diversity of Interests:
    Venus in Gemini develops a felt-interest in a diversity of life experiences.

  2. Venus in Gemini—Delight in Diversity; Variety as the “Spice of Life”:
    Venus is one of the planets through which enjoyment and appreciation come. When placed in Gemini, these enjoyments are diverse and changeable.

  3. Venus in Gemini—Pleasant Speech:
    Venus rules that which is pleasant and agreeable, and Gemini, the processes of communication. With this combination, under ordinary circumstances, speech tends to be harmonious rather than otherwise, thus keeping the lines of communication open.

  4. Venus in Gemini—The Capacity to “Talk with Anybody”:
    Even at a relatively early stage of evolution, Venus in Gemini can always find something agreeable to say. This ability promotes superficial rapport, but no real depth in communication.

  5. Venus in Gemini—Mental Interest in Sex; Love Letters; Love on the Internet:
    Gemini is one of the mental signs, and Venus, though related to the affections, is also a mental planet. The thought-life may be preoccupied with themes of relationship, love and sex. The Internet gives an unusual opportunity to relate to objects of affection is a ‘disembodied’ way. With Venus in Gemini, love affairs through the mail have always been a preferred mode of expression. Today’s instantaneous communication technology, given even more ample scope to the Venus in Gemini tendency to communicate love.

  6. Venus in Gemini— “Light-Hearted” Attractions:
    Venus is a planet a magnetism. When (upon the early Mutable Cross) Venus is found in Gemini, the sign of diversity, affections will be inconsistent, superficial, and ephemeral. The butterfly alights momentarily upon the flower.

  7. Venus in Gemini—Deceptively ‘Sweet’ Speech:
    Gemini has much of the devious third ray, and Venus, selfishly expressed, can use agreeable methods to gain its ends. There may be false promises, and pleasant but misleading conversation. One can see the value of this combination for successful diplomacy—whether for good or bad purposes.

  8. Venus in Gemini—Insistence upon Freedom in the Affectional Life:
    In and of itself, the Venus in Gemini combination upon the Mutable Cross makes it difficult to attach one’s affections to any single person or object. The subject insists upon the freedom to be interested in and attracted to a range of persons, places and things.

  9. Venus in Gemini—Using the Hands and Fingers to Create Objects of Beauty:
    Gemini often has the capacity to really use the hands and fingers to create; it is a sign which facilitates skillful and often delicate manipulation. In combination with Venus, the result may be the creation of objects of beauty. This will also be found (perhaps in a manner more pronounced) in Virgo, another Mercurian sign.

Venus in Gemini for the Advanced Man

  1. Venus in Gemini—The Sharpening of the Mind:
    Venus is the planet of “intelligent mind” and Gemini, one of the major signs of intelligence. The dualism of Gemini and the intelligence of Venus give the capacity for acute observation and objectivity. Binding attachments do not get in the way of vision.

  2. Venus in Gemini—the Illumination of the Mental Field:
    The lower mind (and etheric body) are strongly influenced by Gemini. For the advanced man, this combination promotes the general illumination of the mental field, and an increasing harmonization of the etheric field.

  3. Venus in Gemini—the Mind as an Agent of Fusion, not Just of Interplay:
    Venus in Gemini fuses the contents of the mind, and allows the mind to act as an agent of fusion in which all contrasting dualities are drawn into closer rapport. This transcends mere interplay between thoughts. Venus in Gemini sets up conditions within the mind which eventuate in the establishment of “pure reason”.

  4. Venus in Gemini—a Higher Correspondence to Fickleness:
    Lower Venus in Gemini has a reputation for fickleness. The question arises, “Which of many, do I love?” “Or do I love them all?” “Or do I really love none?” On a higher turn of the spiral, and until the issue between soul dominance or personality dominance is decided, the question may arise, “Which o the two ‘Twins’ do I love the most—the personal twin or the impersonal, solar twin?” “Why are my affections constantly changing, loving first one, then the other, repeatedly?”

  5. Venus in Gemini—the Power to Find Joy in Diversity:
    This is potentially a joyful combination, with the ability to really appreciate life’s diversity. This position promotes “joy-de vivre”—the “joy of life”.

  6. Venus in Gemini—the Wisdom of Non-Binding Human Relationship:
    Venus in Gemini promotes magnetic union which is not tethered. Freedom and union co-exist. The second aspect of divinity is pronounced. There is wisdom in this non-binding way of relating—freely, yet maintaining good rapport.

  7. Venus in Gemini—the Soul Aided in the Process of Detachment:
    Early Venus in Taurus can promote strong, binding attachments. Venus in Gemini begins to loosen these attachments, by widening the range of attractions.

  8. Venus in Gemini—the Ability to Focus upon and Understand Relations:
    Venus in Gemini is the ‘spotlight’ focused upon relations of all kinds. With this combination, the ability to see “how things fit together” is quite different from that promoted by Mercury—it is somewhat clearer and more stable than the Mercurial approach. Venus gives an understanding of affinity and rapport, revealing the “how and why” of attraction—the subtle forces which really hold relations together.

  9. Venus in Gemini—Cultured Communication:
    For the advanced man, Venus in Gemini confers the ability to speak intelligently upon matters of art and culture. The quality (Venus) of the exchange (Gemini) becomes an important issue. Speech is used to promote the higher values.

  10. Venus in Gemini—Communications which Unify:
    Right human relations depend much upon the quality of thought and speech. Both Venus and Gemini transmit the unifying second ray. Thus the thought conceived, and the speech shared as an expression of that thought, tend to bring people into loving and harmonious relationship rather than cause friction and separation (which we would expect with the Mars in Gemini combination).

  11. Venus in Gemini—Diversity of Artistic Expression:
    Venus is associated with culture and the arts, and Gemini with the concept of “media”—the means of bridging, relating, communicating. If an individual with this combination is an artist, there will a capacity for expression along more than one line, and perhaps along several.

  12. Venus in Gemini—Facility of Rapport:
    With Venus in Gemini, the advanced individual can easily come en-rapport with a diversity of individuals. The tendency is to look for that which unites rather than separates. A mundane example is the “talk show host”, whose job it is to interest himself in a wide diversity of people, and to speak appreciatively and harmoniously with them.

  13. Venus in Gemini—Refined Literary Expression:
    This combination not only promotes cultured speech, but cultured writing. Beauty and refinement are expressed through the written word. The “pen” increasingly expresses the soul. The literary style tends to be aesthetically pleasing, polished and refined.

  14. Venus in Gemini—the Ability to See the Relationship Between Dualities:
    Whereas Mercury excels in comparing and contrasting (noting, especially, differences and distinctions, thus emphasizing the poles), Venus focuses upon similarity. Though differences may, indeed, exist, the combination of Venus in Gemini prefers to point out the “things held in common”, thus facilitating the “bridging of polarities”. Venus in Gemini facilitates the understanding that dualities are really “two sides of the same thing”.

  15. Venus in Gemini—Bringing Together Opposing Points of View by Seeing the Value of Both Sides:
    Gemini and Mercury together indicate sharp contrasts between different points of view. With Venus in Gemini there is a great need to unite the poles. For the advanced man this works out more on the horizontal level than the spiritual-vertical level; there are many pairs of opposites within the three worlds which can be united if the value of the contrasting positions is duly noted.

  16. Venus in Gemini—Facilitation of a Triangular Perspective:
    In the process of uniting the poles, a third point of view is created. A subjective point of tension is created which appreciates the underlying relationship between the opposites.

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