Useful Abbreviations

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Useful Abbreviations
A Acting


A.A. Anti Aircraft

AAC Army Air Corps

AA COLL Army Apprentice College

AAHC Army Auxiliary Horse Company

AA1 Allied Army Italy

A.A.M.C. Australian Army Medical Corps

AARR Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment

AAS Army Apprentices School

AATDC Army Airborne Transport Development Centre

AATS Anti Aircraft Training Centre

A.B. Army Book


ABC Armoured Brigade Company (RASC)

ABOD Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (India)

ABS Army Board Secretariat

ABSD Army Blood Supply Depot (RAMC)

AC Army Contracts

ACC Army Catering Corps

Armoured Car Company (RAC)

ACEP Army Communications Equipment Production

A.C.I. Army Council Instruction

A.C.D. Army Chaplain’s Department

ACP Army Composite Platoon (RASC)

A. CPL OF HORSE Acting Corporal of Horse

A. CYC. CORPS Army Cyclist Corps

AD Armoured Division

Air Despatch

Assistant Director

ADC Aide-de-Camp

A.D.G..M.S. Assistant Director General of Medical Services

ADMS Assistant Director Medical Services

ADS Army Dental Services

ADST Assistant Director Supply and Transport

ADT Armoured Division Troops

AE Army Equipment

AEC Army Education Corps

Army Educational Company

AEDN Army Education

AER Army Emergency Reserve

A.F. Army Form

AFD Airborne Forces Depot

AFPD Army Forms and Publications Depot

AFS Air Formation Signals

AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AFW Army Field Workshops

AG Adjutant General

A.G.B. Adjutant Generals Base

AGDU Army Guard Dog Unit

AGR Army General Reserve

A.G.R.A. Army Group Royal Artillery

A. GYM. ST. Army Gymnastic Staff

AH Army Health

A.H.C. Army Hospital Corps

AIG Assistant Instructor in Gunnery

AIO Army Intelligence Officer

AIRLINE COY. Airline Company (RE Unit specialising in overhead cables)

AKC Army Kinema Corporation

A/L Air Landing

A L/CPL. Acting Lance Corporal

ALFN Allied Landing Forces Norway

ALS Army Legal Services

AMC Army Medical Corps

Airdrome Maintenance Company (RE)

AM COL Ammunition Column

AMCU Anti Malarial Control Unit

A. MULE DEPOT Army Mule Depot

A.P.C. Army Pay Corps

A.P.D. Army Pay Department

A.M.C. Army Medical Corps

A.M.P.C. Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps

A.M.O. Administrative Medical Officer

AMS Army Medical Services

ANS Army Nursing Services

A.O.C. Army Ordnance Corps

A.O.D. Army Ordnance Department

Advanced Ordnance Depot

AORE Army Operational Research Establishment

AOSR Army Operational Science and Research

A.P.C. Army Pay Corps

A.P.D. Army Pay Department

APL Army Pioneers and Labour

APO Army Post Office

A.P.S.S. Army Printing and Stationary Services

A.P.T.C. Army Physical Training Corps

AR Army Recruiting

ARMD Armoured

ARTY Artillery

A.S.C. Army Service Corps

Army Selection Centre

ASCB Army Sport Control Board

ASD Army Staff Duties

A. SGT. Acting Sergeant

A. & S.H. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

AS OF FH Army School of Field Hygiene

A SURG Army Surgeon

AT Army Training

ATC Armoured Training Centre

Army Troops Company

A.T. COY. Army Troops Company (RE)

A/Tk Anti Tank

ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service

A.V.C. Army Veterinary Corps

AVRS Army Veterinary and Remount Services

AW Artisan Works (RE)

A.W.O.CL.1 Acting Warrant Officer Class 1

AWOL Absent Without Leave

AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

AYR, SEO Ayrshire Yeomanry

BANU British Army News Unit

B.A.R. British Army of the Rhine (post First World War)

B.A.F.S.V. British Armed Forces Special Vouchers

B.A.O.R. British Army of the Rhine (post Second World War)

BAPO British Army Post Office (RE)

BC Battle Casualty

BC Battery Commander

BCD Biological and Chemical Defence

BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan)

BD Bomb Disposal

Base Depot

Biological Defence

BDC Bomb Disposal Company

BDE Brigade

BDR Bombardier – Royal Artillery rank of Corporal

BDS Bomb Disposal section (RE)

BDSM Bandsman

BEDF.R Bedfordshire Regiment

BEDF. YEO. Bedfordshire Yeomanry

B.E.F. British Expeditionary Force

BETFOR British Element Trieste Force

BFAP British Forces Aden Protectorate

B.F.B.S. British Forces Broadcasting Service

B.F.E.S. British Families Education Service

B.F.N. British Forces Network

BLA British Liberation Army

B/M Bugle Major

BM Brigade Major

BN. Battalion

BNAF British North Africa Force

BOD Base Ordnance Depot

BORD.R. Border Regiment

BPTC Bulk Petrol Transport Company (RASC)

B.Q.M.S. Battery Quarter Master Sergeant

BRC Base Reinforcement Camp

B.R.C.S. British Red Cross Society

BRIG. Brigadier (post 1922?)

BRIG.GEN. Brigadier General (pre 1922?)

BSD Base Supply Depot (RASC)

BSM Battery Sergeant Major

BTA British Troops Austria

BTTN. Battalion

BTU Blood Transfusion Unit (RAMC)

BTY. Battery

BUCKS. YEO. Buckinghamshire Yeomanry

B.W.I.R. British West Indies Regiment

BR. W.I.R. British West Indies Regiment
CA Civil Affairs

C.A.M.C. Canadian Army Medical Corps

CAMB.R. Cambridgeshire Regiment

CAMN. HIGHS Cameron Highlanders

CAPT. Captain

CAS Coastal Artillery School

CAV. Cavalry

CAV.BDE Cavalry Brigade

CBO Counter Battery Officer

CCF Combined Cadet Force

C.C.G. (B.E.) Control Commission Germany (British Element)

C.C.S. Casualty Clearing Station

CE Chief Engineer (RE)

CEPO Civilian Establishment and Pay Officer

CFA Cavalry Field Ambulance

CFN Craftsman (REME rank of Private)

C.F.W.W. Council of Voluntary War Workers

CG Chaplain General

C.GDS Coldstream Guards

CGS Chief of General Staff

C.-in-C. Commander in Chief

CHES.R Cheshire Regiment

CHES. YEO. Cheshire Yeomanry

CHT. Corps of Horse Transport (prefix used in ASC)

CIC Commander in Chief

Cookery Instruction Centre

Civilian Internment Camp

CL YEO City of London Yeomanry

C.M.A. Corps of Military Accountants

CMF Central Mediterranean Force

CMP Corps of Military Police

CMS (AD) Civilian Medical Services (Army Department)

CMT. Mechanical Transport – Old Army ASC prefix

C.O. Commanding Officer

COD Central Ordnance Depot

COY. Company

C. OF A.S. Corps of Army Schoolmasters

C. OF HRS Corps of Hussars

COL. Colonel

C. OF LOND. YEO. City of London Yeomanry

CO OF LOND. YEO. County of London Yeomanry

C. OF LRS Corps of Lancers

COMD Command


COMDT Commandant

COMSEC Command Secretary

CONN. RANG. Connaught Rangers

Cpl. Corporal

C.Q.M.S. Company Quarter Master Sergeant

CR Coast Regiment (RA)

C.R.E. Command Royal Engineer

CRU Civil Resettlement Unit

CSDIC Combined Services Detail Interrogation Centre

CSDU Central Salvage Depot Unit

CSEU Combined Services Entertainment Unit

C. SGT. Colour Sergeant

C.S.M. Company Sergeant Major

CSR(A) Chief Superintendent of Ranges (Army)

CT Clothing and Textiles

CTBA Ceased to be Attached

CTBE Ceased to be Entitled

CTC Cavalry Tank Corps

CW Chemical Warfare
D&D Devon and Dorset Regiment

D&T Development and Training

D.A.C. Divisional Ammunition Column

DADAW Deputy Assistant Director Army Welfare

D.A.D.M.S. Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services

DB Depot Battalion (RE)

Depot Brigade (RA)

DC District Commander

DCC Defence Communications Centre

D.C.L.I. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

D.C.M. Distinguished Conduct Medal

D.C.M. District Court Martial

D.C.S. District Censorship Station

D.D.M.S. Deputy Director of Medical Services

DE Duration of Emergency

Director of Establishment

DEMS Defensive Equipped Merchant Ship

DERR Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment

DENBIGH, YEO. Denbighshire Yeomanry

DEVON. R. Devonshire Regiment

D.G. or D. GDS. Dragoon Guards

DI Defence Intelligence

DID Detail Issue Depot (RASC)

DIV. Division

D.L.I. Durham Light Infantry

DM. Driver Mechanical Transport (ASC prefix) – 3

D.M.G. Deputy Military Governor

DMR. Drummer

DMS Driver Mechanic School

DOC Docks Operating Company (RE)

D OF E Duration of Engagement

D OF W Duration of War

DNS. Dragoons

D. OF CORN.L.I. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

D. OF LANCS. O.Y. Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry

DORSET. R. Dorset Regiment

DORSET. YEO. Dorset Yeomanry

DPM Deputy Provost Marshal

DR Despatch Rider

DSAF Depot and School Airborne Forces

DSC Divisional Supply Column

D.S.O. Distinguished Service Order

DTR Driver Training Regiment

DURH L.I. Durham Light Infantry

DVR. Driver (rank equating to Private)

DW Duration of war

E&M COY Electrical and Mechanical Company (RE)

EAC Equipment Assembly Company (REME)

ECC Emergency Cooks Course

ECT Emergency Cookery Training

E.E.F. Egyptian Expeditionary Force

E.F.C. Expeditionary Force Canteen (First World War)

EFI Expeditionary Force Institutes

EME(A) Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Army)

EMS Emergency Medical Service

ENGR Engineers

ENSA Entertainment National Service Association

ERE Extra Regimental Employment

E.R. OF YORK. Y. East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry

ESBD Electrical Stores Base Depot

Engineer Store Base Depot

ESD Engineer Stores Depot

ESE Engineer Stores Establishment

ESSEX R. Essex Regiment

ESSEX YEO. Essex Yeomanry

EST Establishments

E. SURR. R. East Surrey Regiment

E. YORK. R. East Yorkshire Regiment

EX. FCE. CAN. Expeditionary Force Canteen
FA. Field Ambulance

F. AMB. Field Ambulance

F.A.N.Y. First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

FARELF Far East Land Force

F. COY Fortress Company

FDS Field Dressing Station

Forward Delivery Squadron (RAC)

FF REGT Frontier Force Regiment (India)

F.G.C.M. Field General Court Martial

FH Field Hospital

FLD. BKY Field Bakery

FOO Forward Observation Officer

FOU Forward Observer Unit (RA)

FPKS Field Park Squadron (RE)

FPS Field Park Squadron (RE)

FSS Field Security Section

FUS Fusilier (Rank equating to Private)

FVPE Fighting Vehicle Proving Establishment

FVS Fighting Vehicle Section

FWN. Forewoman (QMAAC NCO)

G.C. George Cross

GC COY General Construction Company (RE)

G.C.M. General Court Martial

GCR Gold Coat Regiment

GDS. Guards

General Duties Section

GDSM Guardsman (Rank equating to Private)

G.GDS Grenadier Guards

GDS. M.G.R. Guards Machine Gun Regiment

GEN General

GH General Hospital

GLAM. YEO Glamorgan Yeomanry

GLOUC. R. Gloucestershire Regiment

G.M. George Medal

G.M.P. Garrison Military Police

Gnr. Gunner (Rank equating to Private in Royal Artillery)

G.O.C. General Officer Commanding

G.O.C.-in-C General Officer Commanding-in-Chief

GORD. HIGHS. Gordon Highlanders

GORDONS Gordon Highlanders

GP Group

GRKS. Gurkhas

G.R.O. General Routine Order

G.S. General Service

GSC General Service Corps

GSO General Staff Officer

GT COY General Transport Company

GTTB General Trades Training Battalions (Royal Signals)

HAA Heavy Anti Aircraft

H.A.C. Honourable Artillery Company

H.A.C. ART Honourable Artillery Company Artillery Section – 3

H.A.C. INF. Honourable Artillery Company Infantry Section – 3

HAMP. R. Hampshire Regiment

HAMPS. R. Hampshire Regiment

HAMPS. YEO. Hampshire Yeomanry

HAT Home Ambulance Train (RAMC)

HCBTC Home Counties Brigade Training Centre

HD Home Defence

HEREFORD R. Hereford Regiment

HERT. R. Hertfordshire Regiment

HERTS. R. Hertfordshire Regiment

HERTS. YEO. Hertfordshire Yeomanry

HIGHLAND CYC. BTN. Highland Cyclist Battalion

HIGH. L.I. Highland Light Infantry

H.K.S.R.G.A. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Garrison Artillery

H.K.V.D.C. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

H.L.I. Highland Light Infantry

HOUSEHOLD BN. Household Battalion

HPS Home Port Security (Intelligence Corps)

HQ SW Headquarters Static Workshop (REM)

HRS. Hussars

Heavy Recovery Section (REME)

HRS(MT) Heavy Report Shop (Motor Transport) (RAOC)

HS Holding Strength

Hospital Ship

HSF Home Service Force

HTR Heavy Training Regiment (RAC)


BN. Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
I Intelligence

IACC Indian Army Corps of Clerks

IAOC Indian Army Ordnance Corps

I/C In charge of

ICC Intelligence Corps Centre

IE Inspectorate of Establishments

IFCU Indian Field Censor Unit (Intelligence Corps)

IG Instructor in Gunnery

I. GDS. Irish Guards

IJLB Infantry Junior Leader Battalion

INF. Infantry

INFY. Infantry

INT CORPS Intelligence Corps

IO Intelligence Officer

IR. GDS. Irish Guards

ITC Infantry Training Centre

IUL Indian Unattached List (Officers)

IWP Instruments and Weapons Production

I.W.T. Inland Water Transport
KAR King’s African Rifles

K.E.H. King Edward’s Horse

K.O.S.B. Kings Own Scottish Borderers

K.O. SCOT. BORD. Kings Own Scottish Borderers

K.O.Y.L.I. Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

K.R.R.C. Kings Royal Rifle Corps

K.R. RF. C. Kings Royal Rifle Corps

KSG Korea Services Gratuity

K.S.L.I. Kings Shropshire Light Infantry
L Labour

LAA Light Anti Aircraft

LABOUR C. Labour Corps

LAC London Assembly Centre

LAD Light Aid Detachment

LANARK. YEO. Lanarkshire Yeomanry

LAN. FUS. Lanarkshire Fusiliers

L.C. Labour Corps

L. CPL. Lance Corporal

L/CPL Lance Corporal

LCRS Lancers

LDAC London District Assembly Centre

LO Liaison Officer

LORD London District Reception Depot (RAC)

LDY OP Laundry Operator (RAOC)

LEIC. R. Leicestershire Regiment

LEIC. YEO. Leicestershire Yeomanry

LEINS R. Leinster Regiment

L.G. Life Guards

L. GDS. Life Guards

LIAP Leave in additiont o Python

LIEUT. Lieutenant

LINC. R. Lincolnshire Regiment

LINC. YEO. Lincolnshire Yeomanry

L.I.R. London Irish Rifles

LMB FA Lowland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance (RAMC)

L.N. LAN. R. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

L OF C Line of Communication

LONDON. R. London Regiment

LOTH & BORD. H. Lothian and Border Horse

LOVATS SCTS. Lovat’s Scouts

L’POOL. R. Liverpool Regiment

LRDG Long Range Desert Group

LRS Lancers

L. SGT. Lance Sergeant

LSL Long Service List

LT. Lieutenant

LT. COL. Lieutenant Colonel

LTM Light Trench Mortar

LTR Long Term Reserve

LWOP Leave without Pay
MA Military Adviser

Military Assistant

Military Attache

MAC Motor Ambulance Company (RAMC)

M.A.D. Military Accounts Department

MAJ Major

MANCH. R. Manchester Regiment

MB Mercian Brigade

MBU Mobile Bath Unit (Pioneer Corps)

M.C. Military Cross

Movement Control

Motor Cycle

MCU Military Collection Unit

MDC Mobile Defence Company

MD COY Motor Driver Company (ATS)

ME COY Mechanical Equipment Company

M.E.F. Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

MELF Middle East Land Force

MEP Mechanical Equipment Park Company (RE)

MET Meteorological

MEXE Military Engineering Experimental Establishment

M.F.P. Military Foot Police

M.G.C. Machine Gun Corps

M.G. CORPS Machine Gun Corps

M.G.C. CAV. Machine Gun Corps Cavalry

MG TC Machine Gun Training Centre

MGO Master General of the Ordnance

MIDD’X R. Middlesex Regiment

M.I.R.S. Military Intelligence Research Section

MLU Mobile Laundry Unit (RAOC)

M.M. Military Medal

MMGC Motor Machine Gun Corps

M.M.G.S. Motor Machine Gun Service

M.M.P. Military Mounted Police

M.O. Medical Officer

Military Operations

MOB Mobilisation

M.O.D. Ministry of Defence

MOV Movement

MP Manpower

MP&DB Military Prison and Detention Barracks

MPDB Military Provost Detention Barracks

M.P.S.C. Military Provost Staff Corps

MONMOUTH R. Monmouthshire Regiment

MPFC Mobile Petrol Filling Company

MPTC Mobile Petrol Transport Company

M.R. Mounted Rifles

MRA Maritime Royal Artillery

MRE Microbiological Research Establishment

MRS Medical Reception Station

MS Mechanical Specials – prefix for Old Army ASC numbers

MSD Main Supply Depot (RAOC)

MSG Maintenance Support Group

MT Mechanical Transport

MT BN. Motor Training Battalion

MTF Mauritius Territorial Force

MTO Mechanical Transport Officer

MTS Motor Transport Stores

MTTD Motor Transport Training Depot

MWEE Mechanical Warfare Experimental Establishment

M1 Prefix for New Army ASC Mechanical Transport numbers

M2 Prefix for ASC Electricians numbers

NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes

NAO Northern Army Group

N.A.T.O. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NCC Non Combatant Corps

N.C.O. Non-commissioned officer

N.CYC. BN. Northern Cyclist Battalion

NDC National Defence Company

NDS Northumbria District Signals

NEI Netherlands (Dutch) East Indies

NIB North Irish Brigade

NID North Irish Depot

NIM North Irish Militia

N. IR.H. North Irish Horse

NO Nursing Orderly

NORF. R. Norfolk Regiment

NORF. YEO Norfolk Yeomanry

NORTH’D. FUS. Northumberland Fusiliers

NORTH’D YEO. Northumberland Yeomanry

NORTH’N R. Northamptonshire Regiment

NORTH’N. YEO. Northamptonshire Yeomanry

N. SOM. YEO. North Somerset Yeomanry

NSRW National Service Reserve Wing

N. STAFF. R. North Staffordshire Regiment

N.Z.A.M.C. New Zealand Army Medical Corps

OAC Ordnance Ammunition Company

O.B.L.I. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

O.C. Officer Commanding

O.C.A. Old Comrades Association

O.T.C. Officer Training Corps

OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit

OF Ordnance Factories

OFC Operator Fire Control (RA)

OFP Ordnance Field Park

OIC Officer in Charge

OKM Operator Keyboard and Line (Royal Signals)

OO Orderly Officer

OP Observation Post

OPWC overseas Prisoner of War Camp

ORD Ordnance

OWL Operator Wireless and Line

OX. & BUCKS. L.I. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

OXF. YEO. Oxfordshire Yeomanry

PAIFORCE Persia and Iraq Force

PARA REGT Parachute Regiment

PCC Port Construction Company

Postal and Courier Communications

PCLU Pioneer and Civil Labour Unit

PD Petrol Depot

PEE Proof and Experimental Establishment

PEMBROKE YEO. Pembrokeshire Yeomanry

PLK Princess Louise’s Kensington Regiment

P/M Pipe Major

PM Provost Marshal

PMR Paymaster

Practical Map Reading

PNE Permanently Non Effective

Pnr. Pioneer – WWI RE

POC Port Operating Company

P.O.W. Prisoner of War

P PARK Petrol Park

PRRB Parachute Regiment Reserve Battalion

PSM Platoon Sergeant Major

PSP Petrol Stores Platoon

P. & S.S. Printing and Stationary Service

PTC Primary Training Corps

Pte. Private

PTFOC Petrol Tin Factory Operating Company (RASC)

PTW Primary Training Wing

P.V.O. Principal Veterinary Officer
Q Quartering

Q.A.I.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service

Q.A.I.M.N.S.(R.) Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve

QARANC Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

Q.M. Quarter Master

Q.M.A.A.C. Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps

QMG Quarter Master General

QMS Quarter Master Sergeant


YEO. Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry

QUEENS S.R. Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment
R Prefix for Remount Section ASC numbers – 3

R.A. Royal Artillery

RAC Royal Armoured Corps

RACHD Royal Army Chaplains Department

RACR Royal Armoured Corps Range

RADC Royal Army Dental Corps

RAEC Royal Army Education Corps

R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps

RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps

R.A.P.C. Royal Army Pay Corps

R.A.S.C. Royal Army Service Corps

RATA Royal Army Temperance Association

RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps

RBC Reinforcement Base Depot

R. BERKS. R. Royal Berkshire Regiment

R.C. Roman Catholic

Reconnaissance Corps

RC COY Railway Construction Company (RE)

R.C.M. Regimental Court Martial

RCT Regimental Corps of Transport

R.D.C. Royal Defence Corps

RDD Reception and Discharge Depot

R. DEVON. YEO. Royal Devon Yeomanry

R.D. FUS. Royal Dublin Fusiliers

R. DUB. FUS. Royal Dublin Fusilers

R.E. Royal Engineers

R.E. KENT YEO. Royal East Kent Yeomanry

REGT. Regiment

REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery

R.F.C. Royal Flying Corps

RFN Rifleman (Rank equating to Private)

R. FUS. Royal Fusiliers

R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery

RGBW Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

RGH Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

R. GUERNSEY L.I. Royal Guernsey Light Infantry

R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery

RHE Return to Home Establishment

RHF Royal Highland Fusiliers

R.H.GDS. Royal Horse Guards

R.H.G. Royal Horse Guards

R. HIGHRS. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)

RHU Reinforcement Holding Unit

RIF Royal Irish Fusiliers

RIF. BRIG Rifle Brigade

R.INNIS. FUS. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

R.IR.FUS. Royal Irish Fusiliers

R.IR.REG. Royal Irish Regiment

R.IR.RIF. Royal Irish Rifles

R.LANC.R. Royal Lancaster Regiment

RMAS Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

RMC Royal Military College

R.M.O. Regimental Medical Officer

RMP Royal Military Police

R.MUNS.FUS. Royal Munster Fusiliers

RMW Railway Mobile Workshop

R.N. DEVON YEO. Royal North Devon Yeomanry

RO Recruiting Officer

Retired Officer

ROC Railway Operating Company

ROD Railway Operating Division (RE)

ROF Royal Ordnance Factory

RPC Royal Pioneer Corps

RQMS Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant

RRF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

R.R. OF CAV Royal Regiment of Cavalry

RSAF Royal Small Arms Factory

RSC Recruit Selection Centre

R. SCOTS Royal Scots

R. SIGNALS Royal Signals

R SIGS Royal Signals

R.S. FUS. Royal Scots Fusiliers

R.SC. FUS. Royal Scots Fusiliers

R.S.M. Regimental Sergeant Major

RSR Raiding Support Regiment

R. SUSS. R. Royal Sussex Regiment

R.T.O. Railway Transporter Office (Officer?)

RTR Royal Tank Regiment

R.U.R. Royal Ulster Rifles

R.W. FUS Royal Welsh Fusiliers

R.W. KENT R. Royal West Kent Regiment

R. WAR. R. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
S. Prefix to ASC numbers denoting Supply

SAAA School of Anti Aircraft Artillery

SARB Siege Artillery Reserve Brigade

S. ARMS SCH. Small Arms School

SAS Special Air Service or Small Arms School

SASC Small Arms School Corps

SA SCHOOL Small Arms School

SCD Stores and Clothing Department

SCU Special Communications Unit (Royal Signals)

SDF Sudan Defence Force

SEAC South East Asia Command

SEALF South East Asia Land Force

SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organisation

SEL School of Electric Lighting

S. GDS Scots Guards

SGE Siege

SGT Sergeant

SH Seaforth Highlanders

SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SHER. RANG. Sherwood Rangers

SHROPS. L.I. Shropshire Light Infantry

SHROPS. YEO. Shropshire Yeomanry

SI(A) Services Intelligence (Army)

SIB Special Investigations Branch

SIG Signalman (Rank equating to Private in Royal Signals)

S. IR. H. South Irish Horse

SIS Security Identification Section

SL Searchlight

S. LAN. R. South Lancashire Regiment

S.L.I. Somerset Light Infantry

SLT Searchlight Training

SM Sergeant Major

SMIG Sergeant Major Instructor in Gunnery

SME School of Mechanical Engineers

SNLR Services No Longer Required

SOE Special Operations Executive

SofA School of Artillery

SOS Struck of Strength

Static Officers Shop

S. OF M. School of Musketry

SOM. L.I. Somerset Light Infantry

S.MJR. Sergeant Major

Spr. Sapper (Rank equating to Private in Royal Engineers)

SCO. H. Scottish Horse

SCO. RIF. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)

SEA. HIGHRS. Seaforth Highlanders

S.O.S. Struck of Strength

S.R. Special Reserve

Supplementary Reserve

SRD Supply Reserve Depot

SSB Special Services Brigade

ST Supply and Transport (RASC)

S. STAFF. R. South Staffordshire Regiment

STAFF. YEO Staffordshire Yeomanry

STC Survey Training Centre

SU Salvage Unit

SUFF. R. Suffolk Regiment

SUFF. YEO Suffolk Yeomanry

SURR. YEO Surrey Yeomanry

SVC Shanghai Volunteer Corps

SVY Survey

SW Static Workshop (REME)

SWB Silver War Badge

S WALES BORD South Wales Borderers

S.W.H. Scottish Women’s Hospitals

T. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting New Army Horse Transport

T.A. Territorial Army

T.A.N.S. Territorial Army Nursing Service

T.A.V.R. Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve

TB Training Battalion

Tank Brigade

Telegraph Battalion

TCC Traffic Control Company

T COY Tunnelling Company

TE Training Establishment

T.F. Territorial Force

T.F.N.S. Territorial Force Nursing Service

TM Trench Mortar

TN Transportation

T.O.S. Taken on Strength

TP CG COY Troop Carrying Company (RASC)

TPR Trooper

TRG Training

T.S. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Old Army Specials (pre


TSM Troop Sergeant Major

T.S.R. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Special Reserve Horse Transport

T4 Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Auxiliary Horse Transport (331

V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detachment

V.C. Victoria Cross

VCP Vehicle Collection Point

V.D. Venereal Disease

VP Vulnerable Points (CMP)

VPP Volunerable Points Provost (CMP)

VRD Vehicle Reserve Depot

W. Prefix sometimes used in ASC, RA and RE numbers to denote Welshman
War Substantive

WAAC Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

WE War Establishment

WEF With Effect From

WELSH H. Welsh Horse

WELSH H.C. Welsh Hospital Corps

WELSH R. Welsh Regiment

W. AFR. R. West African Regiment

WEST & CUMB. Y. Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry

W. GDS Welsh Guards

WGNR. Waggoner – ASC – 3

W.H.C. Women’s Hospital Corps

WI Wireless Intelligence

WILTS. R. Wiltshire Regiment

WILTS. YEO. Wiltshire Yeomanry

W.I.R. West India Regiment

W. KENT YEO West Kent Yeomanry

WKR Worker (grade equating to Private in QMAAC) – 3

W.O. War Office

Warrant Officer

W.O. CL. 1 Warrant Officer Class 1 – check numerals

WORC. R. Worcestershire Regiment

WORC. YEO Worcestershire Yeomanry

WRAC Women’s Royal Army Corps

W. RID. R. West Riding Regiment

W/S War Substantive

W. SOM. YEO. West Somerset Yeomanry

WT COY Water Tank Company (RASC)

W. YORK. R. West Yorkshire Regiment
YEO. Yeomanry

Y & L.R. York and Lancaster Regiment

Y.D. Yorkshire Dragoons

Y.H. Yorkshire Hussars

YORK. DNS. Yorkshire Dragoons

YORK. HRS. Yorkshire Hussars

YORK & LANC. R. York and Lancaster Regiment

YORK. R. Yorkshire Regiment

YORKS. L.I. Yorkshire Light Infantry

Y.S. Young Soldier

ZION MULE C. Zion Mule Corps

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