Unit 1 (French Revolution and Napoleon) Study Guide

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Social Studies 9 Mr. Tolman

Unit 1 (French Revolution and Napoleon) Study Guide

If you are taking the course through Starworks, you will hand in all the following assignments as a package at the end of the unit. Check off each of the assignments and staple together in the order as follows. Students in a regular class need only to worry about the study guide below as all assignments will be handed in on an individual basis.

  • Chapter 3 questions or PowerPoint notes (do only one of these two options)

  • Philosophe Pamphlet

  • French Revolution film worksheet

  • Chapter 3 Crossword

  • Chapter 4 questions or PowerPoint notes (do only one of these two options)

  • Napoleon film worksheet

  • Count of Monte Cristo Character Poster

  • Chapter 4 Crossword

I would recommend reviewing the vocab terms for chapters 3 and 4 in addition to understanding the following concepts;

-achievements of Louis XIV and why he called himself the Sun King

-differences between the Girondists and the Jacobins

-differences between the peasants, the middle class (bourgeoisie) and the aristocracy

- what happened during the “Reign of Terror” and “The Great Fear”

-basic ideas of the philosophes Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu

- the three levels of the 3 estates, the % of each and what groups of people were part of it

-The significance and date of both the “Fall of the Bastille” and the “Tennis Court Oath”

-characteristics and flaws with Louis XVI and his Austrian wife Marie Antoinette

-identify who the Sans Culottes were and why they were significant

-what was a tithe and what was the problem with it?

-The function of Salons in pre-revolutionary France

-what was the ancien regime?

-details of the “affair of the diamond necklace”

-Background of Napoleon and early victories at Toulon and Italy and Egypt

-economic backwardness of France compared with Britain

-significance of his “whiff of grapeshot” comment

- who were the Directory?

-details of the Napoleonic code

-Napoleon tactics and success

-basic ideas of the Spanish wars and the Russian campaign in 1812

-what was the Continental System and why did it fail?

-what is nationalism and how did it help the French, but later hurt them?

-results of the Battle of Waterloo and the role of the Duke of Wellington

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