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When the Seawolf ring was designed and made available, we were asked by several Seawolf dependants/ decendants if they could buy the ring. It was decided that the right thing to do was to make it available to any Seawolf or their dependants/decendants, especially for those of our brothers that were lost in battle or that have since passed away.
Additionally, we decided to make an attempt at designing a Seawolf pendant that could be worn on a necklace. It is with great pleasure that we are able to offer the “Seawolf Pendant” as well as the Seawolf ring. Please see the pendant photos below.
The pendant was designed as a joint effort by our Jostens representative, Mr. Wren Bartee, and Seawolf wife Mrs. Cheryl Jones. As many of you know, our Jostens representative is also an Army Vietnam Veteran and has worked hard at seeing that our needs were met. Both the ring and the pendant design had to be approved by the Department of the Navy and Mr. Bartee made great efforts to get our design through the proper channels. Not only was he successful, but he did it in record time. Apparently the name HA(L)-3 Seawolves is well known to those making these decisions. The original Seawolf ring idea, as many of you already know, was that of Mrs. Jones.
The Seawolf Pendant was designed using the bezel from the top of the Seawolf ring. It comes with an 18” chain. The wording around the pendant is the same as that which is on the Seawolf ring, “HA(L)-3 SEAWOLF”. In the center of the bezel, the stone is replaced with the Seawolf logo with a black background and “HELATKLRON-3” below the logo. Also noteworthy, is that this bezel may be substituted onto the top of the ring if anyone would like it instead of the bezel with a stone, offering an additional option to the men’s ring. This pendant and every ring produced is custom made to the specifications of the Seawolf or his family members wishes using the approved options as outlined in the order forms.
Initially, we were told that Jostens had sold their “jewelry business” (other than rings). We were advised that in order to design and produce a pendant, we would have to go through a company in Oklahoma who would require a minimum order and the pendant would be produced in China. We didn’t feel that this was an acceptable option. To our amazement, Mr. Bartee come through for us with the current exclusive custom design/offering. Please note that Seawolf Craig Jones and his wife Cheryl have not and will not receive any compensation for these projects. They have both been done solely for the benefit of providing a quality product with the purpose of extending the HA(L)-3 legacy. We cannot discount the extraordinary effort by our Jostens Rep, Wren Bartee. Jostens has been in this business for over 75 years and Mr. Bartee has worked for them for over 30 years.


Mailing Address:     
Email Address (optional):     
Telephone Number:     
Name of U.S. Navy HA(L) 3 Seawolf:     
Relationship to Seawolf. The Seawolf Pendant is only available to Seawolves, Seawolf relatives/descendants:     
Metal: Please review the information below and indicate your metal choice here:     . The prices are a special offering by Jostens for Seawolves and their families/decendants.
Lustrium: $149.00 (suggested retail by Jostens was $149.00)

Questra: $179.00 (suggested retail by Jostens was $179.00)

10 kt Yellow Gold $475.90 (suggested retail by Jostens was $429.00)

10 kt White Gold $475.90 (suggested retail by Jostens was $429.00)

14 kt Yellow Gold $685.60 (suggested retail by Jostens was $589.00)

14 kt White Gold $685.60 (suggested retail by Jostens was $589.00)

NOTE: Nickel is included in Lustrium® and all white gold.

  • Lustrium® - A non-precious metal alloy that is silver in color. It is a hard and durable metal. Lustrium will react to oxygen and thus may require additional care and cleaning.

  • Questra® - Same characteristics as Lustrium, but yellow in color because of coating with 23 karat yellow gold. According to my conversation with the Jostens representative, the gold is more fused into the Lustrium rather than the standard plating process, so it should be more durable.

You may have up to 3 characters engraved into the back of your pendant for free.
9. Calculate Price:
Insert price from type of metal you are choosing $     

Tax (apply the applicable state tax for your state, if any): $     

Please contact the Jostens rep to determine tax.

Handling: $ 5.95

Total: $     

10. Method of Payment Options, Choose One:
Check Money Order MasterCard Visa American Express Discover


Credit Card Account Number:


Expiration Date:


11. Submitting Your Order:
When you have completed filling out this form, you may submit it by email or regular mail to the following email/address. If you would prefer to order by phone, or if you need help filling out the form, please contact the Jostens representative (Wren Bartee) directly at the phone number listed below. If you have questions for myself or Cheryl, our contact information is also listed below. Cheryl and I can also help with filling out the form.
Military Sales Craig Jones Cheryl Rogers Jones

C/O Wren Bartee 716 Sherman St.

2812 Northaven Dr Alva, OK (580) 327-7076

Corinth Texas 76210 73717

(940)-497-4536 (580) 732-0660


Josten’s has the applicable sales tax information.

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