The Pharaoh Symbols of Ancient Egypt

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The Pharaoh Symbols of Ancient Egypt

A long time ago, Ancient Egypt was a land ruled by special kings called pharaohs. The word ‘pharaoh’ originally meant "Great House" in Egyptian and referred to the palace where the king lived. It was later added to the pharaoh's name as part of his title.

To the Egyptians, their pharaoh was everything! He was:

  • the high priest of all temples (spoke to the gods for the Egyptians)

  • the head of law and government (made laws, collected taxes) 

  • the commander of the army (went to war to protect his people)

The Egyptians believed pharaohs had complete control of everything in their country. In fact, they were so important, the people believed the pharaohs were half-human and half-god. The pharaoh was a man when he went to war to protect Egypt or when he was collecting taxes and making laws. The pharaoh was thought to be a god when he went into the temple and spoke to the Egyptian gods on behalf of the people.

Egyptian pharaohs wore ceremonial clothes. That means they had special clothes they wore sometimes on special occasions. Many of the things that they wore or carried represented their power and position in Egypt.

Nemes crown…lion mane or cobra striking?

Let’s start with the head of the pharaoh! In this picture, the pharaoh is wearing a

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