Th Grade World Cultures and Geography Current Events Assignment

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7th Grade World Cultures

Current Events Assignment Page

7th Grade World Cultures and Geography

Current Events Assignment


Purpose: In order to more successfully contribute to the community and society at large, one should be current on the world’s issues, updates, and changes. Being an informed citizen and discussing current events as our new units of study approach will help us gain a better understanding of the world around us as well as perspective on different points of view.
Article Guidelines:

  • Article must be current—within approximately one month of due date.

  • Article must be relevant to the current unit of study ( First article will be anything about Latin America)

  • Article must be from appropriate source— (see suggestions below)

  • Article must be attached to Assignment Sheet and assignment sheet should be completed and submitted via homework dropbox.

Directions: At the beginning of every new unit, you will read a current event article and turn in a current event assignment sheet (located on website). The news source can be digital or print. If you have an “excused” absence on a due date, your assignment sheet is due the next class. You may only use the Current Events Assignment Sheet Template given in class and should also familiarize yourself with the rubric before completing.
Reading Strategies:

You will need to read the article before completing the assignment page. Here are some tips:

Begin by MARKING THE TEXT as you read! This should include underlining main ideas, highlighting important facts/details, circling unfamiliar vocabulary, writing notes and/or connections in the margins, etc. Here are some suggestions as you read:

  1. Highlight main ideas: Underlined main ideas and highlight important facts.

  2. Vocabulary: Circle unfamiliar vocabulary words from your article as you read

  3. Reflection: Think about your own opinion or reaction to the topic presented in the article. Do you agree or not? What is your position, claim, or argument?


Suggested Sources

  • Local newspaper!!

  • (CNN Student News)

  • (PBS News Hour)

  • (Student News Daily)

  • (Dogo News for Kids)

  • (SS for Kids)

  • (Time for Kids)

  • (Newseum)

  • (NBC – broadcast T.V. news)

  • (CNN – cable T.V. news)

  • (U.S. News & World Report - magazine)

  • (Fox – cable T.V. news)

  • (ABC – broadcast T.V. news)

  • (CBS – broadcast T.V. news)

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