Street sign chairs are cool. Chairs made out of salvaged stuff

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RE-fashioning things
Street sign chairs are cool. Chairs made out of salvaged stuff in general are cool. But this particular one by Boris Bally stood out at the SMART Art opening. The reflective material of the signs certainly helped that, but so does its structure. Bally states, "Much effort goes into the location, purchasing, and selection of the optimal sign materials. The used signs delight, invite and subversively educate. With my work, I hope to open minds to realizing that recycled work doesn't have to appear dismal, alienate, lack in comfort or be unaffordable." Word. More artists like Bally, please.

Alex Uncapher figured out a great way to reuse luggage as housings for speakers. These cases were actually salvaged from San Francisco roadsides, then transformed into portable speakers. Functional art like this reminds us how we can take an object that is at the end of its useful life for a particular purpose, and reincarnate it for a whole new life fulfilling another purpose.

Something as unnoticeable as bar codes can be transformed into attractive art when put in the right place. It's about as simple as you can get, and yet is a very intriguing piece. Just think about how many barcodes we see during the day, and how even they can be turned into something we want to feature on our living room walls. Nothing is trash if you look at it in a different way.

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