Special Course Outline and/or Course Description Pages Set up for University of Alabama

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Special Course Outline and/or Course Description Pages

Set up for University of Alabama (Professional & Management Development)
A+ Certification

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/aplusout.htm (an overview of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/aplusstout.htm (part the course preparing students for the CompTIA Core Hardware exam)
Administrative Medical Specialist

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/amsdesc.htm (a description of the course)
Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/cptdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/cptout.htm (an outline of the course)
Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/advdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/advhout.htm (an outline of the course)
AutoCAD 2002

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/auto_out.htm (an outline of the course)
Bookkeeping the Easy Way

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/bookdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/bookoutline.htm (an outline of the course)
Certified Bookkeeper Program

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/certbookout.htm (an outline of the course)
Cisco CCNA Certification Training

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/CCNAdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/CCNApre.htm (pre-requisites for the course)
Coding, Reimbursement, and Documentation for the Physicians

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/crdpoutline.htm (an outline of the course)
Graphic Design

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/graphdesc.htm (a description of the course)
Health Insurance Portability Assurance Act Compliance

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/hipaaoutline.htm (an outline of the course)
Help Desk Specialist Certificate

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/helpdeskout.htm (an outline of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/help_recom.htm (Recommendations for course elements)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/ut_require.htm (Hardware/Software Requirements for the course)
Linux+/ LPI Level 1 Certification

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/linuxdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/linuxpdesc.htm (Certification Preparation)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/linuxout.htm (an outline of the course)
Medical Transcription

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/medcourse.htm (an outline of the course)

Microsoft Certified Database Admin

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcdbaout.htm (an outline of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcdbadesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/msreqs.htm (hardware/software and internet requirements)
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcsaout.htm (an outline of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcsadesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/msreqs.htm (hardware/software and internet requirements)
Microsoft Office Specialist

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/msoseout.htm (an outline of the core course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/msoseout2.htm (an outline of the expert course)
Network+ / Server + Certification Training

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/netout.htm (an outline of the course)

Online- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcseout.htm (an outline of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/mcsedesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/msreqs.htm (hardware/software and internet requirements)
Paralegal Certificate Program

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/paradesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/paraout.htm (an outline of the course)
Pharmacy Technician

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/pharmdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/pharmout.htm (an outline of the course)
Project Management

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/projout.htm (an outline of the course)
Records Management

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/adrecdesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/adrecout.htm (an outline of the course)
Revenue Cycle Management for HC Providers

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/revout.htm (an outline of the course)
Security+ Certification Training

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/secout.htm (an outline of the course)
Travel Agent Training

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/tcddesc.htm (a description of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/tcdout.htm (an outline of the course)
Web Database Developer Certification

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/webdataout.htm (an outline of the course)

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/web_recom.htm (Recommendations for course elements)
Webmaster Certification

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/wdoutline.htm (an outline of the course)
eBusiness Certificate

www.gatlineducation.com/UA/ecoutline.htm (an outline of the course)

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