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Social Security Number:


Country of Citizenship:

United States of America

Veteran's Preference:


Highest Grade:

GS-1103-12, 7/19/98 to 11/05/00

Management Point-of-Contact:

Janet Reardon, GM-1101-14 (214) 670-9302


Announcement Number: ADS05-R5-ROAM-414G

Job Title: Industrial Property Management Specialist
Grade(s) Applying for: GS-1103-12

DCMA Dallas (Various DCMA Dallas Locations)

1200 Main Street

Dallas, TX 75202-4399

Dates Employed: 07/2001-Present
Grade Level: GS-11/10
Hours per Week: 40

Industrial Specialist (IS), GS-1150
Detailed to two itinerant offices as well as a large aerospace corporation for training purposes, with emphasis on both the residency world and the itinerant arena. On a regular basis, I review contracts and modifications to determine the delivery requirements. Familiarize myself further by identi-fying supplier past performance, key delivery drivers, and delivery performance risks. Periodically evaluate use of on-time metrics, MOCAS and ALERTS database for supplier and customer delivery information. Provide input for the update of delivery risk handling plans. Frequently discuss typical delivery performance requirements, production planning and controls, facility requirements, and materials management with Senior Industrial Specialists (ISs). With Senior Functional Advisors (SFA) and other knowledgeable peers, I identify and interpret progress payment provisions and first article requirements, always document and inform them of any contractual delivery deficiencies, perform both progress payment and production reviews at least quarterly (which includes a walk-through of contractor’s place of operation), and document contractual provisions for access to supplier data for oversight purposes and to influence delivery performance.

Supervisor’s Name: Frank Beal Phone: (214) 670-9444 (Downtown Dallas Office) Cheryl Pailin Phone: (972) 603-2512 (Arlington, now Lockheed) Jerry Harvey Phone: (214) 670-9480 (Raytheon/McKinney) Roy Acrea Phone: (817) 280-7014 (Fort Worth, now Bell Helicopter)


1200 Main Street, Room #350

Dallas, TX 75202-4399

Dates Employed: 07/1998-7/2001

Grade Levels: GS-12/04 &11/10
Hours per Week: 40+

Industrial Property Management Specialist (IPMS), GS-1103
As a Property Administrator (PA) for the first 2-1/2 years in Dallas, I frequently reviewed contracts to determine if property oversight was required, always taking assignment as appropriate; tracked A&E (Ammunitions & Explosives) from cradle to grave; regularly performed pre-survey tasks and system analyses; investigated loss, damage & destruction (LDD) and provided notification as applicable; reviewed and accepted support property delegations as needed; always tracked status of contracts nearing completion; regularly closed out contracts; and often provided assistance to key members of both the acquisition workforce and buying commands. As the Process Champion for System Analyses for 18 months, I tracked all survey status of the DCMA Dallas PAs on a monthly basis. I periodically briefed top management and attended meetings as required; and interacted with the DCMA West SFA when appropriate. As the Team Captain for one year, I provided direction to fellow PAs in various work-related matters; frequently tracking and monitoring suspenses; kept 1st Level Supervisor apprised of all events as they occurred and ensured that the Dallas Property Team maintained our “benchmark” status

DCMA Raytheon -LA/RZO

Post Office Box 92463

Los Angeles, CA 90009-2463

Dates Employed: 07/1987-7/1998

Grade Levels: GS-5/09 to 11/06
Hours per Week: 40+

Industrial Property Management Specialist (IPMS), GS-1103
As a competitively-selected applicant into the Industrial Property Management Specialist (IPMS) Intern Program, I received on-the-job training (i.e., usually reviewing contracts, assisting in regularly-scheduled system analyses of contractor’s property control system, investigating losses and damages of Government property; determining if property support delegations were needed; tracking the status of contracts nearing completion; and closing out contracts when property assignment had been taken). The complexity and scope of all tasks increased as I advanced to the journeyman level of GS-11. For the last three years, I performed all duties of a warranted property administrator with the exception of signatory authority. During some of the scheduled systems analyses I conducted, some serious concerns were revealed. One of the findings was an inordinate amount of Government property that had been left sitting at various subcontractors for years. One of the corrective actions that occurred as a result of these findings was a methodical and detailed tally of all Government property at vendors’ locations and aggressive recall actions for these assets, that was adopted DCMA-wide. Prior to being selected for promotion in calendar year 1998, approximately $3,258,519 worth of Government property had been returned for use on other contracts or was disposed of, with proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury. In addition to the on-the-job accomplishments, I successfully completed all prescribed mandatory training. In addition, I was an award-winning team member on both the Contract Closure and the Government/Contractor Asset Control Teams.

Supervisor's Name: William P. Melvin. Phone: (310) 334-5055


Bachelors Degree in General Business, 2006

University of Redlands, California
Associates Degree in Business Management, 1989
Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, 1987
Long Beach City College
Long Beach, California
Major: General Business
Minors: Psychology and Music
GPA: 3.2 out of 4.00

PQM 201B, “Intermediate Production, Quality & Mfg. Fundamentals”; Dec 17, 2004 (160 Hours)

PQM 201A, “Intermediate Production, Quality & Mfg. Fundamentals”; Oct 28, 2004 (160 Hours)
ACQ 201B, “Intermediate Systems Acquisition Course”; Aug 6, 2004 (160 Hours)
ACQ 201A, “Intermediate Systems Acquisition Course”; Jul 13, 2004 (160 Hours)
APICS Training, Phase I thru Phase III; Apr 3, 2003 - Apr 8, 2004 (360 Hours)
PQM 101, “Production, Quality & Manufacturing Fundamentals; Mar 24, 2002 (80 Hours)
IND 101, “Class 02-003 Industrial Property Administration”; Aug 26, 1988 & Mar 22, 2002 (160 Hours)
ACQ 101, “Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management”; Feb 20, 2002 (160 Hours)
IND 103, “Contract Property Systems Analysis”; Dec 4, 1992 & Feb 2, 2001 (160 Hours)
ALMC-BD “Defense Demilitarization Program Course”; Jan 27, 1995 (40 Hours)
IND 202, “Executive Defense Contract Property”; Sep 16, 1994 (40 Hours)
CON 221, “Intermediate Contract Administration”; Jun 24, 1994 (80 Hours Ea)
CON 101, “Contracting Fundamentals”; Oct 29, 1993 (80 Hours)
PPM 300, “Advanced Property Administration”; Sep 25, 1992 (80 Hours)
PPM 302, “Government Contract Law; May 1, 1992 (80 Hours)
ALMC-TY, “Defense Contract Property Disposition”; Sep 13, 1991 (40 Hours)
DLA Contract Administration Course; Mar 15, 1991 (80 Hours)
Property Administration Contract Clause Training; Jan 1990 (40 Hours)
Material Control Training; Oct 1989 (24 Hours)
Contract Closures Workshop; Nov 1989 (40 Hours)
AFCMD Plant Clearance Management; Mar 25, 1988 (40 Hours)

Strong project management and team-building skills. Proficient and experienced in the use of micro-computers; spreadsheet applications, graphic and presentation applications, and word processing applications in a stand-alone or local area network environment. I speak conversational Spanish and limited Albanian, and understand French.


Driver's License, State of Texas, Expires November 2010 (Renewable)

Level II Certification – Manufacturing & Production Field; (Dec 2004)*
Level II Certification – Property Management Field, 1995*
NPMA Certified Professional Property Administrator, Cert No. 23 – 1998 (Renewable)
American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS) Certs. Of Completion, 2004
NPMA Certificate for Outstanding Service to Western Region, 1995 – 1996
PROCAS Excellence Award – Asset Control Team; 1996
NPMA Certified Professional Property Specialist, Cert No. 672 - 1994
USDA Problem Solving Using ADR & Mediation Techniques, 1999 (EEO SEPM, Disabilities Program)

Toastmasters International Communication & Leadership Program, 1996

USDA Special Emphasis Program Manager’s Workshop, 1995 (EEO SEPM, Disabilities Program)
Certificate of Training for Department of Labor Compensation Specialist, 1980

* Defense Acquisition University (DAU), per the Defense
Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA)

“On The Spot” Award for Property Disposition, May 2001

DCM Dallas Team Award, August 2000
”On The Spot” Award for DCM Dallas Federal Women Program, June 2000
”On The Spot” Award for Property Administration Teamwork, May 2000
Certificate of Appreciation for DCM Dallas Diversity Council, March 2000
DCM Dallas Commander’s Letter of Appreciation for Diligence, June 1999
Department of the Army Letter of Appreciation for Property Reutilization, April 1999
Center for Excellence Award for High Performance Team Training, September 1998 Sustained
Superior Performance Award, June 1997
1996 PROCAS Excellence Award, May 1997
”On The Spot” Award for Exceptional Work in Property Systems Records, April 1997
Sustained Superior Performance Award, July 1996
Special Service Award for Outstanding Teamwork, November 1996
Certificate of Recognition for Superior Team Award, November 1995

Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding EEO Support, September 1995

Sustained Superior Performance Award, July 1995
TQM Council Award for Outstanding Contributions, March 1994
Sustained Superior Performance Award, July 1993
AFPRO Civilian Employee of the Quarter Nomination, September 1989
Quality Step Increase, September 1987

Membership: National Property Management Association (NPMA)
October 1987 – Present

Agency Announcement Number: DCMAE-04-2426
Position: Industrial Property Management Specialist
Series & Grand: GS-1103-12


1. Name: Dolores E. Morphis. SSN: 324-36-4356.

2. U.S. Citizen: Yes.

3. Employment Category: Eligible for Non-Competitive Appointment and Transfer Eligible.

4. Veterans Preference: “N/A”

5. Current Federal Civilian Pay Plan, Series & Grade, and Months Held: GS-1150-11, Step 10 (2 Years).

6. Current Permanent Federal Civilian Employee? Yes.

7. Period of Military Service: “N/A”

8. Retired Military? No.

9. Lowest acceptable grade you will accept? GS-12.

10. Willing to accept temporary employment: 1-6 months (Yes); 7-12 months (Yes).

11. Willing to accept part time employment? No.

12. Willing to accept intermittent employment? Yes.

13. Willing to perform shift work? Yes.

14. Highest Civilian Permanent Plan/Grade/Months Held: (GS-1103-12/4) 2 Years, 5 Months.

15. Words per minute you can type: 75 WPM.

16. Words per minute you can take dictation: 25 (Pittman Shorthand).

17. Federal appointment/position you hold today: Permanent.

18. Currently on Leave Without Pay? No.

19. Geographical availability: DCMA-Wide.

20. List occupational series of positions for which you wish to be considered: 1103 in GS-12/13; 1150 in GS-11/-12.

21. Indicate your eligibility for any of the following priority consideration programs.

a. Repromotion Eligible-Permanent Civilian Federal Employee entitled to priority consideration as a result of an involuntary change to lower grade: Yes.

b. Re-employment Priority List (RPL) Former permanent civilian Federal employee involuntarily Separated within the last two years: “NA”

c. Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) Current or former Civilian Federal Employee entitled to Priority Consideration based on displacement from their position by RIF from any activity outside of Department of Defense (DOD); or eligible as a result of termination of disability annuity. Eligibility continues for up to one year after separation. DOD employees are not eligible for ICTAP: “NA”

d. Restoration of a Separated Employee that has recovered from Compensable Injury. Eligibility must meet following conditions: Full recovery occurs after one year from the date eligibility for compensation began and application is within 30 days of the cessation of compensation: “NA”

22. Have you received a Separation Incentive? No.

23. If current Federal employee, include last performance rating and date. “Fully Successful” dated 7/22/04.

24. Willing to travel? More than 25%.? Yes.

25. What is the lowest acceptable grade you will accept if the position to be offered has promotion potential:. GS-11.

26. Are you willing to accept a Term appointment? Yes.

27. Birth date: 11/13/1942.

28. Race/Origin Designation: (E).

29. Sex: Female.

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