Science and Technology Integrated with the SunSmart Program Early Stage 1 Unit of Work

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Analysing and drawing conclusions

  • Each week ask the students to discuss their investigation.

  • After several weeks bring the investigation to a conclusion by discussing how we have made a difference in the playground.

  • Ask students to make generalisations about their investigation A

  • Were their predictions correct? How were they different?

  • Link to the next unit- Students complete ‘I am a sun safe student’- Refer to Activity Sheet 4- A.
Essential Background Information for Teachers

Cancer Council NSW website schools section for further information about SunSmart hats.

Assessment items (Marked A)

  1. Activity 1- Can categorize ‘sun safe or not sun safe’- Student-teacher discussions; Sample.

  2. Activity 2- Makes reasonable generalisation for data collected- Observation/Questioning.

  3. Activity 3- Can design and draw a SunSmart hat poster – Sample, Explanation and Demonstration.

  4. Activity 4- Link to next stage: ‘I am a sun safe student’- Sample, Explanation/Observation

  5. Activity 5- Extension: Legionnaire paper hat – Sample, Explanation and Demonstration.

Links to other learning areas

  • PDHPE- Health and Safety.

  • Mathematics- Data collection and analysing.

  • English- Writing: Recount of experiment using bread; Talking and listening: Present poster to class; Explain and justify.

  • Computer Technology Link- UT ES1.9 Write and send an email to a buddy class with assistance (describing what they did in experiment)

  • HSIE- CU ES1 Children view photos of hats worn in other cultures (e.g. Mexican Sombrero, China – hats in rice fields etc) Discuss similarities/differences -however all meet a common need – sun protection.

Online resources

Refer to Cancer Council NSW

Equipment and materials

Bread, butter, magazines, worksheets, poster materials, activity sheets.

Other people/places

Teacher reflections and unit evaluation

Early Stage 1- Hot and Cold Unit

Investigating a Sun Safe School Hat

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