S. M. T. Dental Laboratory Policies

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S.M.T. Dental Laboratory Policies


S.M.T. Dental Laboratory pays for inbound and outbound shipments through UPS (pre-printed labels will be provided to your office) or All Counties Currier (please call our office to schedule a pick up).


S.M.T. Dental laboratory will do everything possible to return cases to you in a timely manner. This includes returning cases to your office no later than the day before the patient’s appointment. If there are extenuating circumstances which will not allow us to keep the schedule, your office will be notified. The average turn-around time for single restoration is 3 weeks; however, it will vary for each case (smile design, complicated implant cases around 3-4weeks (we do not stock on parts for implants, therefore we will need more time to order them…please contact our office to find our the return date)

Rush Fees - If you need a case returned to you office in a less than average amount of time, please plan on paying a Rush Fee. This fee will vary for most cases. It is best to pre-schedule a case that needs to be rushed; we will be able to give you a fee estimate at that time.

Pre-scheduling - Scheduling your cases in advance of them arriving in the office will help to ensure that you receive your cases back when you have promised them to your patients. This is especially best for any large or time-constrained cases. To pre-schedule a case, please call the office and have the following information available: date it will leave your office, teeth #’s, type of restoration, date you need it back in your office, and patient name. We will work with your office to find the best date of return. 

Custom Shade Service

S.M.T. Dental Laboratory offers a custom shading service for the most difficult shades. We have all the tools necessary to achieve consistent results. By viewing the teeth in various shades of light and taking many photos at various angles, we offer amazing results. We utilize digital technology and software, as well as 35 mm photography. These tools and our artistry allow us to duplicate your patient's natural color and characteristics with effective and consistent results. Also please allow us to help you with a choice of material settable to the patient characteristics of natural teeth.

Custom Shade Adjustments:

By appointment, we will schedule a shade adjustment. Your patient can visit our laboratory so that we can alter the shade.

Custom shading is by appointment only.

  • Bleaching patients must wait seven days before shading can be done.

  • We recommend patients wear neutral colors and remove lipstick before shading.



All invoices will be processed on a monthly statement for the month in which the invoice was issued. Payment is due in full within 30 days of the statement date. A late penalty of 2% per month will be charged on all balances not paid within 60 days from date of invoice. By submitting a prescription you agree to pay in full the stated price of product plus applicable taxes. You further agree to pay any late payment penalties and payment collection costs, including attorney’s fees, if applicable.

Payment Options - Using monthly statement, mail payment or call with authorization to process credit card. Or, automatically pay off balance with credit card on the last day of each month. (Monthly statement will be sent verifying $0 balance.) Types of cards available: VISA, MASTERCARD.

Past Due Accounts - If payment is not received within 30 days from the statement date, your account will be considered delinquent. If payment is not received within 60 days from the original statement date, your account will begin receiving a late fee of 2% per month. If payment is not received before 90 days from the original statement date will be placed on C.O.D.


S.M.T. Dental Laboratory offers no implied or written warranty with regards to the materials used in fabricating restorations. Under no circumstances will S.M.T. Dental Laboratory be reliable for any economic, incidental, consequential or punitive damages that may arise out of your use, misuse, or inability to use any products.

Product Acceptance - You have the right to inspect all products prior to acceptance. A product is considered accepted if you use it in any way, including but not limited to, the placement of the product in a patient’s mouth and/or modifications of any sort made by you or your office. Products not returned or rejected within 15 business days of receipt are also deemed to be accepted

Limited Warranty – S.M.T. will repair or remanufacture any restoration that is defective or does not meet your specifications. Please see the Remake Policy for more information.



It is the policy of S.M.T. Dental laboratory to fabricate restorations of the highest quality and to your exact standards and specifications.

If you request the remake a restoration, you must submit all original materials to the Studio, including but not limited to:

1. Photographs (if any)

2. Original impressions

3. Models

4. The restoration

Under most conditions, all remakes will be completed at no charge if received within 30 days. However, charges will likely be incurred under the following circumstances:

- The original dental restoration was not returned.

- The bite or impression sent is different from the original.

- Abutments and/or teeth are re-prepped.

- Restorative materials requested are different from the original order.

- The shade is different from the original order.

- Specific instructions were not provided on the original order.

- The lab questions the die, margin, or impression and is told to proceed as is.

- The lab has advised the quality of the order cannot be guaranteed and is informed to proceed.

- The restoration fits perfectly on the master model and solid model.

- S.M.T. Dental Laboratory will notify clients of any remake charges prior to fabrication.


The following items are essential tools we will need to complete an aesthetic case, and should be obtained during the prep appointment and/or temp check appointment.

1. Photos

2. Model of the pre-op

3. Impressions of the temporaries (Gingival capture is as important as capturing the margins)

4. Bite registration

5. Stick-bite (horizontal plane, parallel to horizon line between pupils)

6. Detailed lab prescription, thoroughly filled out


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