Respiratory Epithelium

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RJ Perz-Edwards Lab 3: Respiratory

Normal Body Notes 10/10/12 5:29 PM

Respiratory Epithelium = pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells

  • Transitions: Stratified Sq → Str. Col. → pseudostratified → Simple Col. → S. Cub. → S. Sq.

  • Variable: regions of stratified squamous, e.g. vocal cords or regions of chronic irritation

Seromucous glands: Mix of serous and mucous acini, with serous demilunes

Nose/Mouth/Pharynx: Not covered. (Whew!)


  • Epiglottis: Epithelium, lamina propria, seromucous glands, elastic cartilage

  • Vestibular fold: Epithelium, lamina propria, seromucous glands, adipose, thyroid cartilage

  • Laryngeal ventricle: space between vestibular and vocal folds

  • Vocal fold (cord): Stratified squamous, elastic CT, Vocalis muscle (Sk), thyroid cartilage

  • Cricoid cartilage

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  • Mucosa

Draw the respiratory tree

Respiratory epithelium

    • Thick basal lamina = basement membrane

    • Lamina Propria

    • Seromucous glands

  • Submucosa

  • Adventitia: dense irregular CT

  • Adjacent to esophagus


  • 1°: = main, outside lungs, short

  • 2°: = lobar, embedded in lungs

  • 3°: = segmental

  • Layers

    • Mucosa: Respiratory epithelium

    • Muscularis: Smooth muscle, circular

    • Submucosa: loose CT, seromucous glands

    • Plates of hyaline cartilage

    • Adventitia


  • No cartilage, no glands, no goblet cells

  • Large bronchiole → terminal bronchiole → respiratory bronchiole

  • Epithelium changes from pseudostratified ciliated columnar to simple cuboidal

  • Clara cells = cuboidal cells, secretoryptolemy1:users:rjpe:histology:normal body:rj nb notes:images:lung003.jpg


  • Alveolar ducts → alveoli

  • Type I cells, squamous

  • Type II cells, secretory

  • Capillaries

  • Alveolar macrophages

  • (Brush Cells) not visible in our slides

ptolemy1:users:rjpe:histology:normal body:rj nb notes:images:lung002_2.jpg

ptolemy1:users:rjpe:histology:figures ross histology:labels on:ch19_respiratory_system_jpg_labels-on:figure_19.21.jpg

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