Reading guide (pp. 169-208) Chapter 11: Title Castle Rock

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Lord of the Flies-Chapter 11-12 Reading guide (pp. 169-208)

Chapter 11: Title__________Castle Rock___________________________________________

  1. After all that has happened, why does Piggy still try to reason with Jack to get his glasses back?

Piggy feels totally helpless without his glasses. He is desperate and logically thinks Jack can’t do anything worse to him. Piggy believes in logic and reasoning.

  1. Why do the twins suggest they all paint their faces before going to see Jack?

The twins are intimidated by the boys with masks. They think if they have masks, they will have equal power.

  1. Why might the boys prefer Jack’s leadership to Ralph’s? Do they fear Jack? Why?

The boys are afraid of Jack, but they think he knows all the answers. He does their thinking for them and they don’t have to take any responsibility. Ralph admits his doubts and fears.

  1. What does Roger do?

Roger throws rocks and then deliberately loosens a boulder that rolls down on Piggy.

  1. What happens to the conch? To Piggy?

The boulder strikes Piggy from the chin to the knee and shatters the conch. Piggy falls 40 ft. His head splits open, then his body is washed out to sea.

Chapter 12: Title_____________________________________________________________________

Chapter 12: Title: Cry of the Hunters

  1. What does Ralph realize about the savages and Jack? Why?

  • Ralph realizes after the deaths of Simon and Piggy that the savages will “only go further and further.”

  • He knows there is a connection and competition between Jack and himself.

  • He knows that Jack will never let him alone.

  1. Describe the scene between Ralph and the pig’s skull.

  • The sow’s head seems to be mocking him, laughing at him.

  • Fear and rage sweep over Ralph.

  • He lashes out at it with bare knuckles and breaks it in two.

  • He then arms himself with the spear sharpened on two ends.

  1. Who are the boys hunting now? Why?

  • They are hunting RALPH.

  • Jack sees him as a rival. He and Roger ordered the boys to hunt him.

  1. After Ralph reaches the beach and falls down, what does he see? Why did he come?

  • A naval officer—astonished (surprised) at what he saw!

  • He saw the boys Smoke---because they lit the island on fire to smoke Ralph out.

  • When the officer sees the boys, he says, “Fun and games,” until he learns that have been two deaths.

  1. How is Jack described at this point?

  • p. 201. Jack is described as “ a little boy who wore the remains of an extraordinary black cap on his red hair and who carried the remains of a pair of spectacles at his waist. . .

  1. When Ralph starts crying uncontrollably, what is he weeping for?

  • He is weeping for:

    • the end of innocence,

    • the death of Piggy

    • And what he has learned about darkness (evil) in the human heart.

****Golding says: “The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature. The moral is that the shape of society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not any political system . . . .”

Theme: The problems of society come from the defects in our human nature. The evil inside of all of us.

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