Rachel Sullivan film/television

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Rachel Sullivan


Bird of Prey Julia Studio 22 Productions Marion Hill

Hot Wedding Trends Self ABC News

Eden Court Drunk Woman Printer’s Row Pictures Paul Leuer

A Will to Live Nurse Smoke Ring Films Kevin Alber

Single Again Ashley Maggie-N-Me Film Michel Horvat

Grey Night Runaway MPCA George Hickenlooper

Side of the Road Jessica USC Student Film

Good Seeing You Megan CalArts Student Film

George Foreman Evolve Grill Mrs. Reliable Hunter Jack Productions Hunter Connors Herm

Paylocity CEO Christian Ramirez

PatPat App Mom 21 Flipside Productions Torey Byrnes

Innovative Express Care Wife 21 Flipside Productions Chip Brookes


Operator John Wassel


Missing Angel Juan Ensemble Powertap Productions Scott Cummins/Ann Boyd

Ariadne’s Thread Joan (u/s) Victory Gardens Sandy Shinner

The Way I Wear My Hat Samantha Seanachai Mary Booker

Theft Lydia Hudson Theater Anthony Arkin

Three More Sleepless Nights Margaret Bailiwick Deborah Goldstein

Beauty and the Beast Rougi Theater at Monmouth Richard Sewell

Diaries of Heroines Emily Waterville Childrens TheaterRichard Sewell

Fefu and Her Friends Emma Northwestern Univ. Ann Shanahan

A Man is a Man Bloody Five Northwestern Univ. Craig Kinzer

Le Liasons Dangereuse Rosemond Northwestern Univ. Bud Beyer

Lovers Woman Northwestern Univ. Gabriella Santinelli


B.S. in Performance Studies Northwestern University (Bud Beyer, Frank Galati, David Downs, Paul Edwards, Jack McLaughlin Gray)


Acting Studio Chicago Adrianne Cury, Kurt Naebig, Janelle Snow, Dave Leffel

Vagabond School Michael McCracken

Actor’s Center Kyle Donnelly

Second City Martin DeMaat

Improv Olympic

Howard Fine Studios (LA) Jay Goldenberg

Rabedeau Casting Assistant 1995-1997

Special Skills

Wedding Planner/Business Owner of Rachel Bradley Events. (1997-2014)

Have survived over 500 weddings, kept a straight face while my bride peed on the floor at church, picked the teeth of the mother of the bride, made bouquets out of funeral flowers, hired elephants, camels and horses, protected George Lucas from a drunk, lascivious crasher, cried every time I saw my bride in her dress for the first time while rolling my eyes on the inside. Yoga.

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