Preservation, Augmentation and Generation

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Preservation, Augmentation and Generation

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A practical cadaver course for

dental grafting and sinus lifts

Dr. Barbara Woodhouse,

Professor Neil Meredith, Dr Colin Priestland

23rd-24th November 2016

JCU, D1. McGregor Drive, Smithfield, Cairns, 4878

A comprehensive lecture and practical programme

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Atraumatic extraction, socket preservation and augmentation, technical procedures. Material selection and application for augmentation and grafting alternatives and advantages. Sinus lift techniques; post box, window and intraosteotomy.


Socket preservation and augmentation dealing with dehiscences, fenestration. Sinus Lift Models and Extraction Sites.

Cadaver Practicals

Atraumatic extraction, socket preservation and augmentation, technical procedures – piezo surgery. ; Immediate replacement implant placement and augmentation, dehiscence and fenestration repair. Sinus lift – manual procedures. Sinus lift techniques – piezo surgery. Sinus augmentation and closure – suturing and postop management.

This is a 14 hour CPD, two day programme inclusive of materials, refreshments and course dinner. Numbers are strictly ilimited. To register please email

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