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RIP we remember with love and thanksgiving the lives of:

  • Irene Crouch who has recently departed this life; and

  • Doreen Moyse (21st); Maude Wellington (22nd); Ray Cunningham & Doris Lonsdale (25th) – whose Anniversaries fall at this time.

For healing and other needs: Alan Grayston; Jacqueline Hibbert; Ernest North.

Long term sick: Kayode Bello; Sam Hanson; Gladys & Raymond Horsley; Mary Kirkup; Chris Robins; Charlie Shirren.

For our Church Families: Deidre, Candice, Cleo, Deirdre & Richard Falconer.

Happy Birthday to: Katie Bidder & Joung Hoon Kwon (23rd); Abbie Hill & Shuyung Kwon (24th); Robert Crowhurst (25th).

The Parish: Alexandra Avenue; Berriton Road; Mirren Close; Stradbrook Close.

The Church as the year flows continually forward, bless us and guide as you would have us go into the Lent season.

The Persecuted Church Iran: Iranian Christians request further prayer for three Christian converts in Rasht, who are appealing against a sentence of 80 lashes for drinking wine at communion, and two Christian converts in Evin Prison, Tehran, who are threatening to go on hunger strike.

Capital Vision 2020 pray for the new London Witness group as they begin their training, that they would be equipped confidently to share the gospel of Christ in new ways.

Ourselves and the Nation may we continue our Jubilee with you always as our focal point.

Prayer of the Week Grant, we beseech you, merciful Lord, to your faithful people pardon and peace; that we may be cleansed from all our sins, and serve you with a quiet mind, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Please send any items for next week’s STARLINK to Robert Crowhurst by midday this Wednesday,

preferably by email (; otherwise by hard copy to 131, Exeter Road.)


1957 - 2017

89 Malvern Avenue Harrow HA2 9ER. 020 8422 3633

Registered Charity No. 1131727




8.00 am: Holy Communion

9.45 am: Parish Communion

and Prayers for Healing

& Go MAD on Sundays

Please come to the Hall after the Service for Coffee, Tea & Fellowship

We welcome Revd Professor Max Turner

from The London School of Theology

as our Preacher at today’s Parish Communion

This Week’s Services

Next Sunday: 26 February 2017

Monday - Friday

9.00 am Morning Prayer [cw]

Wednesday 9.30am Holy Communion

Saturday: 8.30am Barnabas Fellowship

8.00 am Holy Communion

9.45am Parish Communion

Exodus 24: 12-18; II Peter 1: 16-21

St Matthew 17: 1-9

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