Position: Full time English teacher

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Greentown Yuhua School

Position: Full time English teacher

Location: Hangzhou (west)
Looking for enthusiastic teachers to teach ESP (English for Specific Purposes) in science and math (yr 7 and yr 8), a reading class (yr 8 and yr 9), and ESL classes (yr 7 and yr 8). The department you will be teaching in caters to middle school/junior high school students, and aims to prepare these students to study in overseas high schools.
To meet local government visa regulations, and be considered for this role, applicants must:

1) Be citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand

2) Hold two years ESL teaching experience

3) Hold an ESL qualification

4) No criminal background

• Minimum 10,000RMB/month

• Either free housing or housing allowance

• Z visa and expert's certificate provided

• Flight allowance (upon completion)

Health insurance each year

• One month paid holiday
Maximum 22 classes/wk (no admin work!)
Send the following to us at dwshifting@yeah.net
1. brief introduction (including what country you now reside in)

2. resume (clearly state education and experience)

3. recent photo

4. passport photo page (scan)

5. degree and TEFL certificate

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