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110 West 25th Street

Phone: (212) 426-0079

New York, New York 10001

Auction starts at 10am

David Killen Gallery


Registration from 9am

Consigned Items (20% Buyers Premium applied)

1c. Inlaid North African chair-NR

2c. Art periodicals and reference material-NR

3c. Oil on canvas of the Holy family, c. 1880

4c. Chinese yoke back wood chair, c.1850-NR

5c. Ed Weiner brooch-silver-NR

6c. Georg Jensen brooch with moonstone-NR

7c. Painting of cornfield by Charles Passey – NR

8c. Still life of flowers by Jules Felix Ragot – NR

9c. Chaim Gross wood sculp, unicycle rider-NR

10c.1950’s metal cabinet on metal legs-NR

Regular Sale: No Reserves, No Buyers Premium!

11. Cast iron shield, c. 1900

12. Bronze shield, c. 1900

13. Watercolor of Salvation Army band by David Basel

14. Painting of elderly woman by G. Frederick Kaber

15. 14k lorgnette, c.1900

16. Splattered painting signed “Bozek, 1962”

17. Watercolor of a young woman signed “Rand, Phila”

18. 14k ring, dog in a dog house, 19th cen

19. Print of a girl with sunflowers by Harry Gottlieb

20. Abstract watercolor signed “Eugen, 1973”

21. Tiffany & Co sterling large tray

22. Litho, “Rising Rhythms” by Minna Citron

23. Handblown art glass vase by Peet Roibson, 1995

24. Gouache of a waterfall by Clara Katherine Nelson

25. Pair of shells mounted on sterling silver stands

26. S.Kirk flatware set, approx. 95 ounces

27. Ink drawing of nudes signed “M. Albright(?)”

28. Gouache of estuary by Clara Katherine Nelson

29. Pair of Steuben cornucopia vases, c. 1965

30. WC of children with a frog by Georgette Seabrooke

31. Abstract wood sculpt,unsigned –Pepperdine Estate

32. Fong Chow ceramic duck vase

33. BL – six Baccarat wine glasses

34. WC of 90th Street by “Monika Causillucci”(?), 1995

35. BL – miscellaneous Chinese items

36. WC of a beach with sailboats by Erzebet Uduary

37. Ceramic vase,signed, possibly Alex Marshall Studio

38. Copper vase with coat of arms, c.1900

39. Seated Indian Chief bronze by Carl Kauba

40. Weller ewer, c.1900

41. Porcelain vase, probably Russian, c.1900

42. Abstract color lithograph by Gustave Singier, 1969

43. Colored crayon drawing of nude by Joseph Vogel

44. BL-silver spoons

45. BL-Hermes napkin rings in box

46. BL – two Hermes scarves

47. BL- silver bracelets

48. “Convention” lithograph by William Gropper

49. Pietra Dura plaque, Italian buildings

50. “Junk Wagon”,litho by Joseph Soloman

51. Pietra Dura plaque, two birds and butterfly

52. Austrian silver Sabbath candlesticks, c.1900

53. “Murder Scene”, ink drawing by John Groth, c.1965

54. Pair French crystal & silver Boin-Taburet ewers

55. Hardstone intaglio of ancient ruler

56. Abstract painting by William F McCartin

57. Ink drawing of trees by Marios Prassinos

58. Tiffany & Co 14k chain

59. Cartier Clock, working, original Luxor movement

60. Pair of monkey paintings, c.1935

61. Wood Priest on devil with chain, c.1860

62. Sterling Etrog box, c.1965

63. Stephen Antonokos, abstr silkscreen,signed,1969

64. “Convolution”serigraph by Roy Ahlgren 1978

65. Abstract stone sculpt-Pepperdine Estate-stairways

66. 14k Tourmaline and mabe pearl earrings

67. 14k diamond and cultured pearl earrings

68. Abstract stone sculpture-Pepperdine Estate

69. Early painting of Queen Ann of Austria

70. Large Chinese box, c.1900

71. BL-costume jewelry in two trays, mostly earrings

72. “Dock Workers”, litho by Harry Gottlieb, 1973

73. Japanese porcelain charger with tigers, c.1900

74. Jap watercolor of Mt Fuji, c.1900 by Furutoshi

75. 14k, diamond and red tourmaline ring

76. Diamond ear, 14k, Russian style, French backs

77. Three diamond studs, c.1930

78. Pair of 18k cufflinks, English

79. Rene Lalique small vessel, c.1925

80. BL-two Chinese Export silver boxes

81. Austrian silver horse carriage, c.1900

82. BL-Eighteen silver items

83. Victorian stone, gold and silver cow bracelet

84. Japanese wall cabinet with inlaid design, c.1880


85. BL-silver salts

86. BL-Set of 6 Steuben glasses

87. Abstract ebony sculpture, Pepperdine Estate

88. Italian green and gold vase, c.1950

89. BL-pair of porcelain plaques in period frames

90. Art Deco figurine, European marks

91. Pink Murano handkerchief vase, c.1950

92. Bronze leopard

93. Art Deco figurine, woman with dog

94. Painted wood animal sculpture, Mexican

95. BL-Embroidered tea cozy

96. BL-Silver shell ladle with bone handle, c.1900

97. Cast iron bulldog bank

98. BL-Three paintings by Pastore

99. BL-Silver and crystal items

100. Painting by Pastore of Joseph and Mary

101. BL-Judaica items

102. BL-Perfume and Lalique bottles

103. Porcelain nodder, Chinese Pasha, c.1935

104. BL-Idol worship items

105. BL-miscellaneous shell items

106. BL-Sterling flask w/cup,corkscrew,silver tastevin

107. Painting of a Rabbinical student, c.1940

108. Two Paisley textiles

109. BL-Miscellanous porcelain items-European

110. Antique textile, metal thread

111. BL-Third World items

112. BL-Royal Crown Derby cup & saucers, two trays

113. BL-Copenhagen porcelain items

114. Carl Kauba bronze-Indian on rocks

115. BL-baby items

116. BL-Three paintings

117. BL-Miscellaneous dog items

118. BL- College plates, Cornell, Penn

119. Three Waterford decanters, one chipped

120. Fong Chow ceramic owl on stand

121. BL-Black authors, Hughes and Price

122. Tramp Art box, c.1880

123. Chinese porcelain fig. of an Emperor, 20th cen.

124.Silver on copper teapot, grape design, c.1900

125. Art Nouveau porcelain fountain , c.1900

126. Pair, silver on copper candlesticks, c.1900

127. Pair of wood sphinxes, painted

128. Large Capodimonte basin, grotesque,c.1900

129. BL-two glass boxes

130. BL-book, Osmosis

131. Dutch children metal lamp

132. Chinese blue lamp

133. Chinese Ox blood lamp

134. Chinese blanc ceramic lamp

135. Italian faience large bowl, c.1940

136. Large Satsuma charger, c.1940

137. BL-miscellaneous opera glasses and binoculars

138. French porcelain lamp. c.1900

139. BL-Islamic style tiles in 3 trays

140. BL-pair of brass candlestick lamps

141. Pair of black Staffordshire dogs

142. CL-Pair of English floral dishes, c.1870

143. CL-Green glass ashtray with bubbles, c.1965

144. BL-miscellanous glasses

145. Pair of large Roman urn prints, c.1965

146. Chinese wood box

147. Mirrored stand

148. BL-small sculptures

149. BL-miscellaneous wood items

150. Royal Doulton Lambeth bowl, c.1880

151. Chinese scroll, mountains, c.1940

152. CL-Pair of Mexican plates depicting hunters

153. English ceramic pitcher

154. Pair of Chinese Export plates, as is

155. Pair of gilt wood shelves, c.1900

156. Mexican painted wood mask with horns

157. Modern print of crazy bird-unsigned

158. Modern abstract print signed T.Wagner

159. Small Persian carpet

160. Japanese 19th century watercolor-palace figures

161. 19th century silverplated small lamp

162.19th century ptg woman-unsigned

163. BL-Two Geodes

164. BL-Miscellaneous bells

165. BL-miscellaneous sterling silver items

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