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BABY ELEGANCE Large Travel Cot

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BABY ELEGANCE Large Travel Cot
We have designed our travel cot in a simple grey colour to co-ordinate with any home.
It comes with its own travel bag.
It is easy to fold and unfold.

It has a changing unit that can be fliped down to one side when it is not in use.

It has a second layer for when your baby is very small - as soon as they start to sit themselves up you will need to remove the layer and use the lower layer.
Size: 70cm x 100cm

It comes with a padded mat - however if you want to get an extra mattress for your travel cot the size you need to look for is 66cm x 94cm. You can find this mattress in our Healthuard Fibre Mattress section or the Eco Mattress section.

Price:  €76.00

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