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Five Reasons We Love Ford Model A’s

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Five Reasons We Love Ford Model A’s

Excerpts from a web blog by Sarah Kornacki, a Media Relations Intern at “The Henry Ford”.
5. You can drive it on the road

Model As are known to drive pretty darn well on modern roads. Despite being 80+ years old, many Model As can

cruise easily at 40-45 miles per hour thanks to an engine exactly twice as powerful as its predecessor, the Model T.

And the Model A’s mechanical brake system on the wheels—admittedly less secure than a hydraulic brake system—is safer than the Model T’s mechanical brakes on the transmission.

Of course, Model Ts are still extremely popular and drivable, but most vintage car owners want to show off their

prized vehicles on the open road, and the Model A gives us more route options. Racing down the freeway might not be an option, but give the car a break—the Model A is older than some of our grandmas. And my grandma doesn’t drive the freeway, either.

4. You can learn to drive it without a historian present

So the Model A can handle the road. But more importantly, today’s drivers can handle the Model A. The car was the first Ford to have controls we’re used to, like gas pedals and a conventional gear-shift lever to name a few. Before the Model A, Ford “horseless carriages” like the Model T were built under the assumption the driver only had experience driving, well a carriage, horse included.

3. Replacement parts are not crazy difficult to find

Collectors of rare cars dread the day they need to replace a part because finding one or getting a new one made is no easy task. Not all car buffs have the luxury of that kind of time, energy or money. But with the Model A, a lot of

original parts are still floating around out there since Ford built right around 5 million Model As between the 1928

and 1931 model years. And as our Model A love is no secret, there are now vendors who make less expensive,

sometimes more reliable copies of vintage parts. So the Model A is a sweet vintage vehicle, plus, the replacement

parts are comparatively easier to get ahold of.

2. They’re relatively affordable

About 5 million Ford Model As were made, and a lot of them are still around. So the Model A is historic, but it isn’t

quite rare enough to cost an arm and a leg—a phrase which here means the $70,000 you could pay for a Packard of A the same vintage. Yikes. Some highly scientific research (looking on eBay) revealed there are decent Model As out there priced as low as $6,000. What’s not to love about that?

1. Eye-popping styles and colors

There is a practical side to car restoration, like finding replacement parts and choosing drivable routes, but we can’t deny the Model A is just pretty. Seriously, we could stare at this car all day. With new sporty body-styling, the Model A was an instant hit. Millions of people stormed Ford showrooms on December 2, 1927 because, as an Irving Kaufman song of the time period claimed, “Henry’s made a lady out of Lizzie.” Well, we think Lizzie was always a lady, but the Model A undoubtedly brought some serious class to the early American auto scene, styled to look like “a baby Lincoln,” and offered in an array of colors, contrasting with all those black Model Ts. For all his mechanical prowess, Henry Ford didn’t have much of an eye for style, but his son Edsel gave the Model A body the elegant finesse that we can’t get over. And today, especially in the Motor City, taking a pleasure cruise in a piece of automobile history is really a special treat.

Sourced from the Palomar A’s January & February 2015 Newsletter


  • Fire extinguisher Flares/Reflectors

  • Engine oil

  • Flashlight-batteries

  • Radiator water Inner tube patch kit

  • Electrical wire and tape Duct tape

  • Permatex/gasket sealer Radiator stop leak

  • Bolts, nuts, washers Cotter pins

  • Baling wire (don’t laugh)

  • Tarp and blanket

  • Rags & Hand cleaner

  • “Rain X” for windshield Maps

  • Wire brush for battery

  • Vaseline

  • MAFCA Nat’l Roster

  • ‘A’ Repair Manual Grease Gun….and

  • Grease and oil specific to your car for water pump, chassis, wheel bearings, transmission, rear axle, differential, steering gear and overdrive
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