More headlines : 2 Device ends whine of dentist's drill

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1 Device 'cancels out the sound of the dentist's drill' 10 January 2011

entist\'s toolsentist\'s drill

2 Device ends whine of dentist's drill

3 Gadget could provide relief to dental patients scared of the drill
4 New device promises noiseless dental drill

5 The device that could end our fear of going to the dentist by drowning out the drilling

6 Hope for fearful dentist patients

7 Dental drill noise blocked by device

8 New gadget sounds death-knell for ominous whine of the dentist's drill

9 Device blocks out dentist's drill

10 AUDIO  (3’40) : Dentist's drill 'cancelled out'

A new invention which cancels out the noise of a dentist's drill could help people overcome their fear of a check-up. Professor of dentistry at King's college Dr Brian Miller, who invented the device, outlines the good news.

If dentists sometimes privately joke that their role is to "drill, thrill and bill", …. will the invention reduce the bill ?
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