Middlesex County Over 50 Softball League Meeting Minutes

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Middlesex County Over 50 Softball

League Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Location: 328 Plainfield Ave. Edison, N.J. 08817 Room #203

Board Members


Frank Bender


Lou Guzman

Vice Commisioner

Bob Lorincz


League Support


Edward Mullen


Jerry Yaros


Ron Lesonsky

Schedules, Fields


  1. Executive Board Attendance – Frank Bender, Lou Guzman, Bob Lorincz (3)

  2. Ed Mullen - Treasurer (1)

  3. Team Rep Attendance (15)

  1. Dyntek – Bernie Maguire

  2. Edgewood Properties – Ron Lesonsky

  3. Vintage Bombers – Ed Last

  4. Cooper Electric/Kidde – Doug Vitanza, Nick Mennona

  5. Gateway Funding – Farlan Alusik

  6. Highlanders – Dave Handleman

  7. Giants – Anthony Santorelli

  8. Rod’s Tavern – Carmine Balletta, Pete Smith

  9. Highwaymen – Jack O’Conner, Walt Goldeski

  10. Metuchen Savings – Neil Best, Jerry Yaros

  11. Lionsgate – Ed Galazan

  12. OTD, Drifters, Outsiders – No representation (3)

  1. Executive Board Opening Comments

Presented the NJSSA State Tournament proposal from the 2/6/2016 meeting where an independent organization will administer the tournament and allow more teams to be created to make for a better competitive and fair environment. After this presentation, a majority vote was taken to participate in this 2016 tournament and pay the $5/player fee. This rescinded the previous meetings vote to not participate in the NJSSA.

  1. Ed Mullen reviewed the league financials, insurance and field costs.
    Two signatures will be required for all issued checks.

He has received full league fees of $1200 from 2 teams.

Payments will be needed ASAP to meet insurance cost to acquire field permits.

  1. Team Name Changes: The Highlanders will now be named Dyntek and Dyntek will be named Preferred Freezer.

  2. The vote to have only one division and all teams play each other failed by a 3 to 8 vote. A vote to combine A, higher 2B’s to (7 teams) and lower 2B’s with C’s (7 teams) was passed (6 to 5).

  3. The league will take a week off for the state 50-and-over tournament.

  4. The league policy to postpone games if one field is not usable then all games will be postponed. Was discussed. Ron Lesonky stated that he can only notify the teams about field closures after he hears from the county usually between 7am and 7:30am. It was decided that Ron would only notify the teams involved in the field closures. Mannino Park in Old Bridge cannot be used because it is for Little League.

  5. Veterans Park will not be used. All county fields (Edison Park, Edison Municipal, Warren, Raritan Bay, and Phillips) will be used as available.

  6. Change from the Tattoo ball to restricted flight SB12s was discussed. Nick Menonna presented a comparison of SB12 (44,375) vs Tattoo (52,300) with supporting documentation on what ball to select. Frank Bender will procure samples of the balls under consideration. These balls will be hit by representatives of all teams to determine which one to use at the next meeting.

  7. A bat tester that can be borrowed from the 60’s league will be used to prevent the use of illegal bats.

  8. Keep the home run limit.

  9. All teams will make the playoffs.

  10. The board will formalize the rules for moving up or down divisions each year based on the prior season’s performance.

  11. Scheduling assignments will be addressed after Frank meets with umpire assignor.

  12. An odd number of teams will not be permitted.

  13. The following rules clarifications are postponed until the next meeting

  1. On base rule, runner must stay on base until contact is made.

  2. Use of safety base for first and home.

  3. Player may slide at home if there is not enough room, short, backstop.

  4. Commitment line, half way to be marked by umpire.

  5. Only 3 home runs per game, per team.

  6. Lower ranked team can play with 11 players, higher division teams must use 10.

  7. Same division both can use 11 players, 8 players to start a game not 9.

  8. Teams must bat 12 players if in attendance.

  9. Ball pitching arc should be 6-12.

  10. Elimination of batter's box.

The Next meeting is scheduled for March 12th at 328 Plainfield Ave. Edison, N.J. 08817 Room #202 from 9am – 11am.

Tattoo 52/300 vs SB12 44/375

  1. 500 SEVERITY INDEX 1800+

(1200 can break a skull)
  1. 6.5oz WEIGHT 6.75oz

(Difference in mass)
  1. .52 Coefficient of Restitution .44

(Measurement of rebound effect)
  1. 300 Compression 375

(Measurement of hardness)
  1. Low TEMPERATURE EFFECT High (4x factor)

(40-100F, decrease of 23ft)
  1. 1.7mph SHAVED BAT PERFORMANCE 11mph

(1mph = 5 extra ft of distance)

(Difference of up to 9.2mph)

(Bad hops, knuckling)

*Data provided with help from Kevin Schullstrom, designer/creator of the Tattoo 52/300 AD STARR Softballs

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