Middlesex County Over 50 Softball League Meeting Minutes

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Middlesex County Over 50 Softball

League Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Location: 500 State Street Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Board Members


Frank Bender


Lou Guzman

Vice Commissioner

Bob Lorincz


League Support


Edward Mullen


Jerry Yaros


Ron Lesonsky

Schedules, Fields


  1. Executive Board Attendance – Frank Bender, Lou Guzman, Bob Lorincz (3)

  2. Treasurer - Ed Mullen (1)

  3. Team Representatives Attendance (20)

  1. Preferred Freezer – Bernie Maguire, Duane Schirmer

  2. Vintage Bombers – Ed Last, Patrick Douglas

  3. Gateway Funding – Farlan Alusik

  4. Dyntek – Dave Handleman

  5. Giants – Anthony Santorelli

  6. Rod’s Tavern – Nick Menonna

  7. Highwaymen – Jack O’Conner, Walt Goldeski

  8. Metuchen Savings – Neil Best, Jerry Yaros

  9. Lionsgate – Bill Schnitzerling

  10. Outsiders – Joe Sciecinski

  11. OTD – Jeff Nalick

  12. Drifters – Jim Strachen

  13. Edgewood Properties – Ron Lesonsky, Russ Bloss

  14. Cooper Electric – Doug Vitanza, John Jordan

  1. A vote to change the current MCSSL board members was 3-yes 10-No.

  2. Ed Mullen reviewed the league financials, insurance and field costs.
    He has received full league fees of $1200 from 1 team. League fees were not discussed.

  3. Lou Guzman addressed the previously submitted survey monkey questions submitted prior to this meeting. The results follow in items 7 through 15.

  4. The use of 52/300 ball was approved.

  5. ASA bat list will be used. Use of only aluminum bats was defeated by 4-Yes 9-No vote.

  6. The elimination of the minimum 12 batters rule was defeated by a 4-Yes to 10-No vote.

  7. The league schedule will begin on April 22nd. Initial rosters should be submitted to Bob Lorincz by April 1st and the final roster after 4 week of scheduled games or May 20th. After final 25 man roster submission, no replacements will be allowed.

  8. A vote to keep current fielding at 11 was passed by 12-yes 2-No. Roster forms and league waivers can be found at http://njseniorsoftball.com/County/Middlesex/mcssb_sports.html

  9. League Divisions will be determined at the next meeting.

  10. A motion to enforce a mandatory pitching mask was defeated by a 5 yes to 9 no vote. However, the league strongly suggest that masks, shin and heart guards be used.

  11. Use of a pitching screen was approved by all teams. Anthony Santorelli will research type and specs of this apparatus to determine costs. Hitting of the pitching screen with a batted ball is an automatic out and was passed with a 12-Yes to 2-No vote.

  12. A vote for MCSSL to not be a member of the NJSSA was passed by a 11-Yes 3-No vote.

  13. Next meeting date is TBD

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