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DATE OF BIRTH: 14th January 1960
LANGUAGES: English and Kiswahili
ADDRESS: Box 19638

TELEPHONE; 254-2-333632 (Work)

254-2-46065 (Home)

1984: Degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery
1986: University of Nairobi as Tutorial Fellow – Dental School in department of Oral Surgery
1987: Postgraduate Studies at King’s College Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry in London

Masters of Science degree in Dental Radiology

1993: Diploma in Dentistry of oral Maxillofacial radiology in South Africa, College of Medicine

Diploma in Dental radiology of Royal College of Radiologists (England).

1966 – 1972: Sacred Heart Primary School (Mombasa) – C.P.E. – 30 points
1973 – 1976: Lenana School (Nairobi) – E.A..E. first division – 15 points.
1977 – 1978: Lenana School (Nairobi) – Obtained 3 principal, passes in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and Subsidiary pass in general paper.
December 1990 to date:

Lecturer in the Department of Dental Surgery (Head Dental Radiology Division)

June 1993 – September 1993:
Visiting lecturer at the Maxillofacial radiology Department of Faculty of Dentistry, Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg South Africa.
September 1989 – April 1990:
Employed as a Honorary Senior House Officer at King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry in the dental Radiology Department. Assisted in teaching radiology, reporting and research. Attachment included sessions at the General Radiology department King’s College Hospital and Weekly sessions at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital Stanmore.
February 1986 – December 1990:
Employed as a dental Officer by Ministry of Health at Siaya Hospital. Engaged in the provision of Dental Services at the Hospital and at Rural Health Centre within the District.
August 1984 – August 1985:
Employed as Dental Officer/Inter at Kenyatta national Hospital, Nairobi while undergoing internship.

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  1. Age estimation from Dental radiographs Msc. Thesis University of London 1980

  2. Imaging in Maxillofacial Injury Assessment at Tygerberg Hospital: A study of 31 cases

Diploma in Dentistry (Maxillofacial Radiology) South African College of Medicine – 1993

  1. Current Status of Temporomandibular joint imaging

Diploma in Dentistry, Royal College of Radiologist - 1993
International Association for Dentomaxillofacial Radiology

Kenya Dental Association

Kenya Association of Radiologists

Kenyatta National Hospital Ethics and Research Committee.

Vice-chairman P.T.A. Loreto Convent Msongari Primary School


  1. Prof. C. J. Nortje

Department of Maxillofacial Radiology

University of Stellenbosch

Tygerberg, Private Bag

Republic of South Africa

  1. Prof. N. D. Smith

Department of Dental radiology

King’s College Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry

Denmark Hill, Long SE 5 8RK

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