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Founded in 2000, Lumus has always been dedicated to the fusion of our digital and physical worlds, and the success of their mission can be seen in action today. Lumus developed the revolutionary optical technology behind a wearable near-to-eye, transparent display. Their patented Optical Engine modules are used to power eyeglass displays that look and feel like standard glasses, but enable exciting, futuristic applications that are currently in use—right now, in the real world. Lumus products are helping to take personal and mobile computing far beyond the smartphone and all the way to the wide-ranging possibilities of augmented reality (AR).

The Lumus Optical Engine consists of the patented Light-Guide Optical Element (LOE), a unique ultra-thin lens embedded with an array of transparent reflectors inside; and the Micro Display, a miniature projector. Together they create the virtual image of a large high-resolution, full-color screen projected on the wearer’s surroundings, with a see-through overlay that keeps those surroundings completely visible. Wearable eyeglass displays built with this breakthrough technology can now be compact, comfortable, and unobtrusive for the first time.

Lumus provides their Optical Engine platform to leading consumer electronics and smart eyewear manufacturers. Aviation, logistics, medical care, and the military are among the industries using the Optical Engine platform as the technology underlying their innovative AR applications. For example, keeping their heads up instead of looking down at screens can mean the difference between life and death for soldiers—and the majority of wearable displays deployed in combat aviation today are built on Lumus technology. The large-scale, clear and bright augmented reality provided by Lumus technology, coupled with head-up, hands-free operation, opens a world of possibilities for work, communication, entertainment, and anytime/anywhere access to information.

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