Louisiana Dental Association Foundation Oral Health Access Grant Guidelines

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Louisiana Dental Association Foundation

Oral Health Access Grant Guidelines

This document describes the general guidelines applicable to the Louisiana Dental Association Foundation's (LDAF) grant making process. The LDAF may change these guidelines, or make grants that do not fall within the range of these guidelines at its discretion. Grants are made annually to eligible organizations for projects that support the Foundation's mission.

The LDAF is primarily interested in community-based grants, in particular, those that are innovative in nature and extend beyond the traditional dental community and utilize partnerships. (For example a program might extend to local service organizations partnering with dentists and serving elderly patients in a nursing home setting.)

To be eligible for funding consideration, all applicants must:

    • Be a charitable non-profit with tax-exempt status under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, a public or governmental entity such as a school or health district, or a tribal organization with 7871 tax-exempt status.

    • Have a physical presence in the state of Louisiana.

    • Be endorsed by an LDA local component dental society (A list of those societies may be found online at www.ladental.org under About Us).

    • Propose to advance oral health through either prevention or treatment activities.

Priority will be given to proposals that have measurable improvement goals, show strong community support for the project, and are innovative in nature. Additionally, priority will be given matching or shared funding proposals. Examples of qualified oral health projects supported by the LDAF include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing access to oral health care for low income families, especially those with children.

  • Increasing access to oral health care for infirm, elderly residents of Louisiana.

  • Assistance in procurement of dental supplies or dental equipment for dental providers servicing low income areas of Louisiana.

  • Support for oral health education programs, especially in low income designated schools.

  • Support for emergency dental care for people who are disadvantaged with no access to care.

Examples of projects that are not eligible for grants are:

  • Political organizations or political campaigns.

  • Projects not related to oral health.

  • Ongoing programs, ongoing general operating expenses or existing deficits (An exception may be made if program relied on outside funding source that is no longer available through no fault of the organization.)

  • Reimbursement for goods already purchased.

  • Fundraising events.

  • Individuals.

  • Projects outside the state of Louisiana or primarily benefitting people residing outside Louisiana.

  • Grants for endowment purposes.

Type of Funding Provided
Funding is provided for new initiatives, a new component of existing programs, start-up funding or one-time events. Capital grants are made only when the Foundation's grants will substantially increase the number of people served, the breadth of services provided, or the efficiency by which services are delivered.

Application Process
To obtain a grant application, go online to www.ladental.org/ldafoundation and download a grant application package in Adobe Acrobat format. A properly completed grant application, including all required supporting documents, must be postmarked on or before July 1 of the year prior to that in which the project will be implemented. Funding decisions will be announced in October. Faxed, e-mailed or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Applications will be reviewed to establish the significance of the applicant's proposed activities and to make recommendations to the Foundation Board regarding the consideration of the application and general terms and conditions of said grant. The Foundation also may wish to conduct on-site reviews and/or interviews and may ask the applicant to provide additional information including, but not limited to, letters of recommendation, references, and the like. Upon approval of the grant application, final terms of the grant will be negotiated and a Grant Agreement will be prepared which outlines the specific terms of the grant.
The Foundation may share information from any submitted application with outside reviewers or other external sources of information about the applicant, the affected community or the proposed work. By submitting this application, you give permission for this sharing of information.

Funds are typically disbursed on a quarterly cycle upon receipt of the project’s progress reports. If the project is a one-time less than 6 months project, 80% of the funds are immediately disbursed and the remaining 20% are disbursed upon completion of the evaluation report.

Grant Monitoring
The Foundation will monitor the grantee's activities during the duration of the grant, and will require periodic (typically, quarterly) written progress reports to ensure that the grantee is in compliance with the terms of the grant.

Application Materials

  1. Completed application, including budget worksheet and additional pages as necessary.

  2. Current copy of the applicant's U.S. Treasury (IRS) tax determination letter.

  3. Current detailed operating budget for the organization and most recent Form 990 (with attachments).

  4. Most current audited financial statement. If not available, a recent balance sheet (assets and liabilities) and a statement of income and expenses.

  5. List of board members, their affiliations and contact information.

  6. Letters of support from partners, including an LDA local component dental society.

  7. Any other information you consider pertinent to your application.

Do NOT send videotapes, audio recordings or PowerPoint presentations.

Submitting the Application
Send one original and eight copies of your application (application and attachments) along with a cover letter signed by the highest-ranking official in your organization, postmarked on or before July 1, to:
Grant Administrator

Louisiana Dental Association Foundation

7833 Office Park Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted.
If you have questions concerning your organization's eligibility for funding consideration, the Foundation's activities, funding criteria or review process, please call the Grant Administrator at (225) 926-1986.

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