Jackie Aceto

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Celebration of Service – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Violence Western Province Sisters, Associates and Congregational Ministries

Jackie Aceto

Family Community Clinic- Louisville

Free Health Clinic for the Uninsured

Andy Meyer, SCNA

Disaster Response Network of Psychologists

Paula Merrill

Ministers in a Health Clinic for those who are economically poor

Rebecca Miles, Director

Betty MacDougall,

Rose Mary Maguire,

Ruth Ann Hurmprey,

Amina Bejos,

Julie Driscoll,

Carole Kaucic,

Liz Wendeln,

Eva Kowalski,

Doors to HOPE – As director, GED and ESOL instructors, members of the Advisory committee, etc.

Rosemarie Kirwan – Spanish Speaking

Barbara Joseph Lammers – Spanish Speaking

Elaine Puthoff – Spanish speaking

Ellen Paul McGovern - Haitians

Catherine Lee - Haitians

Martha Walsh - Chinese

Barbara Maynard –college students

Tutor immigrants or International College students in English as another language

Carol Rogers

Cath. Charities Elder Refugee Program - Louisville

Clare McNeil

Dorothy MacDougall

Citizenship Training – Boston

Eleanor Martin

Irish Immigration Center – Boston

Isa Garcia

Ministers to immigrants at St. Rita’s Parish - Louisville

Rose Mary Gerlica

Shelter for Homeless Men – Columbus, OH

Janice Downs

Ministers to the Homeless – Phoenix Center in Louisville

Julie Driscoll

Ministry of Presence to Female immigrants at Casa Latina- Louisville

Marian Stenken,

Jeanine Jaster,

Mary Eula Johnson,

Trudy Foster,

Donna Marie Palya,

Dorothy Gerlica,

Ann Margaret Boone,

Eva Kowalski,

Earline Hobbs,

Pat Norton,

Alfreda Crantz

Evelyn Faldowski, SCNA

Joani Sirek, SCNA

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores, Soup Kitchens, or Food Pantries or the same run by other organizations

Carol Kaucic,

Liz Wendeln,

Barbara Ann Lengvarsky,

Chris Beckett,

Doa Gallagher, SCNA,

Mary Ellen Doyle,

Margie Hohman

Prison Ministry or Working to abolish the death penalty

Paris Slapikas

Ministers at the Center for Families and Children

Felix Garza, SCNA

Works with National Farm Workers to obtain better working conditions

Barbara Ann Lengvarsky,

Janice Richards,

Sharen Baldy,

Wilma Ross,

Alice O’Connell

Working directly with those in Poverty

City of St Jude – Montgomery, Alabama

Sacred Heat Missions – Mississippi

JOIN in Columbus, OH

St. Ladislas Parish in Columbus, OH

Rendu Services – Fayette County, PA

Barbara Spencer

Works with troubled youth – Youth Village – Memphis

Gwen McMahan,

Works with adults that are differently enabled

Liz Wendeln

Volunteers at Sisters Visitors

Mary Middendorf

Bookkeeper for Family Scholars House

Rose Howard,

Maureen Coughlin,

Works with Nativity School – West End of Louisville

Grace Saie

Works with the Jubilee Schools in Memphis

Chris Beckett

Amina Bejos

Edna Fabre

Susan Kilb

Maria Vincent Brocato

Miriam Corcoran

Joetta Davis, SCNA

Margaret Arthur, SCNA

Help BCPV – through their work at Presentation

Tess Browne

Advocacy for Justice in the Boston area

Luke Boiarski

Works with OCA’s Volunteer Program and Disaster Relief Program to provide housing for the homeless and relief to those in need.

Patsy O’Toole, SCNA

Ann Magruder

Rita Spalding

Joseph Marita Wheatley

Work through OCA to raise money for our efforts in help BCPV

Marlene Lehmkuhl

Carolyn Wilson

Work through SCN Ministry Office to provide Grants that help BCPV

Chattanooga SCNAs

After school Promise Food Packs

Pittsburgh SCNAs

Serve dinner at the Women’s Emergency shelter

and distribute comfort kits to them

Chattanooga SCNAs + Judy Raley

Faith and Finance Facilitations for those who are economically poor

Karen Schmitt, SCNA

Works with those who are homeless in Memphis

Angie Shaughnessy

Works to stop Sexual Abuse

Higinia Bol

Chris Kunze

Work with Mayan Indians in Belize (focusing on women) where 80% of the population are below the poverty line

Bev Hoffmann

Works with families living in poverty who have disabled children

Steve Schmitt, SCNA

Provides Water Filtration systems in rural parish of Haiti

Pam Lawson, SCNA

Works with abused women and children

Sisters and SCNAs

Who pray and write letters to lawmakers

Camp Maria Retreat Center

Nazareth Retreat Center

Hold retreat programs for those who are immigrants, abused, economically poor or recovering from addiction

Nazareth Villages

Provides safe affordable housing for the elderly or mentally challenged who are also economically challenged.

Sisters Place

Provides housing and supportive services for 32 homeless single parent families

Rendu Services

Provides health and social services for those living in poverty in Fayette County, PA

St. John Catholic Jubilee School – Memphis

St. Therese the Little Flower Primary School - Memphis

Provides quality education to children in the inner city of Memphis

Presentation Academy

Provides quality education to teenagers, some of whom come from families who are economically poor and provides a space where every young girl is noticed and her potential fostered

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