Iv sedation Shopping List The following items are a minimum requirement for providing IV sedation within your practice

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IV Sedation Shopping List

The following items are a minimum requirement for providing IV sedation within your practice:

  1. Venflon cannulae or similar (22 gauge)

  2. Midazolam 5mg in 5ml or 10mg in 5ml. (Avoid 10mg in 2ml)

  3. Flumazenil / Anexate 500mcg in 5ml

  4. Sterile 0.9% saline; 5ml ampule

  5. Tourniquet

  6. 5ml sterile syringes

  7. Micropore tape

  8. drawing up needles

  9. Labels for midazolam and saline; visit www.speciality.uk.com

  10. Pulse oximeter

  11. Automated blood pressure machine

  12. Emergency drugs box

  13. Emergency oxygen

The following items are advised:

  1. Automatic External Defifrillator (AED)

  2. Emla cream or Ametop gel topical anaesthetic

  3. Alcohol swabs

  4. Tagaderm cannula patch

  5. Small elastoplast

  • Pulse oximeters can also be purchased from Amazon and even eBay! Ensure that the equipment is new and is self calibrating which most are these days. Battery devices are OK but should also have a mains lead in case of battery failure

  • Blood pressure machines can be purchased from dental suppliers and even Boots chemists or Lloyds pharmacy. These are sufficiently accurate for IV sedation however may not be durable enough for daily use in the longer term

  • RA equipmant can be sourced and serviced from RA Medical services www.ramedical.com

  • We suggest setting up a ‘sedation box’ with all the necessary drugs and equipment in at all times. It is useful to have a list of items that should be in the box and this should be checked prior to starting the sedation appointment.

Checklist Before Carrying Out Intravenous Sedation

  • Emergency oxygen working and in date

  • Emergency reversal drug (Flumazenil) available and in date

  • Midazolam checked and in date

  • Patient assessed and suitable for IV sedation; (BP, BMI, sats, ASA grade)

  • Medical history taken, checked and no contraindications

  • Cannulation site chosen and suitable

  • Informed valid consent obtained for IV sedation. This must be SIGNED

  • Dental treatment planned that can be achieved under IV sedation

  • Pre and post-op instruction sheet given to patient

  • Patient can bring an appropriate adult for escort and post sedation care for 24 hours

On the day of the sedation appointment

  1. Check medical history for any changes since assessment appointment

  2. Draw up Midazolam 5mg in 5ml and label syringe

  3. Draw up saline 0.9% in 5ml syringe and label

  4. Cannulate patient and secure cannula

  5. Take baseline blood pressure and pulse oximeter readings and record these

  6. Flush cannula with 1-2 ml of 0.9% saline to ensure it is in the vein; the patient should NOT feel any discomfort from this

  7. Place 1mg midazolam via the cannula

  8. Wait 1 minute whilst monitoring patient responses and sats

  9. Titrate with further increments of 1mg per minute whilst constantly monitoring sats and patient response

  10. Ensure patient is conscious and verbal contact is maintained

  11. Record final titration dose (do not exceed 10mg)

  12. Carry out dental treatment

  13. Record BP and pulse oximeter readings every 10 minutes

  14. Continue to monitor patient after treatment with cannula in place and pulse oximeter and BP cuff attached

  15. Anticipate a recover period of up to 1 hour; end the recovery time when the patient is able to stand and walk unaided and is steady on their feet

  16. Immediately prior to discharge remove cannula

  17. Reinforce post-sedation instructions to patient and particularly their escort as patient may still have some amnesia

Always remember that you do not have to proceed with the sedation appointment if there have been any significant changes to the patient’s medical history or the patient changes their mind; all you will have lost is some surgery time!
If you are struggling with cannulation we suggest trying 2 sites per arm maximum then consider abandoning the treatment. If this occurs, review your cannulation technique and ensure that choosing a good cannulation site is part of your pre-sedation assessment visit.

Relative analgesia monitoring & checklist sheet


Date of sedation

Oxygen cylinder checked ?

Nitrous oxide cylinder checked?

Dentist sedating

Staff present


Written consent?


Relevant MH

ASA grade



Oxygen %

Nitrous oxide %


Sedation summary

Start time

End time

Recovery time (min 3 mins on 100% oxygen)

Nurse present throughout sedation?



Dentist sedating

Sedation nurse

Additional staff

IV Sedation Assessment, Monitoring & Checklist sheet


Date of sedation

Midazolam BN & expiry

Flumazenil BN & expiry

Dentist sedating

Staff present

Cannulation site


Written consent?


Blood pressure


Relevant MH

ASA grade


Readings (every 10 minutes)



Oxygen saturation



Dose given, top up, etc.

Sedation summary

Start time

End time

Recovery time

Total dose

Nurse present throughout sedation?

Discharged with adult escort?


Dentist sedating

Sedation nurse

Additional staff

Instructions For Intravenous Sedation
Before The Sedation Visit

  • You can have a light meal and non-alcoholic drinks up to 2 hours before the appointment

  • Do not consume alcoholic drinks for 24 hours before your sedation appointment.

  • Tell the dentist if you have been prescribed any new medicines or have visited a Doctor since your previous visit

  • Take any prescription medicines as normal; the dentist will have already checked that these are compatible with the sedative used.

  • Wear FLAT heeled shoes as you will be unsteady on your feet for a couple of hours following the Sedation visit.

  • You MUST bring a responsible adult with you to the sedation visit. They MUST remain here during your treatment and MUST escort you home. We will not be able to carry out the sedation treatment unless this person is actually present. It is a legal requirement that they remain in the practice during your treatment.

  • Do not wear any nail varnish or false nails as we need to place a pulse monitor that shines a light through your fingernail during the treatment.

After The Sedation Visit

  • DO NOT drive a vehicle for 24 hours

  • DO NOT operate machinery, look after small children or carry out any dangerous tasks requiring concentration for 24 hours.

  • Do not consume alcohol or sleeping tablets for 24 hours following sedation as these may interact with the sedative that is still in your body

  • Ensure you have a responsible adult with you for 24 hours.

Cancellation charges
As sedation appointments are long, cancellation charges apply. Any appointment cancelled within 48 hours will incur the full treatment fee. If cancelled within 1 week of the appointment, 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.


Telephone …

Commonly Asked Questions (IV Sedation)

Q. What Is Intravenous Sedation?
A. Intravenous or IV sedation is a technique used to remove anxiety during a dental visit. A small cannula is placed into a vein in your arm or back of the hand and a sedative drug administered. The sedative works very quickly and you feel instantly relaxed. The dentist who aims to make you totally relaxed whilst still being able to co-operate controls the level of sedation. The full sedative effects last for about an hour allowing a lot of dental treatment to be carried out if necessary.

Q. Will I remember the treatment?
A. No. Generally you will have no recollection from the point at which the sedative is administered to the time you get home. This feature of sedation makes it excellent for people who do not wish to remember unpleasant procedures such as removal of wisdom teeth.

Q. What happens after the treatment session?
A. We keep you in our waiting room or in the dental chair as the sedative starts to wear off. Generally this takes between 15-30 minutes. We will only allow you to leave when we are happy that all is well. We will be on hand while you recover should you have any problems.

Q. Will I feel sick afterwards?
A. No. Unlike a general anaesthetic, there is usually no feeling of nausea afterwards. This is due to the fact that very different drugs are used. You will however have a very good nights sleep following your sedation.

Q. My Friend wants to go shopping whilst I have my treatment, is that OK?
A. No. The responsible adult that accompanies you MUST arrive with you and remain in our waiting room for the entire treatment and recovery afterwards. They cannot leave the building. This is a legal requirement of the laws governing Dental Treatment under IV Sedation.

If you have any queries between now and you sedation appointment,

please contact the practice

Sample sedation consent

Monday, 5 December 2016
Mrs *******

Consent For Treatment Under Sedation

Your dentist Dr Adam Glassford has decided that you would benefit from having dental treatment carried whilst under intravenous sedation. This consent form is to confirm that you have had the procedure explained to you, and you understand that you are giving full consent. Should the treatment need to be amended whilst you are under sedation it may be necessary to rebook a further sedation appointment if we have not gained your consent for any deviations from the original treatment plan. You are also aware and fully understand the benefits risks and alternatives to this treatment.
The treatment intended is to place up to 8 dental implants (6 upper and 2 lower) under local anaesthetic in a surgical procedure.
I confirm that Dr Glassford has explained the above procedure to me and that I have been warned about any likely postoperative complications and I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about my treatment and have read and signed the separate report and consent forms relating to my implant treatment.
I understand that I must not drive a vehicle for a period of 24 hours following the sedation nor should I engage in any tasks that may be dangerous without full concentration such as operating machinery. I agree to ensure that a responsible adult who will take me home afterwards and ensure that I am looked after for the next 24 hours will escort me. I understand that my escort must remain within the practice during my treatment.
I also understand that by signing this form I am only giving my consent to treatment and I may change my mind at any time.
I accept that during the sedation, there may be a change to the specific nature of the treatment and Dr Glassford, if necessary, may alter the nature of the treatment if he believes this is in my best interests as I will not be able to discuss the changes whilst under the influence of the sedative. Any major changes to the planned treatment may require the sedation session to end and a discussion appointment booked for a separate day to discuss how you wish to proceed with treatment.

Signed Mrs ******

___________________________________________________ Date _____/_____/_____

Useful contacts

Dental Sedation teaching group (DSTG)


Small annual subscription will provide regular newsletter, annual conference and mentor list

Society for Advancement in Anaesthesia in dentistry (SAAD)


Similar to above

Speciality labels


Sell medical drug labels online

Resuscitation council UK


Online resources and courses list for resuscitation

RA Medical services


Supply and service all types of RA equipment

Richard Charon


Provides RA training courses

Dept. of health


Online resources; “A conscious decision”

General Dental Council


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Adam Glassford


mobile 077388 65380

Yorkshire sedation training

Geoff Baggaley


mobile 07970 805161

Yorkshire sedation training

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