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Is she beautiful? The new Golden Ratio

From squareCircleZ – on line

Canadian and US researchers found there were certain facial proportions that made some women more beautiful than others.

In the SMH article Shania Twain more beautiful than Angelina Jolie? we read the researchers manipulated the photos of certain women using Photoshop so the facial proportions were changed. Then warm-blooded males were asked to choose the photos that were most appealing. It turns out the "ideal" value (the one found to be more beautiful) for the following facial ratio was 36%:

Another key ratio affecting our perception of beauty is the following:

An ideal value for this ratio is 46%.

Apparently, the Canadian singer Shania Twain has pretty much the perfect face. Let’s check out her proportions. In this image, the eye to mouth distance is 72px, marking 36% of the facial height (200px).

While the distance from her hairline to the bottom of her chin is quite easy to determine, and the center of the eyes is also quite clear, there is some uncertainty about the "mouth". In the above photo, she is smiling. Even with the mouth closed, it’s not that exact where the "mouth" is.

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