Introduction to nigerian craft

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The Middle Kingdom

This period witnessed a classical change mostly in the political hierarchy of Egypt. This affected art as development of Art was halted. This period later witnessed improvement on the Old Kingdom techniques of portraits and sculptural portraits were now being sensitively presented as being more lively, free and natural. The fresco approach to paintings were introduced and perfected. Pharaohs were buried in hidden tombs.

  1. The New Kingdom

The new kingdom artistic approach was more or less a combination of the old and middle kingdom periods. This ushered in a great change which affected the artists into practicing their art without traditional rigidity and forms whereby sculptural pieces had a few stylistic changes. All these happened during the reign of king Amenhotep IV who later changed his name to Akhenaten in honor of the Sun god Aton. During his reign, the most beautiful and famous work of art was the burst of his wife Queen Nefertiti, sculpted in limestone and very naturalistic.

The Pharaohs were buried in the valley of kings.

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