Instructions for Completing fy17

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Instructions for Completing FY17

SPED 240 Budget Workbook

The budget workbook includes macros that enable the workbook to compute totals. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or newer you will have to save this grant work book into an earlier version of Excel.

1. Opening the File: Click on the Excel icon within the RFP named Special Education - Budget Workbook (EXCEL)

  1. Saving and Naming the File: Once the file is open, select ‘File’ and then select ‘Save As’ Excel 97-2003 Indicate where you want to save the file on your computer. The file is currently named FY 17 SPED 240_leacode.xls. Edit the current file name by replacing the words leacode’ with your 4-digit LEA code. The file will now have the following name format:

FY 17 SPED 240_#### (Note: #### denotes your LEA code.)

Example: FY 17 SPED 240_4891
Cover Sheet
Go to the cover worksheet by clicking on the grey tab labeled ‘Cover Sheet’ at the bottom of the screen. Note: The Cover Sheet form in this workbook must be completed. However, a signed copy must be scanned and submitted through EdGrants and no longer needs to be emailed to DESE.
In the first box (labeled A. Applicant), click on the down arrow to view the pull down menu for ORGANIZATION NAME. Scroll down to find your district name and select it - address information automatically appears on all relevant pages. Then enter the name, and email address of person completing the grant.
Enter the district’s Entitlement Amount in the white box. The ‘Total Amount Requested’ box will fill in automatically once the budget pages are completed.
Budget Pages
To access the budget, click on the grey tab labeled ‘Budget Pages’ at the bottom of the screen. Complete your budget by inputting amounts into each line item – totals and sub totals will calculate automatically. Some cells are password protected as they contain formulas; you cannot type in these cells. MTRS will automatically calculate 9% of all boxes checked.
Making Money Matter (M3) Pages
Only districts with 2015 special education determination levels of NTA, NI, and NSI are required to fill out this tab.

Part I – General Information

  1. District Information: Enter the district name and address.

Part II – Re-direction of Funds

  1. District’s FY17 Fund Code 240 Allocation Amount: This funding amount will auto-populate once the total allocation amount is entered on cover page of workbook.

  2. Percentage of funds to be re-directed for the district’s M3 project: Enter any percentage between 2% - 4%.

  3. Total amount of funds for the district’s M3 project: This funding amount will auto-populate once steps 2 and 3 are complete.

  4. Amount of Fund Code 240 for M3 project: Enter the amount of funds that the district will re-direct from the 240 grant. This amount may be equal to the amount listed in step 4; Or, if the district is proposing to use a portion of the Fund Code 274 allocation, then this amount may be less than the amount listed in step 4.

  5. Projected amount Fund Code 274 for M3 project (may not exceed 15% of the Fund Code 274 allocation): If the district is proposing to use a portion of the Fund Code 274 allocation, enter the appropriate 274 funding amount.

  6. Total amount of funds for the district’s M3 project: This funding amount will auto-populate once steps 5 and 6 are complete.

If completed correctly, step 7 and step 4 should result in the same funding amount.

Part III – Assurances Statement

  1. The school district staff member who is responsible for programmatic oversight of the 240 grant should: review the M3 Assurance Statement and enter their name, title, and contact information indicating that they have read and understand the obligations of the district and the purpose and principles of the M3 project, as outlined.

Instructional Support Services Sheet
A district may elect to use up to 15% of the Federal Special Education Entitlement funds for Coordinated Instructional Support Services as a general education service. Coordinated Instructional Support Services may be provided to students needing additional academic and behavioral supports to succeed in the general education environment who are not currently identified as needing special education or related services. “Instructional support shall include remedial instruction for students, consultative services for teachers, availability of reading instruction at the elementary level, appropriate services for linguistic minority students, and other services consistent with effective educational practices and the requirements of M.G.L. c. 71B,§2”. (603 CMR 28.03(3)(a)). Funds for Massachusetts Tiered System of Support (MTSS) services are permissible.
Each district that develops and maintains Coordinated Instructional Support Services shall annually report to the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education the total amount of A) children receiving Instructional Support Services under the IDEA during this school year and B) the total number of children who have received Instructional Support Services under the IDEA anytime in the past two school years and received special education and related services during this school year. The MA Special Education Planning and Policy Development Office will contact participating districts to collect annual reporting data.
Schedule A Worksheet
A Schedule A is to be completed if the applicant operates and administers a grant project using funds assigned to more than one agency. Note: The Schedule A form in this workbook must be completed. However, the form must be completed and submitted through EdGrants and no longer needs to be mailed to DESE.
Summary Sheet
When the budget has been completed, the primary contact person should review the ‘Summary’ worksheet. This sheet is for reference purposes only and contains 3 reports that summarize the data entered on the budget worksheets. You should not enter data on the ‘Summary’ worksheet.
Submission of Budget
All 240 workbook submissions are to go through the EdGrants system. ATTACH the entire workbook FY 17 SPED 240__####.

Your FY17 240 submission package will be considered complete when all of the required components are completed in EdGrants and the workbook and all required forms are attached by or befor the due date of Wednesday, November 30, 2016. You will need to ask your district "Directory Administrator" for authorization to use the EdGrants system to assign the “EdGrants” security role to the person or persons in your district who will be responsible for submitting materials related to SPED 240 Grant.

For questions concerning the submission process, please contact Helen Skulski at (781) 338-3379 or via e-mail at

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