Inner Ear Model Bony labyrinth

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Inner Ear Model

  1. Bony labyrinth

  2. Membranous labyrinth

  1. Vestibule

a. Oval window

c. Round window

  1. Lateral semicircular canal

  2. Anterior semicircular canal

  3. Posterior semicircular canal

d. Ampulla

  1. Cochlea

e. Basal turn

f. Central turn

g. Pointed turn

h. Cupola

k. Bony spiral lamina

l. Laminar hamulus

  1. Anterior semicircular duct

  2. Posterior semicircular duct

m. Common crus of the anterior & posterior semicircular ducts

  1. Utricle

  2. Saccule

  3. Endolymphatic duct

  4. Utriculosaccular duct

n. Membranous spiral lamina

o. Vestibular wall of cochlear duct

p. Scala tympani (green)

q. Scala vestibule (pink)

r. Cochlear duct (Scala media) (blue)

  1. Vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII)

  2. Cochlear nerve

  3. V
    estibular nerve

  4. Endolymphatic sac

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