I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

Dianne Martin vasbyt2503@sbcglobal.net

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Dianne Martin vasbyt2503@sbcglobal.net

Thank you for taking the trouble to mail out the newsletter- I always look forward to hearing all the news although , sadly, not many of the year of 1962 seem to be in touch with the Old Girls' Association. I have moved to an area just east of Dallas, but still in the Dallas Metroplex My new address is: 333 Melrose Drive #29B, Richardson. TX. 75080.USA.

 I have just taken two weeks leave. My sister, Sandra Tar lie, (matriculated in 1958) came out to visit me from Sandton, South Africa. We travelled quite a bit - I drove her down to San Antonio and the Texas state Capital - Austin and then she, my daughter and I flew to New Orleans for a week. We had a marvellous time - we stayed in the French Quarter and explored all sorts of places in the Quarter and the city. She has now gone up to Denver, Co, to be with her late husband's family for a  week.

We (my daughter, Jody and I) are doing fine and still alive and well here in Dallas, Texas. I was recently made head of the Foreign Language Department at the large public high school at which I have been teaching  (about 3,00 students) and was awarded a 5-year pin for outstanding service in the school district. I am also doing some part-time work for Cambridge University Press - they are big here in the USA!!  Also I am back at college, studying Spanish - a must here in this State!!  My daughter is now at college and is studying her basic subjects (which all university students have to do in their first two years,) and then she will go on to major in design and architecture. I have been working most of June, since school closed for the summer at the end of May, and have putting the Latin curricula on line for the district. (Yes I am still teaching Latin and Communications - and my numbers have tripled!! Can you imagine - Latin is a highly sought after subject here in Texas and many states in the USA!! The Americans believe it helps them with their English and gets the students better scores in their SATS, which they have to take before going to college. ) During the months of July and August I will be travelling with a close friend from Missouri in his motor home to the East Coast, (Pennsylvania, New York State and Connecticut and then all along the Great Lakes to Wisconsin.) School begins again in the second week in August.   My daughter is going with a group of her friends, rafting down the Guadalupe River in July,  (it is not the 'in thing ' to travel with your parents when you are 19!!) Please give my best wishes to all who remember me - We hope to get back to South Africa in the next few years.
Coralie Cox davcox@iafric.com
I see that Penelope Wilmot (1963) is on your spreadsheet and regret to tell you that she died from cancer a number of years ago.


Biddy Pretorius (Pierce) pretoriusb@stalbancollege.com

Tracey had a wonderful tea party with Sue, Karen, Fiona and Chippy Barnetson and all the offspring.  I must say she’s very good about keeping in touch with her school friends and seeing as much of everyone as possible.

 I don’t know whether I’ve already told you, but she’s been appointed global PR for Microsoft and will be moving to Seattle shortly.  I don’t relish the idea as its so much further away, but on the other hand she will be travelling all the time so hopefully I will still get to see her quite frequently.


Rozanne Symons (Butler) rosymons@aol.com

I took Matric in 1964, so am one of Sister Joan’s girls. I was fortunate in being able to visit her occasionally at the Convent and to have her mentorship for many years. I was at the convent in December to meet up with Mother Barbara Clare and Breffney Fawcett (Kell) for a mini Old Girls’ Reunion, which was great. Sister Deirdre Michael was also there.

An amazing coincidence! To my sheer delight, a – now –dear friend and close neighbour in this Small Welsh village is also an Old Girl, and I enclose her details with mine. We’ve hardly stopped talking since finding out, and each has found a close bond and comfort, and a lot of fun!!

I’m working as a specialist health Visitor with a multi-agency team for coordinating services for children with moderate to severe disabilities. It’s a super team and a great job. My children are quite a distance away but are very supportive and we see a lot of each other.

Kaye McOustra (Hulley) Mcoust6@aol.com

At this point I am a full time volunteer with many church organisations, a director of the Kendal Lions Club, and kennel manager of Camp-lots-a-dogs, a dog day camp. Our kids are grown and our youngest daughter Meghan leaves in September for university to do a BSc followed by her Masters for Physiotherapy and Jack retires at the end of the month, so life will take on a whole new lease.  Our son Iain is getting married in September 2006, and our middle daughter Kyle has just come second in her class, studying for a Robotic Technology Welding degree.  Jack and I are very proud parents right now. We love animals and I presently have a hand in running a dog-day camp up the road which is fun, having run a humane society for many years on the island of Curacao where we lived for 16 years before returning to Canada.
I have kept in touch with Tulla Vig over the years, and since receiving your list of email addresses for my graduating year, have had a bit of fun catching up with some of my old class mates, though none of us think of ourselves as old.
How I wish I could attend many of the activities you folks put on.  I am totally envious when friends tell me about the good times they had, and I sit on the other side of the world. My sister Leigh who left school in Std. 8 to go to cram college and then to nursing school, has retired in Plettenberg Bay where she is working for the Formosa Garden Village as a companion/helper to any of the old folks (my mom included) who need her help with light nursing and other necessary services. 

Catherine Milner (Lamont) Ph.D. john.milner@sbcglobal.net

I'd like to update my info but not sure when I last sent in anything about myself?  I've just been receiving gifts from heaven in the last year or so - My daughter, who lives in Cape Town, and her husband, gave us a robust grandson last year followed a few month later by my son and his American wife, who gave us another little grandson!  Then I was given an Assistant Professorship at Saint Louis University - I'm giving a class to Master's students on Theories and Practice in Psychotherapy - this together with my private practice in psychotherapy is keeping my life extremely meaningful and its hard to know what priority to enjoy first! 

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