How to upload an eportfolio file

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How to upload an eportfolio file

Once you have created a piece of work for your eportfolio you will need to make it available for assessors or other people involved in your course to access it. One convenient method of doing this in Moodle is to upload the file to an area of storage reserved for your eportfolio. You then can define it as a resource within your  eportfolio so that authorised people can download and view it. This section summarises the steps involved in uploading a file within your eportfolio course. The next section explains how to create links to eportfolio files from your eportfolio.

  1. Login using your Username and Password. Courses for which you have been enrolled will be displayed.

  2. Click My Courses|eportfolio for Harry Potter . The course eportfolio for Harry Potter loads.

  3. Click Administration|Files...

  1. Click the Make a folder button.

  1. Name the new folder. Eg 'My eportfolio' . A new folder called 'My eportfolio' is created.

  1. Click the folder name. The folder is opened. It will be empty. 

  1. Click the Upload a file button. You will need to supply the path and the name of the file or you can browse for its location on the computer/network you are using by clicking the Browse button.

  1. Click the Upload this file button. The file will be stored in the My eportfolio folder

  2. Repeat last four steps for any other files you want to upload.

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