How to start a jcda court

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1. Contact the State Regent and/or State JCDA Chairman about your interest in starting

a JCDA court.

2. Appoint a local JCDA Chairman.
3. Select a JCDA Chaplain.
4. Initial Meeting
• With the help of the State JCDA Chairman and the State Regent, set the date for the initial

meeting. Advertise the meeting in church bulletin, schools, local paper etc. Be sure to

extend the invitation to their mothers.

• Prepare presentation for the meeting keeping in mind the goals of the JCDA program and

the Threefold Program of message, service and community.

• Explain the importance of the JCDA program and the good it will do for the girls and the

good the girls can do through the program for her fellow citizens, for the community, and

for God and the Church.

• Distribute application forms to all girls present and give them extra for their friends.

• Have the Chaplain review the JCDA material and invite him to speak to the girls at the

first meeting.

• Set and review the date of the second meeting and what will happen during that meeting.

5. Second Meeting
• Attend the follow up meeting which should be set for the next week. Have girls bring their

applications back.

• Once again, advertise the meeting and invite the girls and their mothers.

• Determine interest based on applications received.

At the second meeting, distribute any additional information.

• Divide the girls into respective age groups: Juniorettes – age 6-10; Juniors – 11-18

• With the approval of the State Board, State JCDA Chairman, and local JCDA Chaplain, set

the date for the institution of the court.

• Decide on the name of the court. Although most courts will take the same name as their

senior court, it is not required.

• Decide on annual dues amount. Suggestion would be approximately $5-10 per year. Set the

monthly meeting date and time.

• Elect the officers based on the guidelines set forth through the State Court or the samples

provided in the National JCDA packet.

6. Institution of the Local JCDA court
• The ceremony of the institution of the court shall follow the guidelines outlined in your

State JCDA program or the samples in the JCDA packet from the National office.

• This ceremony includes the installation of the newly elected officers.

• Plan a reception following the ceremony for the families to attend. This bonding of families

will be crucial in the success of the JCDA program.
7. Prior to First Monthly Meeting
• Contact the State Regent for the JCDA Bylaws. Make copies to distribute at the meeting.

• Make copies of the “Medical Release” form for all members to complete and return.

• Liability Insurance – The JCDA program is covered under the senior court liability


• Verify with your local Diocesan office any required training that the leaders might need to

go through when working with the youth.

8. First Monthly Meeting
• Distribute and review the Bylaws.

• Distribute the “medical release” forms to each member. Instruct them to return them at the

next monthly meeting.

• Begin working through the threefold program to determine activities you might want to do.

• Use additional information from your senior court, the State JCDA Chairman or other

resources to assist with your meetings, activities and supported programs for your court.

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