High Speed Handpieces Ultralite Lares Research 888-333-8440

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The Hottest Topics and Products in Dentistry

Dr. Louis Malcmacher

High Speed Handpieces

Ultralite Lares Research 888-333-8440

757 Euro Lares Research 888-333-8440
The Best No/Minimal Prep Veneers – The Most Beautiful Thin Veneers Available

Cristal Veneers Aurum Ceramic 800-661-1169

Best Online Education – see my courses about total facial esthetics using Cristal Veneers and Botox and Dermal Fillers – search Malcmacher on these sites
www.dentaledu.tv www.giDE.com

Carbide Burs

Great White Ultra Burs SS White Burs 800-535-2877

Alpen Burs Coltene Whaledent 800-221-3046

Impression Materials

Exalence VPES GC America 800-323-7063

Affinis Coltene Whaledent 800-221-3046

Kromofaza Alginate Singles Dux Dental Dental Suppliers

Composite Resins

Kalore GC America 800-323-7063

Synergy D6 Coltene Whaledent 800-221-3046

Self Etching Bonding Agents

G Bond GC America 800-323-7063

One Coat Bond 7.0 Coltene Whaledent 800-221-3046

Curing Lights

Flashmax Golden Misch 877-987-2284

Tell the representative you attended Dr. Malcmacher’s lecture for meeting special!

The Best Hard and Soft Tissue Laser for every Dental Practice

Powerlase AT Lares Research 888-333-8440

Clinical Organization

Peelvue Dux Dental Dental Suppliers

Trays and Tray Organizers Dux Dental Dental Suppliers

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Botox and Dermal Filler Training for Every Dental Practice

Go to www.commonsensedentistry.com for our latest schedule of the # 1 live patient hands-on training given by the faculty of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics www.facialesthetics.org

First Dental DVD on Botox and Dermal Filler Training for Every Dental Practice

Botox and Dermal Fillers for Total Facial Esthetics – watch over the shoulder treatment performed by Dr. Malcmacher – www.commonsensedentistry.com

Patient Take Home Whitening
Crest Whitestrips Proctor and Gamble 800-447-4865

Tres White Ultradent 800-552-5512

Eugenol Free Temporary Cement for bonding applications

Zone Dux Dental Dental Suppliers

New Patients Referral and Marketing Programs

1-800-DENTIST 800-222-9633

Lead Free Apron

XenoLite Dux Dental Dental Suppliers

Best Patient Financing

CareCredit Carecredit 800-859-9975

The Best Patient newsletters and keeping in touch with your patients

Patient Activator powered by 1-800-DENTIST 800-518-6675
Building The Best Dental Team Ever! Audio CD Training

Big Case Acceptance Success! Learn how to get patients to go ahead today!

Dr. Louis Malcmacher www.commonsensedentistry.com

One Minute Extractions – The Best Extractions Forceps Ever!

Physics Forceps Golden Misch 877-987-2284

Tell the representative you attended Dr. Malcmacher’s lecture for meeting special!

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Best Esthetic Website for your Office

Prosites – free test drive and discounts at www.prosites.com/smile

Best Composite Resin Matrix System for Posterior Proximal Contacts

V3 Ring System Triodent 800-811-3949

Oral Care

Oral B Laboratories Oral B 800-44 ORALB

Crest Pro Health Proctor and Gamble 800-447-4865

Best Inlays/Onlays system

Biomimetic Inlay System Dr. Lorin Berland 214 999 0110

www.oralcancerselfexam.com a very important website that teaches consumers how to do a self examination for oral cancer


www.dentaltown.com Message boards, and more

www.dentalcare.com One of the best free resources in dentistry

www.goaskfred.com Free dental marketing advice

www.denturewearers.com All you and your patients need to know about dentures
Go to our website and sign up for email updates, free downloads, botox and dermal filler training for dentists, the Building The Best Dental Team Ever series, Big Case Acceptance Success! and other audio CD’s to explode your practice. Go to www.commonsensedentistry.com for more information.
Dr. Louis Malcmacher email dryowza@mail.com

David Malcmacher Executive Director dymaltz@yahoo.com

Common Sense Dentistry

4298 University Parkway, University Heights, Ohio 44118 800-952-0521

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