Guide to Nevada’s Aurora

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[From the book An 1864 Directory and Guide to Nevada’s Aurora by Clifford Alpheus Shaw. Each resident’s name is followed by a source abbreviation in parentheses that is keyed to a list of references at the end of this document.]


Ackley, George H. (P61); (E62); carpenter (R62).

Adams, G. (R63)

Adams, J. M. (M61)

Adams, Moses (R63)

Adams, Otis (R63); blacksmith shop in Willow Gulch (M62).

Addens, John house on Mono St. (M62).

Adkins, E. P. (M61)

Aitkin, R. A. (R63)

Ake, Sam (“Chinaman”) house on Humphrey lot on Esmeralda St. (E64).

Albright, T. J. (R62)

Aldrich, A. D. (M61)

Alexander, W. (R63)

Allan, Chas. E. (M61)

Allen, A. D. (P61); (E62); miner (R62); (M61); mortgage from Sam Davis (E64), First Lieutenant of the Esmeralda Rangers (G84), elected to the Territorial House of Representatives on 9/3/62 (N81).

Allen, George F. (M61); (R63).

Allen, H. F. (P61); (R62); (R63); (M62); (M61).

Allen, H. S. (M61); (P61); (R62); (M62); lot on E side of Silver (E64).

Allen, H. W. (P61); (M61).

Allen, R. N. (R63)

Allen, S. (R63)

Allison, W. D. (R63) jewler from New York.

Alliston, O (M61)

Alt, George (R62) [may be same as Ault, George]

Alvison, Albert (R63)

Amsler, Jacob (R62) miner; (M62); (M61); proprietor Orleans restaurant on E side of Antelope (E64); eating house (tax1864).

Ancin, John (M61)

Anderson, C. S. (M61)

Anderson, O. (M61)

Anderson, P. (R62)

Angeles, Chris lot and cabin on E side of Winnemucca (E64).

Angiers, Chris lots in Aurora (M62).

Anis, A. (R62)

Archer, J (M61)

Archibald, J. [spelled Archbald, James in (R63) and Archbold, J. in (M61)] (R62); lot on E side of Winnemucca (E64).

Archibald, James (P61)

Armstrong, A. S. (M61)

Armstrong, Chas. D. (M62)

Armstrong, J. A. broker in mining stocks, owner of Pioneer Bookstore in P. O. Bldg. (E64).

Arnold, Chas. (R63); C.H. (P61); (M61); (M62); (E62); (R62).

Arnold, W. A. (R63)

Arnold, W. B. (R63)

Arnold, W. F. (P61); (R62).

Arnott, S. G. (M61)

Ash, Fred (R63)

Asham, M.B. (R63); (M62).

Ashburn, D. (M61)

Aspen, Louis (M61)

Atkins, E. D. (R62)

Atkins, E. P. superintendent Antelope Mill (R63).

Atkinson, J. W. (R63)

Atwood, Thos. (R63)

Ault, A. J. stable on N. side of Spring between Blasauf lot and Bodie Stable (E64).

Ault, George [may be same as Alt, George] (M62); (M61); partner with Ault, A. J. (E64).

Austin, A. (M62)

Angine, C. (R62)

Angus, C. (R63); (M61).

Austin, G. L. (R63); works for the Wide West Mining Co. (E64)

Averil, A. (P61); or spelled Averill, A. (R62)

Aylward, Jas. (R63); (M62).


Bacigalupi, Gaitano “Italian Jim” (G84).

Bacon, E. M. M.D. (R63); lot on NW corner of Court and Aurora (E64).

Badgely (N81); (G84).

Bailey, G. W. (R63); appointed sheriff after Scott was killed by Indians (N81) (G84); on the Cotillion Part committee (T63).

Bailey, W. P. (M61)

Baker, A. (P61); (R62)

Baker, F. (M61); (M61); miner (R62).

Baker, F. A. (R63); four lots in town (E64).

Baker, Frank (P61); lot on W side of Antelope (E64).

Baker, J. (R62)

Baker, John (M61)

Baker, S. (R62)

Baker, Sam. (M61)

Baker, Samuel (P61)

Baker, W. (R63)

Baldwin, Judge Alexander Mono Co. Court Judge, held dual court with Turner (N81) (G84).

Baldwin, Wm. (R63)

Baling, M. L. (R62)

Ball, S. M. (R62); (M62).

Ball, Wm. H. (R63); adobe house on lot on E. side of Esmeralda (E64); house on Silver & Aurora Streets (M62).

Ballew, C. W. (R63)

Bane, Wm. (R63)

Banner, Anthony (R63)

Bannister, [or spelled Banister in (M61)] John (P61); (E62); miner (R62); (R63); (M62); barbershop on SW corner of Pine and Silver (E64).

Barber, A. J. (R63); wood bldg on alley E. side of Silver (E64).

Barber, Jos. (R63)

Barbien, Joe brickyard and adobe house on E. side of Cottonwood gulch (E64).

Barclay, Capt. W. R. lot on SE corner of Pine and Silver (M62).

Barclay, Geo. R. (M61)

Barger, Samuel (E62); (R62)

Barker, Edw. D. (P61); (M61); (R62); (R63); (M62); four lots in town (E64); on the Cotillion Party Committee (T63).

Barker, F. A. lot on E side of Antelope W of Esmeralda (E64).

Barkwaltor, Daniel (P61)

Barlow, Richard “Centre Meat Market” on Antelope behind Armory Hall (E64); butcher (tax1864).

Barlow, Wm. (R63)

Barman, A. tobacco shop in Steiner’s saloon (E64).

Barman, J. (R63)

Barman, J. P. (R63)

Barnell, Jno. (R63)

Barnes, Charles W. (R63); cabin E side of Roman, lot on W side of Mono (E64).

Barnett, S. D. (M61)

Barnett, W. H. (P61); (M61).

Barnill, Wm. (R63)

Barns, F lot on W side of Winnemucca (E64).

Barnum, P. cigars in Steiner saloon in Wingate brick bldg (E64).

Barstow, W. H. (M61)

Barten, I. P. (R63)

Barton, Jake (P61)

Basasid, F. (M61)

Batchelder, N. (R63)

Baughton, G. W. (P61)

Baum, David A. (R63); Postmaster (E64).

Bawden, J. A. (P61)

Bayer, T. A. (M61)

Bayer, Theo. [or Thos. per (M61)] (R63).

Bean, William (R63)

Beardsell, Luke (R63) [may be same as Birdsall, Luke]

Beardsley, B. miner (R62)

Beardsley, C. L. (M62)

Beardsley, R. (M61)

Beasley, T. (or F.?) M. (R62); (M61).

Bechtel, Frederick. K. (M61); (P61); (M62); 2nd Lieutenant (E62); Justice of the Peace (R62); Notary Public (R63); conveyancer (T63); Bee Hive Saloon on NE corner Pine and Antelope (E64); (G84); (tax1864).

Becker, H. L. (M61); (P61); (R62).

Beckitt, H. D. miner (R62)

Begnette, A. H. (R63)

Begole, C. D. (M61)

Beguette (spp?) H. D. (M61)

Beldon, H. (R62)

Beliner?, W. (or H.) clothing in Sam Davis bldg on W. side of Antelope (E64).

Bell, A. (R62)

Bell, A. Y. (M61)

Bell, Aaron (P61)

Bell, Alexander (P61); (M61); (R62).

Bell, R. (M61)

Bell, Robert (R63), house and lot on S. side of Antelope & house and lot on N side Del Monte, lot and house on S side of Aurora (E64).

Bell, S. H. (R63)

Bell, T. J. (M61)

Bell, William H. (R63); house & lot on E side of Esmeralda (E64).

Bellinger, J. owned Barnum Hotel located over the Washington Baths on Antelope (E64).

Bellow, H. (P61)

Bender, Jno. C. (R63)

Bennel, John lot E of M. Myers lot (E64).

Bennett, Captain (R63)

Bennett, T. (R62)

Bennett, Thomas (M61); (P61).

Benschoten, W.M. (P61); (M61); (R62).

Benson, G. (M61)

Bentley, H. R. (R62)

Benton, A. P. (P61); (R62); (M61)

Benton, S. S. (P61); carpenter (R62)

Benway, Charles (R63)

Berg, B. (R63)

Berg, E. (R63); Excelsior Book Store in Caro, Galland & Co. store on NW corner Pine and Antelope (E64); (tax1864).

Berger, S. (M61)

Berger, Samuel (M62)

Berk, P. (R62)

Berliner (or Bellinger), J. (R63), lodging house furniture over Washington Baths (E64).

Berliner, A (or H. ?) clothing store in Wingate’s bldg on NE corner of Pine and Antelope (E64).

Berry, James (tax1864).

Berry, Margaret (R63)

Best, John B. (M61); (P61); (R62); (R63); (M62); house and lot on N side of Wide West (E64).

Bick, Valentine (R63); proprietor of Barnum Restaurant (T63); eating house (tax1864).

Bigelow, Dennis (M61); (P61); miner (R62); (M62); wood bldg on lot on S. side Pine, E. of Court (E64).

Bigelow, E. F. (R63)

Biggs, John (R63)

Bigsby, H. G. (P61); (M62).

Bilinas store on NE corner of Pine and Silver (E64).

Bill, Robert (M62)

Billings, W. (R62)

Billows, H. (M61)

Bimker, T. C. (M61)

Bird, B. B. liquors, lodging furniture in Herbert House, N. side of Pine, W. of Antelope (E64).

Birdsall, Luke (R63) [may be same as Beardsell, Luke]

Bishop, S. A. (M62)

Black, James V. (R63), lot on N side of Del Monte between Antelope and Winnemucca (E64); secretary Davenport G&SMCo.

Blackman, D. (P61)

Blackman, I. (M61); lot on the W side of N Antelope (E64).

Blackman, J. F. (M61); (R63).

Blackman, J. T. (P61); (R62).

Blackman, S. (R63)

Blackwell, E. H. (R63); cabin and lot on N. side of Wide West (E64).

Blake, C. C. (R63)

Blanchard, Charles (R63)

Blanchard, J. B. (R63), six lots in town (E64).

Blaney, B. D. (R63); wooden house on lot on NE corner of Court and Del Monte (E64).

Blaney (?), Mrs M. eating house (tax1864).

Blasauf (Blasif), Jno. (R63); brick house and brick “City Brewery” on N Side of Spring (E64); brewer (tax1864).

Blayin, P. miner (R62)

Blazier, Phillip (P61)

Blethin, A. G. (R63)

Blethin, H. A. (R63)

Bliven, Franklin in Bell’s House on Del Monte St. (E64).

Blivin, C. (R63)

Blondin, Abraham (R63)

Bloomingdale, N merchandise in Preble & Devoe’s bldg. on Pine & Silver (E64); (tax1864).

Boat, (Baab?), Elmer (P61)

Boatwright, W. (P61); (E62).

Bodell, J. (R62)

Bodine, A. (M61)

Bodine, A. H. (R63)

Bodine, J. A. (R62)

Bodle, John L. (R63); (M62); (M61); three houses on lot on N. side of Wide West (E64).

Boggs, G. H. (R63)

Boggs, J. M. (P61); (R62); (M61).

Boggs, T. W. (M61)

Boler, William (R63)

Bolinger, A. (M61)

Bolt, W. H. lot between Esmeralda and Silver (E64).

Bolton, ? (M61)

Bond, Cal. (R63)

Bond, H. E. (M61)

Bond, J. M. (R63)

Booker, Isaiah (R63)

Boonershin, J. (R62)

Booth, Geo. (R63)

Booth, James wooden bldg on lot on N. side of Pine (E64).

Booth, N. (P61)

Boothe, J. N. (M61); (M62).

Boring, Wm. M. [or H. in (R63)] (M61); attorney-at-law (R62); attorney with Hayden on Silver (T63) Justice of the Peace, elected Probate Judge on 9/7/64 (N81); on the Cotillion Party Committee (T63).

Bornemann, W. C. & Co. Brokers (R63).

Boston, Geo. E. (M62)

Botsford, R. M. (M61)

Boughton, G. W. (M61), (R62).

Bowell, J. M. (R63)

Bowman, J. S. (R62); (M61); lot on N side of Aurora (E64).

Boyle, B. (R63)

Boyle, John (P61); (R62)

Boyle, Patrick (R63)

Boyle, T. works for the Wide West Mining Co. (E64).

Brackett, John B. (R63)

Bradford, G. S. (R63)

Bradford, J. B. & Bros. (R63); (T63); lot on W side of Silver, and Bradford’s Store (aka City Meat Market) on N side of Pine, and house E side of Mono (E64); Notary Public (T63); butcher (tax1864).

Bradford, William H. (or B) (R63); butcher (tax1864).

Bradley, George (R63); house on E side of Silver (E64).

Bradley, James house on N. side of Pine (E64).

Brady, G. (P61);(R62).

Brady, George (R63); board house on lot on E. side of Silver (E64).

Brady, John B. (P61); (R62); house on N side of Pine (E64).

Brady, Thom. (M62)

Braly, James M. (M61), (G84), (N81) [Braley per (P61)]; ex-recorder (R62); one of the founders of the Esmeralda Mining District on August 25, 1860 (G84); lot on Silver (M62).

Bramley, Dr. (R63)

Brenham, O. S. (R63)

Brewster, John (R63)

Brickweder, J. (R63)

Brigby, J. C. (M61)

Brill, W. S. (R63)

Brimhall?, J. A. barn and hay on N side of Bodea [Bodie] Gulch W of Gibbons mill (E64).

Britell, C. K works for the Wide West Mining Company (E64).

Britton, E. (M61)

Brock, Daniel (R63)

Brockman, Moses killed Carder (G84).

Brodie, T. mill owner (R62)

Bronson, A. (M61); (R63).

Brooks, W. E. (R63)

Brookwalter, D. (M61)

Brown, Alexander (R62)

Brown, C. J. (P61); (E62); (R62); (M62).

Brown, Charles (R63)

Brown, David (M61)

Brown, E. C. (M61); (P61); (R62)

Brown, H. R. (M61); (R62).

Brown, J. B. [Broun per P61]; (R62).

Brown, J. H. (R63); brick cabin on E side of Silver (E64).

Brown, J. M. (M61)

Brown, Ja. (M61)

Brown, John (P61)

Brown, L. A. stock broker (M62); (M61).

Brown, T. N. (R63)

Brown, W. B. C. (M61)

Brown, Z. A. (R62)

Bryant, William works at Winter’s Mill (E64).

Bryfoger, C. C. (M61)

Buckalaw, Mrs. cabin on lot on S. side of Aurora (E64).

Bucke, James (M62)

Buckely, Ed (R63)

Buckingham, John (R63).

Buckley, William member of Daly gang hung at Aurora on 2/9/64 (N81) (G84).

Bugbee, J. C. (R62)

Bullpit, Wm. [or spelled Bullpiet in (E64)] (M61); (M62).

Bulwer, A. J. (R62)

Bummerskin, J. H. (E62)

Bunker, D. C. (R62)

Bunker, T. C. (P61)

Bunt, James (R63)

Burgess, W. H.(or E.) ranch on E Walker River (E64); appointed County Commissioner on 4/5/64 but later rejected (N81).

Burke, [or spelled Burk (M61)] B. (P61).

Burke, Charles (R63)

Burkes, Samuel (P61)

Burnett, N. (R63); Burnett & Co. wood house and lot on W. side of Silver (E64).

Burnett, S. D. (P61); (R62)

Burnett, W. H. (R62)

Burnham, W. L.

Burns, Jno. (R63)

Burns, Jno. W. (R63)

Burrill, John works at Winter’s Mill (E64).

Burrill, William works at Winter’s Mill (E64).

Burt, F. H. (M61); (P61); (E62).

Burt, P. H. (R63); or T. H. per (M62); of Burt & Dorn who owned Union Meat Market on W side of Antelope (E64); (tax1864).

Burt, T. F. (R62)

Burton, John (R62); (M62).

Burton, W. (M61)

Bussell, A. J. (R63)

Buster, H. C. (R63); lot NE corner Cedar and Winnemucca (E64).

Butler ? cabin on N side of Spring (E64).

Butler, C. W. (R63)

Butler, Charles (R63)

Butler, William (or Wilson) J. (R63); in Towles blacksmith shop at SW corner Pine & Winnemucca (E64).

Butterfield, O. (M61); (P61); miner (R62); (M62).

Byers, Joseph M. (M61); (P61); (R62); (R63); (M62).

Byrne, L. (R63)

Byron, A. L. (M61); (E62).


Cable, S. D. (M62)

Cadame, Madame Clara saloon E of Bradford’s store (E64).

Cady, H. C. (M61)

Caffery, Peter (P61); (R62); (R63).

Caffrey, R. (M61)

Calaghan, D. R. (M61)

Calahan, W. (M61)

Calcott, W. (M61)

Calder, Joseph (or Jas.) W. (M61); (P61); (E62); (R62), of Rhodes & Co. hardware store on S. side of Pine (E64); elected to the Territorial House of Representatives on 9/3/62, elected Territorial Representative 9/2/63 (N81); formed Company F, Nevada Volunteers (G84).

Calderwood, A. (M61)

Caldwell, J. A. (R62)

Caldwell, W. J. (R63); East Walker River Ranch (E64).

Calisher, J. (R63)

Calkins, W. (R62)

Callahan, D. R. (R62)

Callen, C. (R63)

Calley, L. D. (R62)

Callman, T. (R62)

Calrick, W. H. (R62)

Calvin, C. works for the Wide West Mining Co. (E64).

Calvin, John board house N side of Spring west of Parker’s lot (E64).

Cameron, I. B. (P61); (R62).

Cameron, J. B. (M61); (R63); (M62); cabin and lot on S side of Wide West and N side of Aurora (E64).

Campbell, G. E. (E62)

Campbell, J. C. (M62)

Campbell, John E. (M61); (P61); (M62); (G84); cabin S side of Aurora and two wood bldg (E64); was killed by H.T. Parlin on 6/6/64 (N81).

Campbell, Mrs. H. C. (?) now Mrs Craigore or Carnigue (E64).

Campbell, R. B. (P61); blacksmith (R62); (M61).

Campbell, W. B. (M61); (P61); (R62); (M62).

Canfield, J. G. 12/31/63 Aurora Daily Times; (tax1864)

Canley, W. works for Wide West Mining Co. (E64).

Cannon, J. works for Wide West Mining Co. (E64).

Caothers, J. S. (R63)

Carberry, Thomas “Irish Tom” (G84)

Card, W. S. (M61)

Carder, Annie wife of William Carder (G84).

Carder, William E. infamous gunfighter, candidate for Marshall of Aurora (T63); killed in Aurora on 12/10/64 and buried in Aurora cemetery (G84).

Cardinell, Chas. owned dancing academy that opened during November 1864 in brick bldg on E side of Antelope (E64).

Carl, W. S. (P61); miner (R62).

Carleigh, J. (P61)

Carlyle, S. S. (R63)

Carnigue, Miss Hattie (formerly Mrs. H. C. Campbell) house on Mays property E side Winnemucca (E64).

Carpenter, Geo. W. (R63)

Carpenter, N. T. (P61); (M61).

Carpentier, N. F. miner (R62)

Carr, J. (R62)

Carran?, Hugh shoemaker’s shop in tent on W. side of Silver near Pine (E64).

Carrick, J. (M61)

Carrick, W. (M61)

Carrol, Wilson (P61)

Carroll, Jas. (P61)

Carroll, Martin (R63); two wood bldgs on E side of Winnemucca (E64).

Carroll, W. (M61)

Carroll, William (M62)

Carson, Adelaide “Kit” Daly Gang favorite (G84).

Carter, E. W. (R62)

Carter, John L. (M62)

Carter, John miner (R63)

Carter, John S. (R63)

Carter, Sol. (R63); Carter & Crocker wood store on E side of Antelope, two other lots (E64); retail dealer (tax1864).

Caruthers, William M. (P61); (R62); (M62); (M61).

Case, G. W. (R63); (E64)

Cash, M. (R63)

Cassidy, M works at Winter’s Mill (E64).

Cassidy. J. (R63)

Castor, J. W. (M61)

Castro, Nicholas (M62); house used as fruit store on N side of Pine (E64); retail dealer in liquors (tax1864).

Causland, D. M. (M61)

Center, M. (P61); constable (R62); (G84)

Centswig, D. (R62)

Chamberlain, A. (R63)

Chamberlin, H. M. lot with Parker on N side of Spring (E64).

Chamblin, M. R. (R63) M.D.

Champlin, J. F. (R63)

Chansen, C. at Hurdy Gurdy dance house (E64).

Chapin, E. W. (R63); owner of Exchange Saloon on SE corner Pine and Antelope (E64).

Chapin, G. S. (M61); saloon keeper (R62); 4th Sergeant (E62).

Chapin, Thomas R. superintendent of an Aurora Sunday school (G84).

Charles, A. B. (M61); (P61); (R62).

Chase, G. W. two wood houses SE corner of Cedar and Antelope (E64).

Chase, Isaac (R63)

Chase, R. A. (R63)

Chase, Stephen H. (R62); (R63); (G84); attorney; elected Prosecuting Attorney on 9/7/64 (N81). Born in Fryeberg, ME in 1813, Served as District Judge until 1869.

Chatterton, J. W. (R63); with Parlin owned “old Hurdy Gurdy dance house” on NW corner Juniper and Silver (E64); City Marshall of Aurora (T63); lawyer (tax1864).

Chaurne, Delos (P61)

Chick, G. W. (M62)

Childs, B. (M62)

Childs, J. A. (R62); cabin NE corner of Aurora & Winnemucca (E64).

Childs, R. H. (R63)

Chism, George C. (M61); (M62); carpenter on N side of Pine west of Court (E64).

Chole, Thomas adobe house on W. side of Silver (E64).

Chord, J. (P61); attorney, etc. (R62).

Chord, W. S. (R62)

Chorpenning, Dr. F. (M61); (R62); (M62); was acting Assistant Surgeon for Capt Rowe and was killed by Wm. Pooler on 7/28/62 (N81), (G84).

Chu Wing (Chinaman?) household of furniture and store on S. side of Pine east of Assay office (E64).

Church, D. W. (M61)

Church, G. L. (M61); (R62); (R63); elected Esmeralda County Recorder on 9/7/64 (N81).

Clanson, George (R62)

Clara, Madame Clara’s Saloon on N side of Pine east of Bradford’s store (E64).

Clark, A. (M61); (R62); toll road opposite Moses Mill (M62).

Clark, A. C. (R62)

Clark, Alex (P61)

Clark, Andrew (M61); (P61).

Clark, Dan’l (R63)

Clark, F. M. (M61)

Clark, G. W. wood house NE corner Sage and Antelope (E64).

Clark, James (P61)

Clark, Thomas (P61); (R62); (M62); (M61).

Clarke, Alex (R63)

Clarke, T. W. (R63)

Clayton, J. C. lot on NW corner of Silver & Aurora (M62).

Clayton, Joshua Elliot (M61); (E62); mining engineer, owned stamp mill at Aurora.

Cleaver [or spelled Cleever per (M61)], C. (R63).

Clemens, Samuel L. [or Mark Twain] miner who lived in various cabins on Spring Street from April to September, 1862 (G84).

Clemens, W. J. (R62)

Clement, B. (M61); (M62).

Clements, S. B. aged 52 years, stone store bldg occupied by Kaech & Co. on SE corner Aurora & Antelope, and one garden of 25 acres on Turkey Hill (E64).

Clemmens, Anthony miner (E64).

Clerk, T. S. (R63)

Clough, W. H. (P61)

Coates, N. (M61)

Cobb, L. D. brick house on SE corner Aurora and Winnemucca (E64).

Cobb, S. D. (M61)

Cobb, S. G. lumberman (R62); (R63).

Cobb, W. A. B. hotel owner (tax1864).

Cobb, Sylvanas (P61)

Coburn, N. F. (M61); (P61).

Cochrane, [spelled Cochran, Thomas (M62)] Thomas (P61); (R62).

Coddington, Joe J. (E62); elected Nevada Territory Councilman on 9/2/63 (N81); floor manager for the Cotillion Party Committee (T63).

Coe, Robert (R63)

Coff, S. D. (R63)

Coff, S. G. (R63)

Coffee, Geo W. (R63); (T63); Union Foundry N side of Spring, and residence N of mill (E64); manufacturers (tax1864).

Coffee, John (M61); (R62).

Cohn, J. (or D.?) (R63) of Cohn & Co. cigar & fruit store in Parker’s bldg on E side of Antelope (E64); (tax1864).

Coland, Daniel (M62)

Colby, H. S. (M61)

Colby, L. D. (P61); (R63); lot on N side of Wide West east of Richardson (E64).

Colcord, Roswell K. former Governor of Nevada (G84). (see Marden, Horace)

Colden, J. W. (R63)

Cole, J. (M61)

Cole, J. J. (R62)

Cole, R. (P61)

Cole, Robert (R62)

Coleman (spp?) B. H. (M61)

Coleman, Thos. (R63); (G84).

Colen, T. (M61); (R63).

Colerich, W. H. (P61)

Coll, J. H. (R63)

Collard, Geo. (R63)

Collett, Wm. (M61)

Collier, Robert (R63)

Collins, C. (M61); (P61).

Collins, Charles F. Dr. (R63); physician and owner of Pioneer Drug Store on Antelope St. (T63); apothecary (tax1864).

Collins, D. (M61)

Colman, T. (P61)

Comstock, Peter B. (R63); elected Representative on 9/7/64 (N81).

Conklin, L. (M61); (P61); (R62); (R63); house and lot on E side of Winnemucca (E64).

Conley, A. (M61)

Conley, Wm. (R63); works for the Wide West Mining Co.

Connell, M. boardinghouse on lot 4, block W (E64).

Connelly, M. miner (R62)

Connelly, Martin (R63)

Connelly, Mitch (P61)

Connelly, W. (M61); miner (R62).

Conner, Edward (R63)

Conner, Franklin house on N side of Wide West (E64).

Conner, Henry half interest in saloon W of Bradford’s store on N side of Pine (E64).

Conner, J. (R62); (E64).

Conner, J. J. (M61).

Conner, Jas. (P61)

Conner, John (R63)

Conner, John J. (P61); (R62); (R63); works for the Wide West Mining Co. (E64).

Conner, O. M. (R62)

Connolly, M. (R63)

Connor, Franklin (R63); (E64)

Connor, Jerry (?) half interest in liquor store on N side of Pine (E64); liquors (tax1864).

Connough, J. (R62)

Converse, O. M. partner with Horton in Fashion Stable (T63).

Conway, Mich. (R63)

Cook, J. W. (P61); (R62).

Cook, J. W. (R62)

Cook, T. A. (M61); (P61); (R62); (G84).

Cook, T. A. (R62)

Cook, V (?). B. house on Blanchard’s lot, E side of Court (E64).

Cook, V, B. house and oxen on Blanchard’s lot on E side of Court (E64).

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