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are now required for PreK/Kindergarten entry and Grades 2, 7 and 12

Bring documentation of dental examination to school prior to starting each grade level listed.

2015/16 PreK and Kindergarten

2016/17 Grade 2

2017/18 Grade 7

2018/19 Grade 12


Morgan County Schools

David Banks, Superintendent

Kristen Tuttle, Asst. Supt.

247 Harrison Avenue

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Telephone: (304) 258-2430

Fax: (304) 258-9146

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Board of Education

David Ambrose, President

Aaron Close, Vice President

John Rowland

Laura Smith

Patricia Springer

School Entry Dental Examination Requirements for Second Grade
Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

Children with healthy teeth live longer, have more productive lives and higher self-esteem. The oral health of your child is important to ensure their school success, health and happiness. Please work with your Dentist and school to make sure your child has a healthy smile and great life!

Beginning in the 2016/2017 school year, students entering Second grade are required to show proof of a dental examination prior to entry into school.
The dental examination should:
• Be completed within one year of the date of pre-enrollment or at the time of enrollment. There will be a grace period of 45 days from enrollment (first day of class) for students to provide proof of the completed dental examination.

• Provide proof that the student completed a dental examination within the last 12 months at the time of enrollment. Your school may provide a form to document a student dental examination or the Dentist may have their own form which should include at a minimum, the date when the exam was given and the Dentist's signature.

If your child is enrolled in Medicaid, CHIP, or any other dental insurance plan, the exam will be paid for by them. If your child needs insurance, please visit WVinRoads at h see if you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. If your child has already received their dental examination, please ask your child's Dentist to provide you with proof in the form of the date when the exam was given and the Dentist's signature. In order for the school to assist with follow-up care coordination with your Dentist, it would be beneficial if the information indicated need for additional dental work.
If you have any questions about the requirements, need assistance with finding a dentist or coverage for exam cost please contact the school nurse.

For more information, please contact:

Kristie L. Randall

Director of Health Services

304-258-2430 extension 31

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