Full arch wear

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Worn teeth

Teeth can wear prematurely for a number of reasons including attrition, erosion, abrasion and abfraction. Wear patterns can help determine the cause of the wear. If possible, it is important to determine the etiology of the wear, as it influences treatment choices and prognosis. Before deciding upon a course of treatment, a number of questions must be answered. They are the following:

  1. Are all teeth wearing or are only certain teeth wearing?

Full arch wear

If all teeth show signs of wear then the patient most likely has lost vertical dimension which is the distance between a person’s nose and their chin when their teeth are together as depicted as the distance “A” in the following diagram.

A pleasing facial proportion is when the distance from the hair-line to eyebrow, the distance from eyebrow to tip of nose and the distance from the tip of nose to chin are the same.

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