Exclusively Available to the Aesthetic Professional: Christina-Cosmeceuticals Launches in the us

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Exclusively Available to the Aesthetic Professional:

Christina-Cosmeceuticals Launches in the US
January 2011—Christina, the Israeli-based professional cosmeceutical in-cabine treatment and home care collection that combines a classic European approach with clinically proven scientific ingredients is now available to the US professional aesthetician. Introducing seven multi-stage treatments, creator Christina Zehavi and her team of world class scientists have worked together to offer synergy between in-cabine treatments and at-home treatment products.
“I am thrilled to be able to bring to the US professional a brand that combines clinical and scientifically based efficacy with a great traditional aesthetic foundation. Christina is the brand that everyone wishes they could create. Building on almost thirty years of working hand-in-hand with professional aestheticians throughout the world, Christina is a trusted friend and partner for aestheticians worldwide. For me, as a founder of DDF, Christina is a natural next step in both the science and esthetics of professional skincare.,” says Joe Contorno, President and CEO of Christina USA.
Originating in Israel in 1982, Christina is internationally-renowned for the integration of effective cosmeceuticals and traditional spa treatments and is available in countries where aesthetics remains a “true art.” Addressing both internal and external causes Christina skincare targets each skin concern with holistic scientific in-cabine treatments and home care products. The result is skin that is healthy and clear with the look and feel of youth.
Organized by skin concern/condition, the Christina collection offers seven multi-stage professional treatments accompanied by a selection of home care to enhance in-cabine results. The collection includes:

  • Unstress: For all ages, this treatment line addresses redness, irritation and puffiness with a complex of natural ingredients that can be used even by the most sensitive of skin.

  • Forever Young: Preventative and restorative skincare to help retain that youthful glow and young appearance lost through the aging process as well as environmental damage.

  • Wish: Using advanced scientific ingredients known to slow the aging process and help to repair damage, resulting in restoring the look of younger skin texture and radiance.

  • Silk: For those needing advanced skin treatments Silk works to help lift and firm skin for immediate visible results.

  • FluorOxygen+C: A triplex formulation that reverses the signs of environmental sun damage and the resulting hyper-pigmentation so common on face and décolletage.

  • Comodex: For combination as well as oily or blemished skin, helps prevent and "heal" damage.

  • Rose de Mer: A powerful resurfacing peel used alone for refining skin texture or in combination with any of the other Christina skincare treatments. Can be adjusted and adapted for all skin types as well as conditions from mild to deeper peel results.

Christina offers companion home care collections designed to enhance the professional treatments and help maintain results. Each collection has its own distinct packaging and clearly communicates use and key ingredients for easy consumer reference.

Zehavi is committed to supporting the aesthetic professional offering Christina-Cosmecutical workshops which are sought world-wide for their hands-on training and in-depth educational seminars. A collection of training DVDs are also available for continued education and promotional in salon use.
For additional information, please visit www.christina-cosmeceuticals.com cosmeceuticals

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