East Midlands Orienteering Association Executive Committee Meeting – 27 January 2014

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East Midlands Orienteering Association Executive Committee Meeting – 27 January 2014

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Present: Mike Gardner (DVO), Bob Haskins (LEI), John Hurley (DVO), Ranald Macdonald (DVO), Viv Macdonald (DVO), Hilary Palmer (NOC), Chris Phillips (LEI), Amanda Roberts (LOG), Mark Webster (NOC), Ursula Williamson (LEI) and John Woodall (NOC).


Apologies for Absence: Received from Paul Beresford (NOC), Judith Holt (DVO), Dave Olivant (NOC) and Pauline Olivant (NOC).


Minute taker: Mike Gardner took the minutes.


Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 13th October 2013 – The minutes were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.


Website version of minutes – to be published as is.

Mike Gardner to inform webmaster


Actions Outstanding from previous minutes

4 –Ranald verified that the standing orders were available on the EMOA website

5 – Viv sent out the Monitoring Report in an appropriate format

6a – Ranald updated the Development Plan and sent it out. He also made sure it was on the website.

6c – The Training & Development Day agenda was proposed and sent out

7 – John Woodall informed BO of change to Chair

8 - Ranald discussed change of Lindop with DVO but for CSC had to remain on 23rd Feb

8 - Pauline had got confirmation that NOC would host YB Heat at Thieves Wood.

8 – WM are running their own urban league and not interested in merging with EMOA at this stage

8 – Paul Beresford is happy to coordinate the Night League 2014-15.

8 – Ranald had limited response to his League proposals (see later minutes)

10 – EMEWS to be considered later in meeting

12 – John Woodall had booked room for next couple of sessions


Treasurer’s Report

Mark had emailed out the Treasurer’s Report prior to the meeting.

Mark also reported that he now had access on-line to the accounts.

Mark reported that his work provides professional indemnity insurance.



  1. Training & Development Day – The numbers so far are low so we need to publicise further. So far just have:

    1. Event Safety – 0

    2. Organiser – 0

    3. Mapper – 1

    4. Grade C Controller – 3

    5. Planning – 1

    6. Mentoring – 2

    7. Coaching - 0

  1. In terms of the Coaching course, Hilary provided an update on the status of coaching training. They are looking at making the training for coaches more accessible (more smaller workshops, mentoring). Level 2 can be achieved without level 1 if have some relevant experience. The coaching session in the Training & Development Day is intended to be a first running of this new type of training. Would like club reps to encourage attendance.

  2. It was agreed to send out a reminder via EMEWS distribution and a cut-off date for decision on the training will be 14th February

  3. The Planners and Controllers Day had a clash with the Footpath Relay. After looking for various alternatives the date of October 4th was identified. The location has been booked and Barry Elkington is available to lead a talk.

  4. Should we look to have a Training & Development Day every year? We did have a backlog and have now caught up so should we have them every 18months rather than every year. 18 months seemed a good compromise at this stage.

  5. Another thing to be looked at is creating a coaching day for across the region

  6. A question was asked as to whether EMOA should provide a First Aid course to support coaches? There is not any formal first aid training through BO as you can access this via your county. Some clubs who have first aiders are putting on their own courses which could be used by other clubs if required.

  7. Forthcoming Events & Activities

  1. Training & Development Day – Planned for 1st March 2014.

  2. Planners/Controllers Conference – Planned for 4th October 2014.

Action: Club Reps to get information on coaching out to club coaches.



No new correspondence has been received.



Paul has sent out East Midland events for rest of the year.

All the identified EM League for 2014 events are on the website.

The dates for CompassSport Cup are now up on the BO website for next 3 years. Next year NOC are hosting a round at Sherwood Pines on 15th March.

In the future it is likely that EAOA will not be able to host as many Midland Champs so may become more East Midlands and West Midlands with an odd EAOA event.
a. EMOA League 2013

All completed successfully.

  1. EMOA League 2014

There are 17 events identified on the EMOA website for this year’s league

  1. EMOA League - Future

Discussion took place on whether we should limit the number of events in the league in future. We want to encourage people to go to other club’s events and not just attend their own which they could do this year (for some clubs). It was agreed that next year the maximum each of the clubs can identify for the league would be 5. As LOG normally only have 2 or 3 this would still allow for 17 or 18 events (as this year) with still 8 to count, but would ensure that people had to travel to win the league.

  1. Urban League

The Urban League event at Southwell is no longer on, so NOC are looking at alternatives.

  1. Night League

Paul has agreed to co-ordinate the Night League for 2014/2015. Clubs to consider 2 night events for inclusion.
f. Future major Events in EMOA -

i) 6 April 2014 - East Midlands Champs at Cademan Woods (LEI) – Still trying to get a controller.

ii) 20 April 2014 JK Day 3 in South Wales (LEI) – JK going well. 2,000 entrants from 18 countries so far. We have 70+ EM volunteers but a few more would still be welcomed.

iii) 26 October 2014 Midland Championships at Longshaw Estate (DVO) – John Duckworth(DVO) is Planner, John Hurley(DVO) Assistant Planner and John Bennison (WRE) Controller.

iv) 27 Feb 2016 British Night Champs and 28 Feb 2016 Midlands Champs 2016 – LEI have agreed to Night Champs and this has been accepted and NOC will host Midland Champs.

v) 14 October 2017 British School Score?

  1. Yvette Baker -

A question was asked whether juniors were allowed to compete in a night event, the day before an Yvette Baker Trophy event is to take place on the same area? The committee felt that as the event was open and there is no formal area embargo for Yvette Baker Trophy events, and that the likelihood of any advantage was minimal, there would be no problem with juniors competing on the area on the night event before the day event.

  1. East Midland Score Champs -

NOC had proposed using Walesby in December for an East Midland Score Champs. EMOA would support the trialling of an EM Score Champs in line with the BO score guidelines. NOC are still considering whether Walesby is right area / event. If NOC go ahead will use as a trial. We want to encourage alternative forms of events.

  1. Clashes Between Level C and Level D Events -

LOG requested that we should propose avoiding clashes between Level C and Level D events within the regions.

After discussion it was agreed that we could not impose this restriction and that this should be left up to the Fixtures Secretaries at Club Level to resolve.



There were no reports received.


EMEWS: A brief discussion took place about whether we should continue to distribute EMEWS. It was felt that while we had someone willing to act as editor and it seemed to fulfill a need in providing a conduit for information going out to members from the region.

Mike stated the next EMEWS would go out after the March 24th meeting.

However, in order to get publicity out for the Training & Development Day Mike would send a refresher notice on this with input from Hilary on the Coaching part.

Mike to get next EMEWS out after next EMOA committee meeting and a notice to members on the Training & Development day at the start of February.


Any Other Business: Amanda Roberts stated she noted that the fees for LEI and NOC had now risen to £7. She wanted to know if this means all East Midlands Clubs should charge the same rate. The answer was No, each club can have a different rate but it happens that we all had the same rate for the last few years.


Dates and venues for future meetings:

All meetings to be held at the Pace Room, St Mary’s Church, Clifton Village, Nottinghamshire at 7.30pm. The next two meetings were on Monday 24 March 2014 and 30th June 2014. The EMOA AGM is scheduled for Monday 15th September.

John Woodall to book hall for future committee meetings.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

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