Doc Holliday Colors May 2016 Newsletter

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Doc Holliday Colors          May 2016 Newsletter

Here are a few newsy notes to keep you updated.

New Christmas Tree Mold


Our newest mold release is a 12" Christmas tree mold with a low profile round base. It is very similar to our 15" and 18" trees with just as excellent detail. As usual introductory specials are available for those interested. It is in production and available for shipping.



KP 1053 12" Tree                    retail $99.98

KP 1054 Low Profile Base        retail $19.98


*Dealer and Distributer Discounts available.


For those looking for easy to pour, excellent detailed trees, we now have a special for all of our Christmas Tree Molds with bases included. 


KP 1030 18" Tree                                            retail $139.98


KP 1031 18" Tree Base                                    retail $19.98


KP 1046 15" Tree                                            retail $119.98


KP 1047 15" Tree Base                                    retail $19.98


KP 1052 12" Tree                                            retail $99.98


KP 1053 12" Tree Base                                    retail $19.98


*Special pricing and discounts for dealers, distributors, and customers. Please call for more information. (859) 887 1427



Seminar Schedule


May 20-22, 2016 Mold Making Seminar with Doc Holliday Master Mold Maker James Adams. This class takes you from start to finish in the mold-making process. All materials are provided. Cost $399.00


July 25-29, 2016 This is a five day workshop on all aspects regarding different acrylic use and the specialty products in the Doc Holliday paint line. Also featured a Raku evening. Teacher is Bill Lyon. Cost $249.00


August 11-13, 2016 Mold Making Seminar with Master Mold Maker James Adams. This class takes you from start to finish in the mold-making process. For those retaking this class, add on and more complicated molds can be introduced to the process depending on students cost. Cost is $399.00


September 17-18, 2016 This class goes into wax cast as a step in the process of duplicating a mold that may not be replaceable in today's market. James Adams, Doc Holliday Master Mold Maker instructing. Cost $275.00


*As with all our seminars, a continental breakfast, lunch, materials, and drinks through the day are provided. 

*For particpants that are flying in, airport pick up/drop off and transportation to/from seminar and hotel will be provided. 


"How to Wet Brush" video by Shelley Long is available for immediate shipping. Cost $29.98 plus postage.


For the painting enthusiasts, a beautifully embroidered apron is available for immediate shipping. Cost 29.98 plus postage.


A second email blast will be coming in the next several days on our newest product "Soft Tones."



Quality Starts Here...


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