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Fill in the Blank Modeling Script Form

1. Descriptive phrase: Select a catchy descriptive phrase(s) that fits your outfit (or come up with your own!).

2. Type of clothing: Examples: A-line skirt, straight skirt, halter back, empire waist, capris, trouser leg pants, knit top, shrug, tailored, button down, long sleeve, Bermuda shorts, bolero jacket, sundress, wrap skirt.

3. Fabric content: Examples: cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, nylon, etc. Did you select your article because of the easy care attributes of the fabric, or will it need to be ironed?

4. Focal points: Determine any focal points in your outfit that you would like to call attention to., Examples: special pockets, buttons, ruffles, necklines, hems, split sleeves, cap sleeves, flounces, accessories, etc.

5. Finishing touches: Usually accessories – purse, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, belts.

Consider including:

6. Purpose/Where Worn: Think about why you chose to purchase or make this outfit. For what occasion? Think about where you plan to wear this outfit (or where you have already worn it). Examples: weddings, school, church, recitals, interviews, school events, etc.

7. What was learned: Decide if there is anything you learned while you were purchasing or making this outfit. Was there anything particularly difficult about making it? Did you have a favorite part of making or choosing it? Examples: learned to make buttonholes, learned to put in a zipper, learned to match plaids, learned to hand hem, learned about checking seams for matching plaids/stripes, learned to check stress points for solid construction.

8. Info about self: decide if there is anything else you would like to tell about yourself. Examples: your favorite project, hobbies, etc.

Sample A:

________________ is _____________________________ in this ______________________ she purchased/made

(Name) (Descriptive phrase) (Type of clothing)
for ___________________________________. Her _____________________ is made of (possible comment about

(Reason/event/purpose) (Type of clothing)

care) ____________________ that features _____________________. She has chosen to complete/accessorize

(Fabric content) (Focal points)

her outfit with ____________________________________. ___________________ is a _____ year member of the

(Accessories) (Name)

_________________________ 4-H Club.
Sample B

Looking/Wearing ________________________ is ________________________ a ___ year member of the

(Descriptive Phrase) (Name)
_____________________ 4-H Club! She is modeling a(n) _______________________ she selected/made for

(Type of clothing)

_______________________. The _____________________ features _________________________ and is made of

(Reason/Event/Purpose) (Type of clothing) (Focal points)

(possible care comment) ___________________. ________________ Completes her outfit with


Sample C:

Here comes ______________________________ wearing ____________________________________________. She

(Name) (Descriptive phrase) & (type of clothing)
selected this _______________________ made of (possible comment about care) __________________________

(Type of clothing) (Fabric content)

to wear for _______________________________. The _____________________ features ____________________

(Reason/event/purpose) (Type of clothing) (Focal points)

and ___________ has chosen to accessorize/complete it with ___________________________.

(Name) (Accessories)

Sample D:

___________________________________ is _____________________________ of the ___________________ 4-H Club

(Descriptive phrase) (Name)
in her ________________________ she purchased/made to wear to ________________________. The

(Type of clothing) (Reason/event/purpose)

__________________________ is made of (possible care comment) ______________________ and features

(Type of clothing) (fabric content)

________________________. ________________________ accessorizes/completes her outfit with

(Focal point) (Name)



Include one or more of the following at the end of your script:
She plans to wear (or has worn) her outfit/article to ____________________________________________.
Her favorite projects are ______________________________________.
______________ is a ____ year 4-H’er and her favorite part of 4-H is (going to camp, etc.) __________________________.

While making her type of clothing, she learned to technique learned _______________________________________.

Her favorite/least favorite part of making this type of clothing was ________________________________________.
This is _______’s ____ year in the clothing project and she is a member of the ______________ 4-H Club.

With a dismissing type of conclusion:

Thanks _____________! See you at the park/pool/school ___________.

(Name) (Name)

Looking good ___________! Comment by the narrator.


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