Date: February 23, 2011

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DATE: February 23, 2011

PLACE: 500 N. Calvert Street 2nd Floor Conference Room

Baltimore, MD 21202


Diane Cho, Chair

Stephen Parker

Gary Bowden

Paul Edmeades

William Parham

Magda Westerhout
OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Hutchins, Executive Director

Pamela J. Edwards, Assistant Executive Director

Milena Trust, Assistant Attorney General

Terry A White, Administrative Secretary

John Corkill, AIAMD

Diane Cho, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.


Motion(I) was made by Mr. Parker, seconded by Mr. Bowden and unanimously carried to approve the December 15, 2010 meeting minutes.


The Complaint Committee reported on the status of the following complaints:

10-AR-11 - Open; Response received, under review

11-AR-07 - Open; More information needed

11-AR-08 - Open; Talk to MHIC investigator

11-AR-09 - Open; No response, send for Investigation

11-AR-10 - Closed; Consent Order signed, fine paid

11-AR-11 - Open; Not licensed, send letter and refer to PE


11-AR-12 - Open; Received from MHIC, send 10-day letter

11-AR-13 - Open; Offer Consent Order and fine

11-AR-14 - Open; Offer Consent Order and fine

11-AR-15 - Open; Offer Consent Order and fine

Maryland Board of Architects

February 23, 2011

Page 2

Motion (II) was made by Ms. Westerhout, seconded by Mr. Edmeades and unanimously carried to accept the report of the Complaint Committee.


The Board approved the following applications for reciprocal licensing:

Philip O. Wince, Jr. 16420 Amy M. Martino 16448

Dennis B. Mannina 16450 Mary E. Elliott 16354

Scott D. Malenock 16356 Scot E. Hennon 16418

William G. Algie 16458 Richard D. Alderiso 16459

Marcus A. Cross 16460 Harry J. Dingle 16461

Paul Graf 16462 James E. Geinzer 16463

Hom Y. Gorham 16464 Timothy W. Hudgins 16465

Travis D. Lange 16466 David E. Langley 16467

Gulliver A. Marc 16468 Philip G. NcNayr 16469

Nathan A. Minch 16470 Jeffrey L. Rome 16472

Ruangpong Rodpracha 16471 Jeffrey A. Sherer 16473

Kevin E. Smith 16474 Andrew Stevenson 16475

John A. Thompson 16476 Jeffrey B. Yelton 16477

Dwight S. Young 16478 John C. Portman 16482

Lori A. Thompson 16359 Alexander C. Dzurec 16273

John Delores 16487 Thomas M. Phifer 16488

Jonathan J. Marvel 16489 Robert J. Meisl 16490

Augusta Barone 16491 Jaima J. Darsinos 16498

John C. Houser 16499 Kelly M. Malloy 16500

Donald E. Marquardt, Jr. 16501 Francis B. Mullen 16502

Michael E. Noel 16503 Kate A. Ryan 16504

Nayan L. Shah 16505 Brian J. Smedley 16506


The Board approved the following applications for the Architectural Registration Examination:

Barbara A. Botkins Amanda C. Coen

Michael W. Cook Amanda R. Ganginis

Juan M. Gutierrez Cindy L. Hochhalter

Sean R. Hughes Marek Hnizda

Matthew P. Kavanagh Adrian Kennedy

Henrique Kempenich Kimberly A. Lee

Janean C. McCalla-Dunston Narendra Bhushan

Timothy P. Offutt Paul A. Rich

Maryland Board of Architects

February 23, 2011

Page 3
John C. Sage Chang Y. Song

Nathalie H. Smith William C. Allen

Daniel B. Woke

The Board approved the following applications for the Certificate of Authorization:
McCulloch England Associates Architects, Inc 16276

Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design 16397

Stoneridge PCS, Inc. 16451

BCF Architecture, P.C. 14652

Richard Williams Architects, PLLC 16453

Architects Dayton Thompson & Associates 16479

Cox Graae + Spack Architects 16480

Gastinger Walker Harden Architecrts 16481

Digsua Architecture P.C. 16508 Sage Arch PC 16483

Klia Juba Architects 16509

LA+A Studio, LLC 16510

The Board unanimously approved 14 applications for reinstatement.
The Board denied 4 applications for A.R.E. Examination and 1 for reciprocity.
Motion (III) was made by Ms. Westerhout, seconded by Mr. Edmeades and unanimously carried to deny the aforementioned applications.
Letter from Harry Martin
A letter dated December 22, 2010 was received from Harry Martin. He was selected for a continuing education audit when he renewed his license on December 15, 2010.
Mr. Martin appealed to the Board to waive the continuing education requirement for a future renewal in 2012. He states that he is currently stationed in Japan, as a civilian architect. He cites the unavailability of learning situations abroad that limits his resources.

Maryland Board of Architects

February 23, 2011

Page 4
Based on the information provided, the Board noted that Mr. Martin should be able to obtain the requirement in the allotted time via the Internet and other situations related to his duties there. The Board denied his request.
Tribuno/Ocean City Letter
The Board received a letter for Mr. Frank Tribuno, a licensed contractor in Ocean City, Maryland. He was hired by a home owner to renovate a bathroom in a single townhouse, in Ocean City. He states that one interior wall will be constructed and plumbing fixtures etc will be installed, but no load-bearing walls or structural situations will be affected. Mr. Tribuno was told by the permits office in Ocean City an architect’s seal is required in order to be granted the building permit. The permits office cited HB 528 as the basis of the request for an architectural seal.
After a lengthy discussion, the Board concurred that as HB528 refers to the dollar amount of that project in that particular jurisdiction, it had no bearing on the bathroom in question as the cost was not cited as the issue. The main question was centered on whether a townhouse constitutes a single family dwelling or part of a continuous structure. If the row of townhouses are new and contains more than two units, an architectural seal and signature are required. The Board decided that one unit of a row of existing townhouses is a single family unit. Maryland law exempts the need of sealing by an architect in the case of a single family home. Ms. Trust will convey the Board findings to Mr. Tribuno.
CEU Audit Update

The latest version of the CEU audit procedures was reviewed by the Board. Ms. Edwards noted that the process is working very well.

Paul Edmeades noted that in the process, some licensees who are audited are allowed 30 days to remedy, but the law requires that licensees who are audited and whose hours are disallowed have six months to remedy. He stated that the enabling legislation was flawed. Ms. Trust suggested changing the law. However, the Board decided not to do that at this time.

Maryland Board of Architects

February 23, 2011

Page 5

The Board discussed two audit issues. One licensee initially responded within the required 30 days; however, the hours he submitted were not within the date range. A letter was sent to him giving him 30 days to furnish evidence of successful completion of the required number of hours. He responded within the 30 days with proof of having completed 39.5 hours but of those only 9.5 are HSW hours. He is lacking 6.5 HSW hours. The Board agreed to give him an additional 30 days to complete the hours he lacks.

A second licensee is asking for credit for undocumented and unapproved courses in a LEED study group, REVIT training, and research into Maryland architectural heritage. The Board did not accept the courses.
Ms. Edwards provided the Board with a status report of audit activity for January and February. The reports indicate that most licensees respond within the initial 30-day period.
Legislative Update
Legislative policy memo from Secretary Sanchez was reviewed by the Board. Ms. Trust reported that hearings were held on the Sunset Bill and the Retired Status bill.
The retired status will become effective on October 1, 2011, if passed in Annapolis. The Board may need to reconsider the law in relationship to the retired status. How the status may affect Board members and criteria for applying to the retired status are some of the considerations for future discussions.
Ms. Edwards noted that the Board will have to set a fee by regulation for applying for the retired status.
NCARB regional Meeting
Paul Edmeades will attend the NCABB Region 2 meeting in Jersey City, NJ, on March 10, 2011.

Maryland Board of Architects

February 23, 2011

Page 6

Joint Chairs
Ms. Cho reported that the Joint Chairs are still grappling with firm registration. Currently the three Boards that have firm registration require different levels of involvement of the responsible member. The PE Board wants to require a responsible member be in “direct control” over the engineering entity. At this time, the only thing that is fully agreed upon is that an enforcement provision must be included for all Boards.
There being no further business, motion (IV) was made by Mr. Bowden, seconded by Ms. Westerhout and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 11:45 a.m.
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Diane Cho, Chair



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