Curriculum Vitae Rhonda Raye Savage, dds, ceo miles Global Birthdate: June 25, 1958 Education

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Curriculum Vitae

Rhonda Raye Savage, DDS, CEO Miles Global

Birthdate: June 25, 1958

University of Alaska 1979-1982

University of Portland 1981-1982

Seattle University 1982-1985

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Cum Laude June,1985

University of Washington School of Dentistry 1985-1989

Doctor of Dental Surgery, with Honors 1989

University of Phoenix Online Masters Program in Business 2004-2005

Dental School Honors:

WDS Foundation, 3rd year student

Guthrie Award, 3rd year student

Operative Dentistry Award, 4th year student

Pediatric Dentistry Award, 4th year student

Women in Dentistry Award, 4th year student

Governance and Service Award, 4th year student
Honorary Degrees:

Pierre Fauchard Academy

Fellow, International College of Dentists

American College of Dentistry

United States Navy Dental Corp. Active Duty 1989-1992

Reserves 1992-1997;

Rank: Lt. Commander, USNR
United States Navy Awards:

Navy Achievement Medal

National Defense Medal

Expert Pistol Medal

Private Practice, General Dentistry:

Tacoma, WA 1992-2003

Gig Harbor, WA Dec. 2003-2007 General Dentistry
CEO: Linda L. Miles and Associates, July 2007 to present

Executive Committee, PRECEDENT project, NIH, University of Washington

Professional Memberships and Positions:

Pierce County Dental Society Board of Trustees 1993-1995

Pierce County Dental Society Executive Council Secretary,

Treasurer and Vice President 1995-2000

President, PCDS 2000-2001

Toastmasters International, VP of membership, 1999-2000

Toastmasters International, Club President, 2000-2001

Washington State Dental Association: Chair, Peer Review and Ethics Committee

Member, Task Force for Reorganization

American Dental Association member

ADA Delegate 2000-2007

Academy of General Dentistry

Board of Directors, WSDA 2000-2001

Secretary/Treasurer, Washington State Dental Association 2001-2004

Vice President, WSDA 2004-2005

President Elect, WSDA 2005-2006

President Washington State Dental Association, 2006-2007

University of Washington School of Dentistry Admissions Committee 2007 to 2009;

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member

Institute of Management Consultants

National Speakers Association
Dental License: State of Washington, 1989 to present

Dentistry With A Bite, Concepts Magazine, Spring 2000

Zoo Dentistry, Mouth Magazine, JASDA, Fall 2000

President’s Remarks, PCDS, May 2000-May 2001

New Smile, New Life, Love is the Best Medicine, Sept. 2000

Anterior Root Resorption, Journal American Dental Association, Jan. 2002

Battling Bulimia: Orthodontic and restorative dental treatment for a patient with severe bulimia, Women’s Dental Journal, October 2005

Restorative Treatment Options for Patients with Severe Orthodontic Resorption, Compendium, May 2006

Editorial Board for WSDA News

Obesity and Bulimia, Women’s Dental Journal, November, 2007

Dental Teams Make or Break the Practice, WSDA, February, 2008

Risk and Leadership; AAWD, March, 2008

Women in Leadership: The Secret of Your Success; WDJ, April, 2008

Why Some Practices Struggle and Others Succeed, Dental Economics, July 2008

How to Turn “Fee Questions” into “Fee and Treatment Acceptance.” Ins. Solutions

Planning for Growth: Don’t Have A Business Plan? Insurance Solutions

The High Cost of Broken Appointment: Insurance Solutions, 2009

Trust Me! I’m a Doctor. Dental Economics, Nov 2009

Book Yourself Solid: Ten Ways to Win Patient Acceptance: TDA Journal

Collecting Your Due: Dental Town Oct 2009

The New Patient Exam: Dental Assisting Digest Oct 2009

Women Who Launched: Female Dentists as the CEO; Women’s Dental Journal

Success in Private Practice. Dental Economics special edition for new graduates

Tough Times Call for Tough Strategies, Dentistry IQ

The New Job Market, Pink Tooth

The Foundation of a Practice: Does Your Office Have a Strong Periodontal Program? Pink Tooth

Daily Coaching for Success, Pink Tooth

Leading the Way Through Difficult Times, Pink Tooth

True Teamwork: How to Bring the Doctor(s) and Staff Together, Pink Tooth

Get There Early! Developing a Preventive Periodontal Protocol, Insurance Solutions

Are You Stuck in the Middle? How Today’s Busy Dental Office Manager can Avoid Stress and Burnout! AADOM

Five Powerful Reasons to Document, Dental Town

Goal Setting and Accountability, Dental Town

Patient Centric Marketing, Dental Town

Is your Website a “Best Seller?” Dentistry IQ

Daily Coaching for Success, Dentistry IQ

X-ray Prescriptive Protocol, Insurance Solutions.

Implants: Innovative, Efficient and Hassle Free. “Change from selling a service to selling a solution”.

The 10 Things I hate about My Staff! Dental Town

The 10 Things Your Staff Hates About You! Dental Town

Facebook: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Dental Assisting Digest

Your Practice: What Keeps You Awake at Night? Dental Town

Staff or Staph: Asset or Infection? Dental Assisting Digest

Office staffing: Getting it Right and keeping it Right! Dental Economics

Motivational Performance Reviews and Tough Times DentalEd

Your Phones: A Joy or an Ouch!? Dental Town


Restoring the Maxillary Lateral Incisor, Pierce County Dental Society, Oct. 1999

“Esthetic Considerations: Managing the Gingival Papilla” U.W. 3rd year students, April, 2001

“Yes, It Can Be A Zoo Out There” presentation to the Genesis Hygienist Group,


“Creating the Vision: The Hygienist’s Role in the Dental Office”, Pierce College of Hygiene, 2001

Long-Term Retention of Severely Resorbed Anterior Teeth, Academy of Esthetic

Dentistry, Aug. 2004

Breakfast with The Experts, WSDA/PNDC, 2003, 2004

Long-Term Retention of Severely Resorbed Anterior Teeth, American Association of Women Dentists, January 5, 2005

Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Retention and Restoration of Severely Resorbed Laterals, February 2006

An Update on Women’s Oral Health, March 2006

Component Dental Societies visitations 2005-2007

Marketing Your Dental Practice: An Update on Women’s Health, April 2007

Alaska Dental Society Keynote Address, May 2007

Leadership: Gig Harbor High School, June 2007

Speaking and Consulting Network: Spotlight on Speaking June 2007

American Dental Assoc. Young Dentist’s Conference, July 2007

LDS Academy of Dentists, Provo, Utah, August 2007:

  1. The Key Essentials of Success in a Dental Practice

  2. Leadership is a Team Effort

Dental Business Conference (2 days workshop) November, 2007

Practice Administrator Workshop (2 days) January, 2008

University of Washington School of Dentistry,

“Hiring and Retaining a Great Dental Team” January, 2008

Oregon Dental Association, ADPAC meeting, February, 2008

“Leadership is a Team Effort” and

“The Key Essentials of Success in a Dental Practice”

University of Washington School of Dentistry, March, 2008

“The Numbers of the Dental Practice”

Speaking and Consulting Network, March 2008

“The Secrets of a Successful Proposal”

Professional Dental Assistants, Virginia, April, 2008:

“The Joys and Challenges of Clinical and Business Assisting”.

Inland NW Dental Conference, May, 2008:

“The Joys and Challenges of Clinical and Business Assisting” “Teamwork and Communication”

University of Washington School of Dentistry, May 2008

“The Seven Stages of Comprehensive Dentistry”

Dental Business Conference (2 day workshop), Myrtle Beach, SC June 2008

Idaho State Dental Association June 2008:

“Marketing Your Dental Practice”

“An Update on Women’s Health Issues”

American Association of Women Dentists, June 2008

“Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level”

Alaska State Dental Association, July 2008:

“Dentistry Dedicated to Excellence: Taking a Stand Against Periodontal Disease”

American Association of Dental Office Managers, Sept 2008:

“The Joys and Challenges of Dental Office Management”

Dental Team Conference, (2 day workshop), October 2008 Branson, Missouri

Dental Team Conference, (2 day workshop), Nov 2008 Seattle, WA

Tri Cities Canyon Lakes Dental Society, Nov 2008

“Communication and Marketing: Two Keys to a Successful Practice”

Pierce County Dental Society Jan 23, 2009 Marketing to the Female Patient

Yankee Dental Congress, Jan 29-31

Communication and Teamwork

Leadership: A total Team Effort

The Key Essentials to a Successful Dental Practice

Clinical and Business Assisting

AADPA Mar 7 Leadership

Hinman Mar 19-21

Communication and Teamwork

The Key Essentials to a Successful Dental Practice

Leadership: A Total Team Effort

AAWD Portland, Oregon March 2009:

Leadership Development: A Life-Long Practice

Maximizing Practice Success Through Communication and Marketing,

Portland, Oregon March 2009

Maximizing Practice Success Through Communication and Marketing,

Gig Harbor, WA April, 2009

Walla Walla Dental Society Apr 17

Dental Business Conference Apr 24-25

Practice Administrator Workshop May 15-16

Montana Dental Association May 21

Dental Business Conference June 5-6

Pacific NW Dental Conference July 23-24

ADA Oct 2-3

Santa Clara Dental Society, Oct 16

Dental Team Conference, Atlantic City, Oct 23-24

Dental Team Conference, San Diego, Nov 6, 7

Gig Harbor, WA: Key Essentials for a Successful Dental Practice Nov 13

AAWD: Key Essentials, Nov 20

Morris Seminars, NJ: Key Essentials, Dec 10

West Virginia Dental Association, Jan 2010

Seattle King County Dental Society, Jan 2010

Dental Team Conference New Jersey Mar 2010

ACD, IDC, Pierre Fauchard Tri-College presentation Apr 2010

Spring Break Sun Fun Seminar, Las Vegas April 2010

Star of the North Apr 2010

Tunica Extravaganza Apr 2010

Texas Dental Association May 2010

New Mexico Dental Association June 2010

Pacific NW Dental Conference June 2010

Academy of General Dentistry July 2010

The Key Essentials of a Successful Dental Practice, Rapid City, South Dakota District Society August 2010

Banishing the Broken Appointment..3 webinars, Practice Works, July-Sept 2010

Rethink Your Potential: Alliance of the American Dental Association, WA State, Sept 2010

Marketing and Customer Service, Mastership Program, AGD, Washington State Sept 2010

Office Administrator Workshop Nashville, TN Sept 2010

Winnipeg Dental Society Oct 2010

Dental Team Conference Palm Springs, Ca Nov 2010

Key Essentials, Half Moon Bay Feb 18, 2010

Key Essentials, Las Vegas, March 18, 2010

Nebraska State Association meeting, April 1, 2010

American Endodontic Association, April 15-16

2011 Presentations:
San Jose, Dr. Bui, Feb 11, 2011

Office Administrator Workshop, Orlando, FL, Feb 26-26, 2011

Key Essentials to a Successful Practice, Las Vegas, NV, March 18

Nebraska State Dental Association, April 1st

Pierce County Dental Society, Tacoma, WA April 29th

Dental Townie Meeting, Las Vegas, NV May 4-6

California Dental Association, Anaheim, CA, May 12-15

Dental Team Conference, Myrtle Beach, June 3-4

Mississippi Dental Association, Destin, Florida June 10

Dental Team Conference, Adec Facility, July 29-30

Office Administrator Workshop, Gig Harbor, WA August 12,13

Key Essentials to a Successful Practice, Dallas, TX Sept. 9

Central New York Dental Conference Sept 15

Key Essentials to a Successful Practice, Madison, WI Sept 16

Oregon Dental Executives Association Fall Forum, Wilsonville, OR, Oct. 7

Dr. Swett Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville, VA Oct. 14

Key Essentials Houston, TX Oct 21

AADPA Tucson, AZ, Nov. 3rd

Wyson Financial Planning, St. George, UT, Nov. 4th

AGD “Practiceology” Las Vegas, NV, Nov 10-13

East Tenn. Academy of Dental Practice Administrators, Gatlinburg, TN, Dec. 2nd

2012 Upcoming Presentations:
Kitsap County Dental Society, Jan 10th

Southwest District of the Georgia Dental Association, Jan 13th

Delaware State Dental Society, Jan 20th

Yankee Dental Congress, January 26th/27th

Office Administrator Workshop, Napa, CA, Feb 2-4

Utah Dental Convention, Salt Lake City, UT, Feb 16-17

Chicago MidWinter Meeting, Feb 23-25

AADPA, Phoenix, AZ, March 7-10

Miles Global Sun Fun Cruise, March 22-26

Inland Northwest Dental Conference, Spokane, WA April19-20

Ontario Dental Association, Ontario Canada May 10-12

Office Administrator Workshop, Boston, MA May 17-19

Florida National Dental Association, Orlando June 14-16

Office Administrator Workshop, Las Vegas, NV Oct 4-6

2013 Upcoming Presentations:
Hinman Dental Meeting

Chicago Mid Winter Feb 21st-23rd

Music City Dental Conference, Nashville, TN, May 9-11

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Oct 4th

Study Clubs:

Implant Study Club, Dr. David Mathews, 1995-2007

Restorative Study Club, Dr. Brad McPhee, 1997-1999
Teaching Responsibilities:

Microbiology laboratory course instructor for nursing students, Seattle University, 1993-1995

Clinical Affiliate Instructor, University of Washington School of Dentistry, 1999-present.

University of Washington School of Dentistry Admissions Committee, 2007 to 2009

Community Service:

Volunteer for various dental society functions

Volunteer for zoo dentistry at the Point Defiance Zoo

Sponsor for Gig Harbor Little League

Board of Directors, Point Defiance Zoo

Board of Directors, Washington Oral Health Foundation

Steering committee chair, Puyallup Partnership for Improved Dental Health

Editorial Board for WSDA News

Activities and Sports:

Scuba diving

English horseback riding



Soccer Mom

Husband: James O’Neal Stephens, a wonderful electrical engineer
Daughter: Kaitlyn M. Savage, age 19, an excellent student and soccer goalkeeper

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