Comenius project 2005/2006 Sharing our local history and traditions

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( The black forest)
The black forest lies in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg.

The first clocks were made in the time between 1730 and 1750. The design comes from the year 1850; its name is “Bahnhäusleform”. It looks like the form of the old houses from the railway workers.

At any full hour the little door opens and a little bird comes out. The biggest “Kuckucksclock” is standing in Schonach in the black forest.

At the 1930s the Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte spread in Germany and got at going popular cake in Germany. The exact origins are not clear.

The combination of cherry, cream and cherrywater was earlier famous in the Südschwarzwald, as a desert.

In 1934 the recipe was written down for the first time.
Local dresses:
The “Bollenhut”, a typical hat of the region, is coming from the black forest. The original “Bollenhut” is coming from the three little villages: Gutach, Wolfach-Kirnbach and Hornberg-Reichenbach.

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