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November 25, 2002

Dr. William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M. S.

What is it?

Cancer is the very normal PROCESS of all mammals, including mankind. You would not be here reading this if it was not for cancer. You would not have been born. You would never have popped out of your mother’s factory alive. Cancer is a necessary required part of reproduction. Cancer is the necessary, normal A-SEXUAL cycle of your life span.

Every day every person has cancer. Every day the many cancers in every one are cured by one’s normal metabolic function. Every day, in a healthy person, one’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatic enzymes to digest the food they eat and digest the various dead cells that have been replaced by new cells in the repair and rebuilding of the body. Every spot in the body from the brain to the little toe, the size of a pinhead, has two “trophoblast cells.” These are the cancer cells that grow into a malignant tumor mass when stimulated. It is these cells that the pancreatic enzymes digest every day when the pancreas is allowed to function normally. These normal trophoblast cancer cells must grow at least two years before a malignant tumor mass becomes large enough for your physician to make a diagnosis and say to you, “You have cancer.”

Do I Have Cancer?

Yes! Everyone has cancer every day; it is normal! It is required for life! When these normal, cancer trophoblast cells continue to grow unchecked by your pancreas, you start developing a malignant tumor mass, which doctors in error call “CANCER.” Therefore, cancer is a process, a failure of the normal metabolic function of the pancreas. Diabetes, like cancer, is a failure of the pancreas. Doctors are smart enough not to call your gangrenous limb diabetes and prescribe insulin for the proper treatment and support of the pancreas. However, your doctor, in error, calls your malignant tumor mass, “cancer.” Doctors are not yet educated to prescribe the proper necessary nutrients for the treatment and support of your pancreas.


It is always best and less expensive to metabolically support the pancreas. The pancreas can be properly supported for years for less cost than one surgical, radiation or chemotherapy procedure. Of course, proper treatment must be accomplished by and paid for by the individual.

Protecting one from developing a malignant tumor is quite simple. One should support their pancreas by taking 6 Formula Mg* pancreatic enzymes with each meal and bedtime. In addition, 90 drops of Phos-Flow* in apple or other juice should be taken daily for the rest of their life. There are many pancreatic enzymes available from prescription to health food stores. The best enzyme for this purpose if Formula Ca+. Should one have a diagnosis of cancer by their physician, one will have to support their metabolism with the more complex enzyme, Formula Ca+, along with additional metabolic supplementation and dietary changes.

*Enzyme Mg and Formula Ca+ and Flow are available from Salt Box Herbs, 1-877-403-8563.


Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S., as a licensed dentist, an orthodontist and senior authority in the proper treatment of CANCER, all types of cancer, brings to your attention and consideration the proper way to treat CANCER.

To prove to the world that Dr. Kelley was a quack, the medical establishment authorized the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York City to
”Get Kelley the Quack.” A journalist was sent to review Dr. Kelley’s CANCER RECORDS and put an end to this Kelley Quackery once and for all.

Having some 33,000 patients with biopsy records, it was a monumental task that took the journalist five years to review part of these records. The conclusions were, Dr. Kelley has a 93% cure rate for all types of cancer (malignant tumors) of those patients whose physicians said to them, “Medicine has done all we can do for you. You should go home and get your affairs in order; you have X months to live.” Cure is a legal term that has been determined by the medical establishment as, “being free of cancer five years after original biopsy diagnosis.” Of course Dr. Kelley’s cure rate is the highest in the entire world to date. For those cancer patients who were intelligent enough not to let the medical community “do all we could do for them” and “looked” into other methods of cancer treatment, Dr. Kelley had close to a 97% cure rate except in terminal pancreatic cancer patients, which was a 100% cure rate.

At the present time the NIH has given the journalist, now a physician, a $1,800,000 grant to repeat Dr. Kelley’s outstanding, scientific metabolic program, in an ongoing study.

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