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Species: Breed:

Color: Age: Weight:

Sex: Allergies:

CHECK-IN DATE__ __________ CHECK-OUT DATE____ __________

Would you like us to bathe ? Yes No Perfume/Bandana ? Yes No

Does have a grooming appt? Yes No

What time of day (estimate) are you picking up your pet? _________________ (after 2:00pm if bathing)

Would you like text or email updates of while boarding? Yes No

If yes, what cell number or email address: _____________________________________________________

Please list ’s belongings_____________________________________________________________

Did you bring food? Yes No How much & how oftem would you like is to feed ?

Dry:________cups ________time(s) daily Wet: _______cans ________time(s) daily

Medication(s) we need to give during ’s stay…




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(Below is for Kennel Staff to Fill Out)

Date ____________________________________________________________

AM 12 PM AM 12 PM AM 12 PM AM 12 PM AM 12 PM AM 12 PM AM 12 PM




Eating Habits

Bathroom Habits

Treats Allowed

Kennel Tech Checkin:____________ Kennel Tech Checkout:_____________



In leaving my pet for care and boarding at Montgomery Veterinary Associates LLC (MVA), I am aware that certain medical problems may arise during his/her stay. Understanding this, I give my permission to the doctors and staff of MVA to treat my pet as may be deemed necessary. I also understand that if treatment is necessary, I will be responsible for any charges at the time of my pet’s discharge. In case of medical emergency, MVA will make every attempt to contact me or a responsible party of my choice, at the number listed below, for further permission to provide medical care. But MVA will always proceed in the best interest and health of my pet.

Without prior arrangements, I understand that I am not allowed to pick up my animal during any non business hours. Staff is not permitted to release any pets while they are here during non business hours. Should circumstances necessitate leaving my pet beyond the scheduled go home date, I will notify MVA with updated departure information. Failure to call within 10 days after original departure date may result in my pet being considered abandoned.


Monday – Friday 7:00-6:00pm – If bathed, pick up time is after 2:00pm

Saturday 7:30-12:00pm

Sunday 4:30-5:00pm (Sunday pick-ups will be charged for Sunday night)

(Your pet will be bathed the FRIDAY before if you are picking up on a WEEKEND)

We also give Capstars (flea preventative) at time of check-in for boarding. We are a flea free clinic and this helps ensure that we stay a flea free clinic.

*While all attempts are made to care for personal items left at MVA, items such as (but not limited to) toys, blankets, leashes, carriers, etc. can be lost or damaged. We strongly discourage the leaving of personal items with your pet. MVA is not responsible for any personal items that may be lost or damaged during your pet’s stay.

Pets Arrival Date_________________________ Pets Departure Date_______________________

Phone where I can be reached while I am away_________________________________________

The name & number of a responsible party of my choosing

Name___________________________________ Number________________________________

Relationship to you_______________________________________________________________

Signed _____________________________________________

Would you like text or email updates of your pet while he/she is boarding? Give us your Cell phone number or Email address. Thank you for choosing MVA!

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