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Short Description

This is a continuation from BLS 2102 (Classification I). It thus enables learners to perfect their skills of library classification and how they are applied while classifying information materials.


To enable learners perfect their knowledge and skills in classification of library and information materials

Learning Outcomes

Students to be able to:

  • Classify different kinds of information materials using different classification schemes.

  • Evaluate classification schemes in relation to different environments

  • Develop customized classification schemes

Intellectual, practical and transferable skills

    • Knowledge and skills in classification

    • Knowledge in evaluating classification schemes

    • Skills in developing customized classification schemes

Teaching and Learning Pattern

By use of lectures, practicals, discussions

Indicative Content

Library Classification practice, interpretation of class number; assigning class numbers using general and specialized classification schemes, evaluation of classification schemes, designing customized classification schemes.

Assessment Method

Continuous assessment shall be applied to generate marks for coursework. Tests, coursework research questions, and projects will constitute 30%mark while final examinations (70 marks).

Indicative Sources

  1. Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (12th and 13th Abridged Edition). New York: Forest press.

  2. Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (22nd Edition). New York: Forest press

  3. Husain, Shabahat. 1993. Library classification and analysis. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

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  6. Universal Decimal Classification. 1961. Abridged English edition.

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