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Backwards Planning Template

Name Jeffrey Birthdate 05/08/1998 Time span of this plan: From 09/12/2013 To 08/15/2019 Graduation Year: 2019 Team Coordinator Ms. Perez

Adult Employment Outcome

Jeff intends to work in the community at a job that allows him to use his interests and skills in working with hand tools

Adult Continued Education/Training Outcome

Jeff will continue to learn about living safely on his own by participating in organized learning activities. Jeff will also participate in training specific to obtaining and maintaining employment and to learn skills and routines for his job.

Adult Independent/Community Living Outcome

Jeff will continue to live at home with his family and eventually move into a community living setting where he can have access to supports to live on his own

As an adult, I plan to: As an adult, I plan to: As an adult, I plan to:

Current Assessment related to Milestones

Step To Achieve Milestone

by 06/10/2014

Step To Achieve Milestone by 06/15/2015

Step to Achieve Milestone by 06/13/2016

Step to Achieve Milestone by 06/12/2017

Step to Achieve Milestone by 07/12/2018

Milestones to be achieved by 08/15/2019_

Good eye-hand coordination. Uses hand tools to take things apart, doesn’t put them back together No career preferences or interest inventories on file

Refer for formal vocational evaluation; use informal interest and preferences inventories

Supervised in school work experience jobs with ability to move around the school building and interact with teachers (deliver messages to and from office?)

Job shadowing in a number of jobs and employment settings that are a match for Jeff’s interests and preferences.

Stocking shelves in hardware store?

Job tryouts

Auto parts store, distribution center, materials handling?

Arrange Internships in community jobs that are a match for Jeff’s profile as an employee

Jeff is actively seeking the type of employment that meets his identified interests and skills

Jeff will need assistance to find a job & supports, such as a job coach, ongoing financial assistance for income, living expenses, and medical benefits.

Refer to DD; Invite DD SSA to IEP meeting and BP meetings to discuss options, process, benefits and behavior strategies.

Refer to OOD (RSC)

Refer to OOD (RSC) Refer to DD for eligibility for adult services and to discuss options and benefits

Application to SSI

Continue to meet with OODA (RSC) and DD; invite to IEP meetings, communicate on a regular basis; consider benefits analysis

Meet with possible adult service providers for employment, continued education and services for living in the community

Referrals/eligibility determination for OOD (RSC), DODD & other agencies is completed; on waiting list for group home

Does not monitor appearance or grooming but has the physical and cognitive ability to do so

Collect data about specific grooming/hygiene skills that are lacking; design checklists/visual supports for intervention

Provide specific instruction in skills as needed; Continue to monitor effectiveness of checklists/visual supports

Monitor appearance; fade supports that rely on other people; maintain visual supports so Jeff can monitor appearance independently

Provide daily positive feedback for meeting hygiene and grooming expectations Teach use of self monitoring app

Support Jeff’ to maintain hygiene/grooming habits with positive feedback for meeting expectations Use app to self prompt and check hygiene /grooming

Consistently and independently manage hygiene and grooming with ongoing support using technology app

Speech is difficult to understand although he enjoys initiating conversation with people he does or doesn't’ know

Speech and AT evaluation to determine instruction, therapy, devices, supports, mobile technology; implement recommendations

Monitor effectiveness of strategies implemented in academic and social settings; provide opportunities to practice

Extend opportunities to practice to new, novel settings in the community such as banks, stores, on public transportation

Fade adult provided supports so Jeff can be independent in using tech supports in a variety of adult settings

Observe Jeff for effective social and job related communication and conversation in a variety of settings

Communicate effectively with co-workers and peers with support of mobile/asst technology

Acts out in moving from one activity to another, especially when asked to stop a favorite activity to go to a less favored activity

Gather assessment data by observation/FBA of transitions in a variety of settings/activities; design/implement interventions

Monitor effectiveness of selected interventions in academic and home setting

Observe transitions in community settings; monitor effectiveness of current interventions in new settings

Fade adult provided supports so Jeff can be independent in using support for transition without incident

Continue to monitor effectiveness of selected interventions

Transition from one activity to another without incident with ongoing support

Jeff relies on others for getting around the community

Gather assessment data about Jeff’s skills relative to safe travel using public transportation

Continue travel training

Drivers Education Instruction - Tutoring

Coordinate travel training with other services that are part of this plan job shadow, communication, transitioning

Supervise increasingly independent use of public transportation

Increase driving practice/ drivers ed./Tutoring for test

Monitor increasingly independent use of public transportation takes and passes drivers test

Independently use public transportation for work, leisure and daily living with ongoing support drives to and from work, around the community

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